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*Technically, the anniversary is tomorrow - but I have two other things to post tomorrow and I didn't want to overwhelm you all.


10 years ago, on November 15th, was when I made this LJ account. Which means it's been 10 years since I officially became a member of the Supernatural fandom - having first caught up with the first 3 seasons in the summer of 2008, and then started watching live when S4 started airing that fall. 

In November of 2008, I wrote a weechester ficlet, and rather than everything else fandom-related that I had written in my life, I thought "hey, maybe I should share this one.... maybe I'll do it, if no one has taken the name hells_half_acre on LJ yet." And no one had, and so I did.

That ficlet was soon followed by my little ridiculous crossover idea that turned into the 10 year (and probably counting) epic that is the Demented'verse - and the Demented'verse led to me timelining the show... which meant that I had to rewatch it, and while I was doing that, I might as well keep track of the clothes...and yeah... that's how we ended up here today.

But in addition to that, I met a lot of great friends here over the years... I actually have my current job because of a friend that I met through this LJ account. Also, putting LJ aside, about 80% of my friends in Vancouver were made through six degrees of separation to just one person I met at VanCon in 2010 - including the person who hired me at my previous job.

I wish I had planned a super awesome 10th anniversary present to you all and myself, but I'm not that great at thinking about stuff like that...

Instead, in the spirit of 2008, I'm going to post an Ed/Corbett slash fic tomorrow, and then do a Quick Reaction as usual. :)

Thank you all for continuing to read my ridiculous posts and discuss the show with me, even though LJ isn't the fandom hub it once was. And thank you to those of you who don't even watch the show anymore, but still drop by to say hello every now and then.

I love every single one of you!

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Despite the rough start to the week, I had a good birthday! I went to see one of my favourite musicians, I had good times with friends, it was all lovely.

AND, to icing on the cake, it's Thanksgiving this weekend, which means that it's a long weekend and I get Monday off of work. The nice thing about Thanksgiving in Canada is that it's not a big deal like it is in the states - it's a nice sort of harvest celebration, but you don't necessarily have to do anything special if you don't feel like it. 

So, I'm kicking around, not doing much this weekend... and I just finished writing the demented'verse fic that I was working on (still in the process of posting though, I didn't want to overwhelm people's AO3 notifications.)... which means that it suddenly feels like I have a lot of time on my hands, though I'm sure I don't actually and I'm just forgetting a whole bunch of crap I have to do.

Which all got me to thinking... I used to do prompt-me-anything posts whenever I had a day off work. LJ has since died a lot in the intervening years, and I'm not getting nearly the traffic that I used to back in the day though, so perhaps prompt posts won't work anymore. It's a shame, they were fun - I got the trifecta'verse out of them back in the day... also possibly a few of my other AO3 stories... and that one time I crossed over the demented'verse with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (something I still partially consider canon.)

I don't know where I'm going with this - maybe, two questions:

1. Do you think it's possible to still have prompt-me-anything posts on LJ or do you think those days are gone?

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I've been working on the next installment of the demented'verse. The way I work is that I do a really rough outline, and then sort of narrow it down and add things as I go, so I have a series of successive outlines that get a little more detailed and accurate, but cover less of the story (because I've already written part of it.)

Right now, I'm on outline nujmber 4, which is getting close to the end... only, my third to last outline point (which I wrote months ago) is "Draco tricks Dean" and I can't for the life of me remember what I was referring to there. Like... what did I possibly have in mind?! It doesn't even make any sense.

Anyway, just thought I'd complain about my own foolishness is always believing "I'll remember this idea!" because it's not always true.

In other news, I had a great visit with my sister this past week. I also saw Beauty and the Beast, which was phenominal. All these years, I've been blaming my memorization of the original animated movie on my little sister's love for it as a child... but as we sat in that theatre and the lights dimmed and the movie played and then ended, I realized - nope, it was me all along. *I* love that movie. We actually saw it twice over the weekend, because we could, goddamn it! It was the best the first time around, when you don't know what jokes are coming, but I noticed more details (and heard more lyrics) the second time around. Also, I have a small crush on Josh Gad now, which to be honest, I could never have seen coming going into the film.

Let's see.... what else what else... my sister is buying a condo, and I'm a little jealous that she's managed to sort her life out and I haven't. For some reason, I equate "owning property" with "sorting your life out." I'm not sure, psychologically, why that is. Anyway, maybe one day I'll sort my life out.

How's it going with you?
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I still haven't watched last week's episode. I'll do that sometime today, promise.

The REASON that I haven't watched it is because I was at Emerald City Comic-Con since Thursday, and I literally haven't had the two hours minimum uninterrupted down-time that I would need to watch and post about an episode.

