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I still haven't watched last week's episode. I'll do that sometime today, promise.

The REASON that I haven't watched it is because I was at Emerald City Comic-Con since Thursday, and I literally haven't had the two hours minimum uninterrupted down-time that I would need to watch and post about an episode.

Emerald City Comic-Con was really fun! I don't go there for the celebs, so I can't tell you anything about Jeremy Renner or Millie Bobby Brown or Tom Felton - but I can tell you that Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction remain awesome, that Johnnie Christmas is a great guy, that Ngozi Ukazu makes makes me smile by calling people "silly beans" much like I'd imagine Bitty would... and that there are tons of really creative people out there making super awesome things.

So, one guest at Emerald City Comic-Con this year was Robbie Thompson. I kept missing him on Thursday, but managed to find him on Friday. His booth wasn't that far from Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue's ... and he's just as great as I remember from when I got an apportunity to chat with him at VanCon in the summer between S8 and S9 (I think that's when it was anyway.) The first time I stopped by his table, I hadn't thought of any questions or anything - mainly because I was used to having to get things signed quickly and get out of the way, and also because I'm just not very good at coming up with questions on the spot or even being able to think of what to say to anyone. (For the most part, at ECCC, I follow my far more outgoing friend around and just listen while she talks to everyone.)

General Stuff

So, in that first visit, we just talked generally about the show and how much Robbie enjoyed working for it and how wonderful the crew and Jared and Jensen are - and how it's not like they fired him, it was his decision to leave, because he was getting too busy and something had to go, and he wanted to put his concentration into non-SPN things... which was a hard decision, but he thinks it was time, and although he misses it, he doesn't regret leaving.

Oh, also, I found out that his favourite episode he wrote was Pac-Man Fever (or at least, that's the one that's most special to him) because his parents also read him the Hobbit growing up, so Charlie's speech about how that decision made her who she is, and opened up her world to her, was basically Robbie's feelings and gratefulness towards his parents and The Hobbit. So, yeah, he's sentimental about that episode.

As we were leaving, he told me to stop by his table any time if I wanted to chat, so being me, I took that sincerely and the rest of the weekend, if I had some time to kill, I'd swing by his table and see if he was free to  chat - sometimes he wasn't, but I did manage to catch him two more times, those times with questions prepared.

DISCLAIMER: PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THIS IS ME REMEMBERING OUR CONVERSATIONS... THIS IS NOT VERBRATIM. Even if I put something in quotes, it's just what Robbie said to my best recollection - but I'm probably not using the same words that he used. So, if you want any point clarified, or you take huge offence to something, please don't blame Robbie, blame my shitty reporting skills and then ask him the question yourself. I didn't even write any of this down at the time, this is just me remembering 1-3 days later.


Robbie was always aware they were 18-22 months in the future )

Writing Assignments - How they Work

Nope, they don't get to pick which episodes they do )

How far ahead do they write an episode?

Even more timelines... )

And I think that's it!

Robbie is the nicest... and I told him I had wanted to buy Silk while I was there, but hadn't been able to find it yet, so he just GAVE me his last copy and signed it for me! So, yes, the absolute nicest.

Okay, now that's it. :)
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I just saw Kevin Tran at my grocery store. :)

Well, okay, he was way too happy to be Kevin Tran, so really, it was Osric Chau.

No interaction, I just saw him. I had a little heart attack as I usually do when I see someone where I didn't expect to see them and it feels like I've been plunged into a parallel dimension for a brief second, but I didn't even break stride. I had samosas to buy and Oscric had a companion to laugh with, those are better things to accomplish than having awkward conversations.

In related news: Vancouver is a pretty rad place to live, really, even when it's a miserably rainy day.
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In a previous coincidental "it's a small world" happening, I discovered that I actually did an episode of Falling Skies with Ty Olsson.

Tonight's, coincidental "it's a small world" happening is a little different, and it didn't happen to me...

