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In a previous coincidental "it's a small world" happening, I discovered that I actually did an episode of Falling Skies with Ty Olsson.

Tonight's, coincidental "it's a small world" happening is a little different, and it didn't happen to me...

Today, I was browsing Tumblr, and I found this post with  pictures from when Ty Olsson appeared nude in a play. (And by "appeared" I mean, he was nude on stage for nearly 3 hours.) Naturally, my first thought was "Mustache? Really?" but my second thought was "Hold on a second! That sounds suspiciously like a play that my friend was just telling me about the other night..." So, I did a little bit of googling, and sure enough....

In 2001, my friend saw Ty Olsson naked at a local theatre.

Then we had this conversation:
"You've seen more of Benny than any of us (save perhaps Dean, if people on the internet were to get their way :P )"
"And I can confirm that Dean would not be disappointed (he's a show-er, as the saying goes) - Have at'er, internets!"

On a more serious note, she add: "That show was kinda like when a friend and I went to see "Puppetry of the Penis" - the guy (or in the latter case, guys) is just so comfortable on stage that you relax & get comfortable with it, too."

ETA: My friend further states: "The other thing I forgot to mention re: the play is that Ty's character, the dead husband (thus "her two husbands") was really intense, but pretty much the opposite of Benny. He was a womanizer and a drinker and a gambler; basically an all-around party animal. And also, he's an amazing theatre actor (everyone in that play was fairly outstanding, but Dona Flor and her dead husband were exceptional)."


Back at Christmas, a couple of other fangirls and I had a Skype conversation with Chad Lindberg. It was a Christmas present to me from one of the girls, who bought the skype conversation off Chad on an ebay auction. It was supposed to be a half-hour chat, but we ended up chatting for an hour and twenty minutes nearly.

It was a fun time. Of course, it being weeks ago now, and me not taking notes, I can't tell you anything specific we talked about. In general though, we talked about Supernatural (of course), Chad's hometown and the videos he makes with his Sven-character...and Chad's love of all things Ghost Adventures. Chad told us about when he was on the Ghost Adventures show and his experiences. He's really into the ghost sort-of-stuff, and is a firm believer in it all. He played us a recording of some EVP that he picked up on his recording equipment during the ghost hunt. I'm a skeptic, of course, but it was very interesting to hear Chad's experiences, and also the experiences of the other girls who were in on the conversation.

Chad's also going to a few conventions this year. He's looking forward to Vegas the most, and I think he's invited one of the Ghost Adventures guys as well...apparently they are huge fans of the show. (I wondered what they thought about the Ghostfacers episode, but Chad didn't know.)

Anyway, it was a fun time, and Chad was really nice. I didn't talk about it before now, because I didn't have permission from the gift-giver... obviously, now I do
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