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So, I was bored and looking at Ty Olsson's (Benny) IMDB page...

I've worked with him! 

Haha, he was on the episode of Fallen Skies that I did, and I was in one of his scenes...way across the room, but I was there!

Falling Skies 2x09 me 4
That's me circled and that's Ty in uniform on the right playing Sgt. Clemmons.

I did such a fine job as "girl in background wearing ugly sweater" don't you think? Really, I think I should retire on a high note while I still can. ;)
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My second TV appearance! 

I filmed Falling Skies over two days back in February or something...I don't actually remember. Anyway, the episode finally aired, so I got to see if I made it in.

I did! I made it into FOUR SHOTS!

Screencaps under here )

Fun times!

ETA: I also have to decide if I'm going to keep doing extra work. It's fun occasionally, but it can also be REALLY annoying/boring/ill-timed...and I can really only committ to one-day shoots (which Falling Skies was not)...and yeah...I make enough at my real job now that I don't need to do it. So, decisions decisions... 
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Here'a little peak behind the curtain at the cost and time involved in filming a TV show...

As many of you may remember, I sometimes do a little "background work" on the side, and in February, on an atypically somewhat sunny day, I went to work on The Killing, which airs on AMC in the States.

My episode aired on April 22nd! I had forgotten all about it until [livejournal.com profile] missyjack inquired about it last night. So, 10 minutes later, thanks to a particularly quick torrent, I scanned through the episode to find myself...


That's right! Those are my lovely black trouser-covered legs in the background, with my left hand and my favourite brown jacket. I'm on screen for approx. 2 seconds, as I walk across frame from right to left.

So, what does this teach us?

I was on set for approx. 5 hours, and as a non-union background performer, I was paid just over $11 an hour....and I was on film for 2 seconds.

So, the next time you are watching something with a "crowd" scene that only lasts a few seconds...think of ALL THE MONEY.
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I had my second day on Falling Skies today. And it was a fine example of how boring being an extra is.

My call-up time was 9:30. I was actually called to set at 5:30pm for about 15 minutes...and then again for an hour at 8pm. I was there for twelve hours.

So, basically, I was paid to crochet a scarf and think about all the stuff that I was going to tell you guys, that I forgot to tell you before...

Read more... )

And thus ends the Adventures in Background-Work for the foreseeable future. I have far too much stuff going on in my regular life. I'm thinking that they're going to ask me back, but I'm really going to have to turn them down...which will probably piss them off a little, but them's the breaks. I also think that maybe I just get super bored doing the same show more than once.  I do have to say though, that so far Falling Skies has had the best catering/crafty.
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I did, however, spend the day listening to Noah Wyle talk about aliens...but that's all I can legally say.

Okay, well, I can say a little more...

I can also talk about Fringe and Alcatraz...and extra work in general... )

In other news, some of you might remember me talking about how much fun I had doing extra work for an independent movie called Primary, with Dustin Millligan (aka Corbett the intern) - well, my friend [livejournal.com profile] 4422shini, got me this little present as a souvenir:

I will treasure it always. :)

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So, I can't actually talk about The Killing, because I signed this piece of paper that said I wouldn't. But, since I don't know any of the cast or the plot or anything, it's actually quite easy for me not to spoil.

I never like the way they dress me, which is kind of a weird thing to say - because they always dress me in my own clothes. This time though, I got to go into hair and make-up, and they curled my hair a little. As I was walking back to holding, a woman with a broom passed me and said "Pretty!" So, that was nice.

I did meet someone whose wife is going to be on Supernatural (filming tomorrow and a week from tomorrow). When she got the gig (which sounds like a straight-up acting gig), he got his agent to call and ask if they needed extras for any of her scenes - and they did! So he's doing Supernatural next week in a scene with his wife. I thought that was sweet. According to him, Supernatural rarely uses extras - "They're always so tight on their leads." Well, can you blame them?

I thought it was going to be super exciting because there were a lot of "costumed extras" (like specific professions...some of which are exciting), but it turned out that there were two units filming, and I was with the second unit - which had some of the cast (I'm guessing) and not that many extras, and none of the exciting professions. We were just walking around outside of a building. I didn't even have the fun of making up a fun back story for myself (such as the lesbian teenage mother in Diary of a Wimpy Kid III)...because I was just walking across the scene.

First I was between the actors and the camera, and then I was behind the actors on the reverse shot. The actors seemed nice. I rode back with them to the studio after the shoot was wrapped. And I got to hear this fun conversation:

Girl: "Have you been shot before?"
Guy: "Once or twice."
Girl: "Have you died?"
Guy: *answers*
Girl: "I've died. I've got friends who die every single time."

Anyway, it's episode 2x05. I'm wearing black slacks and a brown jacket, and my hair looks like someone tried to curl the ends, but it refused to obey. I walk by the camera really fast (because I walk fast), so I doubt anyone can actually see me. I'm probably on screen for two frames or something. :P
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Does anyone watch The Killing?

It looks like I'm going to be an extra with them tomorrow Thursday. I have absolutely no idea what the show is. Based on the title, I am hoping to be a bloody corpse. Apparently they asked for me specifically, which is flattering...unless they are going to cast me as "ugly extra #2." 
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For those interested, the film I just "background performed" for now has an IMDB page, and also a fundraising page at IndieGoGo.

Because it's all BC based actors, it's fun to look through the cast and see just how many of them have been killed on Supernatural. ;) 

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Well, I can now cross "drag my boobs across Dustin Milligan's back" off my bucket list.

Not that it was there in the first place, but maybe it should have been...

As I mentioned before, I was an extra in an indie film on Sunday, starring Dustin Milligan (aka gay-intern Corbett) and some other people that I vaguely recognized. The scenes we shot were club/bar scenes - so it was a lot of dancing, and a lot of mined dancing (which didn't feel as ridiculous as it probably looked)...and at one point the actors (who were having a conversation in the middle of a dance-floor) said they wanted the background performers to bump into them, so yeah...I did.

It was fun. You gotta love Vancouver - it offers such unique opportunities.

Anyway, Dustin seemed to be a very nice guy.

Also, since it was a club/bar where people were doing drugs and getting wasted, every time I ungracefully tripped in my heels, I would just pretend that I was drunk and it was acting! not clumsiness! 

They are shooting another scene they need extras for on Wednesday, but I actually have to work for a living, so I'm not able to go.
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Hey, where'd [livejournal.com profile] hells_half_acre go? You've been asking yourself. She hasn't posted anything since yesterday, and she hasn't done a rewatch post since Monday - I thought she was unemployed and the only thing she did all day was watch and talk about Supernatural?

Well, let me explain...

Today I was an extra! Now I am sleepy. The end.

There's actually something related to Supernatural in this post )

I also have notes on another rewatch post. I'll see if I get to those tonight, or if I pass out first.


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