Today, I was browsing Tumblr, and I found this post with  pictures from when Ty Olsson appeared nude in a play. (And by "appeared" I mean, he was nude on stage for nearly 3 hours.) Naturally, my first thought was "Mustache? Really?" but my second thought was "Hold on a second! That sounds suspiciously like a play that my friend was just telling me about the other night..." So, I did a little bit of googling, and sure enough....

In 2001, my friend saw Ty Olsson naked at a local theatre.

Then we had this conversation:
"You've seen more of Benny than any of us (save perhaps Dean, if people on the internet were to get their way :P )"
"And I can confirm that Dean would not be disappointed (he's a show-er, as the saying goes) - Have at'er, internets!"

On a more serious note, she add: "That show was kinda like when a friend and I went to see "Puppetry of the Penis" - the guy (or in the latter case, guys) is just so comfortable on stage that you relax & get comfortable with it, too."

ETA: My friend further states: "The other thing I forgot to mention re: the play is that Ty's character, the dead husband (thus "her two husbands") was really intense, but pretty much the opposite of Benny. He was a womanizer and a drinker and a gambler; basically an all-around party animal. And also, he's an amazing theatre actor (everyone in that play was fairly outstanding, but Dona Flor and her dead husband were exceptional)."

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Guess who is filming in my neighbourhood!

If you guessed "That show that you meticulously timeline and track the wardrobe," then you guessed correctly!

Creepy Neighbourhoods and Celebrity Sightings of the Canine Variety )

Anyway - not that thrilling a report compared with last time, but it was still fun. :)
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Hey, where'd [livejournal.com profile] hells_half_acre go? You've been asking yourself. She hasn't posted anything since yesterday, and she hasn't done a rewatch post since Monday - I thought she was unemployed and the only thing she did all day was watch and talk about Supernatural?

Well, let me explain...

Today I was an extra! Now I am sleepy. The end.

There's actually something related to Supernatural in this post )

I also have notes on another rewatch post. I'll see if I get to those tonight, or if I pass out first.
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I just checked the mail and discovered a handwritten envelope addressed to me from Kevin Parks.

Cue mild heart-attack wondering why the hell the Assistant Director of Supernatural was writing to me...and how he knew my full name and address. And I mean my FULL name - including the one that I don't use.

Turns out, and I had completely forgotten, that back when I had an income, I donated to his Ride to Conquer Cancer! It was a thank-you note and a little gift of bandaids and alcohol wipes! Cute!

But I really did freak the fuck out. :P
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So, about a week ago I posted about my sister helping Jared find Genevieve in the Vancouver Airport.

This is just a little follow up - I was talking to my sister about it a couple of days after (still jealous), and she told me what her boyfriend's reaction had been. Her boyfriend doesn't watch the show, and has never seen Jared before....

His reaction, in my sister's words:  James was like "wow he's attractive... keep walking with me honey."
Haha, for the record, my sister's boyfriend has LONG since earned my seal of approval, but this confirmed it.
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I just got this message from my sister (who flew back to Vancouver today...I am still in Ontario):

Just hangin at yvr with genevieve padalecki! -Sue

I am eagerly awaiting more details...because that is literally ALL SHE SAID. Such a goddamn tease. 

(Note about my sister: She often meets VERY cool people completely by accident or has awesome things happen to her coincidentally...this happens to her nearly every time she leaves the house. She seems to be a magnet for awesomeness. Personally, I think it's because she's such a great person, so I can't really get angry about it.)

ETA: UPDATE. She adds

I just came back down and saw jared and said are you looking for your wife? And he droppwd his arms and said yes! And I pointed and said I think I saw her up here and he said oh ya there she is and they ran and hugged!

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Today I met Tom O'Brien, who played the Crocotta in Long-Distance Call back in S3. He's a nice guy. He didn't talk too much about Supernatural, mostly StarGate SG1 and the X-Files, and his newest projects (which included organic farming, because at the moment he's an organic farmer.) Film-wise, He's mostly producing these days. 