Emerald City Comic-Con was really fun! I don't go there for the celebs, so I can't tell you anything about Jeremy Renner or Millie Bobby Brown or Tom Felton - but I can tell you that Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction remain awesome, that Johnnie Christmas is a great guy, that Ngozi Ukazu makes makes me smile by calling people "silly beans" much like I'd imagine Bitty would... and that there are tons of really creative people out there making super awesome things.

So, one guest at Emerald City Comic-Con this year was Robbie Thompson. I kept missing him on Thursday, but managed to find him on Friday. His booth wasn't that far from Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue's ... and he's just as great as I remember from when I got an apportunity to chat with him at VanCon in the summer between S8 and S9 (I think that's when it was anyway.) The first time I stopped by his table, I hadn't thought of any questions or anything - mainly because I was used to having to get things signed quickly and get out of the way, and also because I'm just not very good at coming up with questions on the spot or even being able to think of what to say to anyone. (For the most part, at ECCC, I follow my far more outgoing friend around and just listen while she talks to everyone.)

General Stuff

So, in that first visit, we just talked generally about the show and how much Robbie enjoyed working for it and how wonderful the crew and Jared and Jensen are - and how it's not like they fired him, it was his decision to leave, because he was getting too busy and something had to go, and he wanted to put his concentration into non-SPN things... which was a hard decision, but he thinks it was time, and although he misses it, he doesn't regret leaving.

Oh, also, I found out that his favourite episode he wrote was Pac-Man Fever (or at least, that's the one that's most special to him) because his parents also read him the Hobbit growing up, so Charlie's speech about how that decision made her who she is, and opened up her world to her, was basically Robbie's feelings and gratefulness towards his parents and The Hobbit. So, yeah, he's sentimental about that episode.

As we were leaving, he told me to stop by his table any time if I wanted to chat, so being me, I took that sincerely and the rest of the weekend, if I had some time to kill, I'd swing by his table and see if he was free to  chat - sometimes he wasn't, but I did manage to catch him two more times, those times with questions prepared.

DISCLAIMER: PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THIS IS ME REMEMBERING OUR CONVERSATIONS... THIS IS NOT VERBRATIM. Even if I put something in quotes, it's just what Robbie said to my best recollection - but I'm probably not using the same words that he used. So, if you want any point clarified, or you take huge offence to something, please don't blame Robbie, blame my shitty reporting skills and then ask him the question yourself. I didn't even write any of this down at the time, this is just me remembering 1-3 days later.


Robbie was always aware they were 18-22 months in the future )

Writing Assignments - How they Work

Nope, they don't get to pick which episodes they do )

How far ahead do they write an episode?

Even more timelines... )

And I think that's it!

Robbie is the nicest... and I told him I had wanted to buy Silk while I was there, but hadn't been able to find it yet, so he just GAVE me his last copy and signed it for me! So, yes, the absolute nicest.

Okay, now that's it. :)

Free Book!

Feb. 28th, 2017 12:19 pm
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Hey Everybody,


A friend of mine has one of their books currently available to be downloaded for free (87 copies remaining) on Inkkit.com - it's a YA Fantasy type novel, about earth being overrun by creatures from a parrellel world and the young people that are recruited to defend humanity and whatnot.

Tash is a great action writer and also always has a really nice diverse cast of characters, LGBTQ+ included. Tash is queer themselves, so you'd also be supporting a queer author if you were to read and review, so that they get a bit more visibility for their stories and writing.

Anyway, if you like reading things for free! Please check it out: Warp Weavers: Light in the Blood

And, if you like it, please do leave a review!!

Unrelated Sidenote: Rewatches are on two week hiatus, because I didn't get to them this past weekend and this coming weekend I'm at Emerald City Comic-Con.
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So, tomorrow I have the day off, because this weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving - which we Canadians just call "Thanksgiving"... up here it's a harvest festival, not some pilgrim thing - hence why it's earlier in the Fall (to coincide with the end of Harvest.)

Back in the day, when I had a day off work, I used to do comment-fics. Where people could leave prompts and I'd write little tiny fics for them.

I kinda want to do that again, but LJ is pretty dead these days, and I don't tumblr well, so I don't get much interaction over there either.

I want to try anyway though - so, if anyone wants to leave a prompt in the comments, please do so. I think most people here know my fandoms, but if you ask for one that I can't do, I'll just switch it over to a fandom that I can, and make things really weird.

And if I don't get any prompts, I'll just do something else with my day - like soapstone carving.


And if you want to leave prompts anonymously for some reason, or you just prefer tumblr - you can also drop me an ask over at driftwooddragons.tumblr.com.

I live!

Sep. 26th, 2016 06:59 pm
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Hi everyone,

I've started a new second job, which is going well I think. Unlike my other job, it's more reliable - there is always work to do, which means that it should be a more reliable paycheque too. This should help a lot going forward, I think, as I try to recover my finances from being unreliably employed for the past 2.5 years. Or at least, I hope it does.