Anyway, um, it wasn't like an interview, but for those that are interested:
1. His favourite sets to work on were SG1 and X-files.
2. He worked with Kim Manners on X-files.
3. The film community is really small once you get into it...kind of scarily small. Everyone knows everyone.
4. He read for Fox Mulder...apparently it was between him, David Duchovny, and Kevin Sorbo....obviously, he didn't get the part, and neither did Mr. Sorbo.
5. He got the part on Supernatural by walking down the street. Someone tapped on the glass of a pub he was walking by, and he looked over and there was "Phil", who asked him if he was busy and if he wanted to be on the show - Phil said "I just need to call Bob, and we're good."
6. He doesn't think he'll act anymore (or at least for the foreseeable future). He likes producing...and currently with the farm, it would cost him more money to act than he would bring in from any acting job.
Completely Unrelated Note: 
I also watched Batman Under the Red Hood. We made a lot of Dean Winchester vs. Batman jokes - but it was all in good fun. I actually enjoyed the movie, though I had forgotten how infinitely depressing anything to do with Batman always is...not to say I would have liked it better if they had all lived happily ever after, though. I thought it was really well done. All the voice actors did a great job. I was happy Jason Isaacs was in it too! Though we had a good laugh about how much his character was like Orpheus from the Venture Bros. 
I can certainly see why there is so much slash fic for Batman - my goodness. If an eccentric billionaire cycled through scantily-clad teenage boys like that in reality...um...*insert distasteful Michael Jackson joke here.*
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As some of you know, in recent weeks I've been casually trying to find the roving location set of Supernatural - without much luck.

Attempt #1: Found SFI signs that pointed to scary alleys but did not see hide nor hair of any equipment or, well, anyone really.
Attempt #2: Drove to North Van - could not find SFI signs, could not find my own way home.

Which brings us to Attempt #3: New Westminster!

Cut for location spoilers for (probably) 5x15 )

All in all a very successful night!


Oct. 6th, 2009 07:45 pm
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Ok, this celebrity sighting isn't mine. This is the conversation I had over dinner with Susie tonight:

(We were having tacos - they did not taste funny.)

Susie: "Oh! I forgot to tell you! I'm 97.5% sure that I saw the Devil!"
Me: "Like Lucifer?"
Susie: "Yeah!"
Me: "Cool!"

Haha, so there you are. It was actually yesterday (my birthday!) on her way home from class - Susie saw Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) in the passenger-side of a car, driving around my neighbourhood.

Lee Pace!

Sep. 11th, 2009 11:28 pm
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So, after the horror that was the mall today, Susie and I still had to hit up some art galleries (it was homework for her) - so, we decided to treat ourselves to some good food and GREAT atmosphere in Yaletown. Now, Yaletown is a VERY nice part of town. It is gorgeous, with brick buildings and fire-escapes, and it is full of good restaurants, wine bars, and good looking people.

We hopped off the bus and started walking down Hamilton street towards Capones...and I looked up to see a very gorgeous, very tall, man walking towards me...and as we walked passed each other, I believe me only thought was.

"Holy crap, it's Lee Pace!"

Once his long legs had carried him well behind us, I turned to Susie and said,

"That was the pie-maker!"
"Lee Pace?"
"From Pushing Daisies"
"From what?"
"He's even more attractive in person!"
"I have no idea who you are talking about."
"I can't believe I saw Lee Pace."

Anyway! For those of you, like Susie, who don't know who Lee Pace is, behold:

He was dressed a little more like this when I saw him:

Only he wasn't smiling, he was looking serious, but in a good mood, with a blond lady and a slightly shorter, bigger man. (I did not really pay attention to who he was with, for obvious reasons.)

And he was GORGEOUS. Seriously, no picture of him on the internet actually does him justice.

So, not the boys from SPN, but still - first night out on the town, and I run into an actor five minutes after I get off the bus.


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