In news you actually care about - A really great friend got me the Supernatural S11 DVDs for my birthday! Yay! So, they'll be arriving at the end of the week, and I should be able to start rewatches soon!

Miscellaneous things...

Do any of you read "OMG Check Please!" ? It's been updating the past week (After this week, it won't update again until December), and right now it has it's "Year 2" Kickstarter up... and it's made over 700% of it's goal. I'm so pleased that it's doing so well. Ngozi is a great artist and storyteller - I love her style.

There's that meme going around: Describe yourself using 3 fictional characters. I can't decide on my third. So far, I've got Spock, Stu (from What We Do in the Shadows), but that's it... was thinking maybe Parker from Leverage, but maybe also Dean? I don't know.
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Yesterday, the only answer to my question of "what sort of things do you want me to post over the summer?" was "more spontaneous posts" so, here's your first....

When writing a story, the satisfaction comes from your conflicts being resolved. Now, you'd think this would be a no-brainer, but here's the trick: ALL conflicts have to be resolved, even the man vs. himself conflicts.

So, let's say you're writing an extremely epic adventure romance fic - nearly 200k - and my goodness, you've hooked your audience - your lead characters are sympathetic, your plot is well developed, your romance is romantic.... SO, you've got your antagonist, who is laying in wait to ruin everything, and he's your man vs. man conflict... you've got the environmental hurdles the leads must overcome (ie: they get trapped somewhere and have to escape, or the society they live in stands in the way of their dreams, etc...), and THEN you have the psychology of the hero... this is your man vs. himself conflict... maybe they don't think they're brave enough to get what they want, maybe they don't think he deserves it... maybe, in the case of the fic I just read, they has a really fucked up view of sex.

So, at the end of story, you not only have to overcome the envionment and defeat the antagonist, you also have to address the lead's super f*cked up psychology and make sure that it's evident that they have worked past it - not only that, but you have to make sure there's EVIDENCE that they have moved past it or, at the very least, are well on their way to moving past it.

You can't, for instance, have a main character who has a super fucked up view of sex, and then end the story at the love confession and fade out before anything is ever consummated. Do you want to know why? It's not because you've denied us the smut of the consummation scene. It's because those of use who have been paying attention to your 200k words that constantly reiterate how fucked up this guy is, are going to sit there thinking "okay, but... it's all going to go to shit the first time they're intimate at all" and suddenly that lovely victory you've built up, means pretty much nothing, because you've got this dangling unresolved conflict.

It's like if I wrote a story where our hero is someone who is a giant miserable depressed alcoholic and are likely to die with the next binge drinking event, unless they get help - meanwhile, a serial killer stalks the town, but our hero can't stop them, because there is also a meteor barrelling towards earth, and the murderer is the only one who knows the codes to launch the missles that can destory it.

Now, imagine that's my ridiculous premise - if I have the hero get over their alcoholism, so they can stop the murderer, that's great. But if I ended the story there, you'd be sitting there wondering when that meteor is going to hit... or if I had our hero stop the meteor, recover from alcoholism, but not stop the serial killer - you'd be sitting there equally worried about how many more people are going to be murdered, and why the story ended without defeating the bad guy. Or, if the hero stops the meteor, arrests the murderer, and then I fade out while they're staring at a bottle of whiskey and thinking "time for a drink", you're left not with a happy ending, but with a bittersweet ending where you're like "well... everyone is saved except the hero."

Likewise, if I have a adventure romance, where my main character has a giant personality problem that prevents them from having stable relationships. I can't end the story before I address that problem. I can get rid of as many rivals for their love as I want. I can get rid of all the physical and environmental obstacles that keep our two lovers seperated, but if I don't address the fact that my main character is SUPER fucked up, then nothing is resolved. You don't get a "they lived happily ever after" if there's a 90% chance that as soon as the fic fades to black, the main character is going to have a nervous breakdown.

And addressing the fact that my main character is super fucked up isn't the same as explaining WHY they're fucked up, or having them REALIZE how fucked up they are - I know plenty of people, myself included, who are fucked up, but don't know how to STOP being fucked up. Awareness is not the same as solving the problem. "Oh, there's a giant meteor about to kill all mankind - well, now that we're aware of it, I guess that problem is solved. And we lived happily ever after...." Nope. You all died. This is not a happy ending. This is very much an ending where the reader is sitting there thinking "I read nearly 200k of fic, and you're not even going to RESOLVE THE FUCKING PROBLEM?!"
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in other news... June is over, YAY! June was not the best month I've ever had. I'm not saying that it was ALL horrible, but 90% of the time, it was no entirely pleasant.

First by accident, and then on purpose, I decided to not write anything in June. I think this was actually a brilliant decision, because - while I didn't force myself to write when I didn't feel like it - I also forced myself NOT to write when I DID feel like it. Which means that the desire to write has been building up under my skin like an unsatisfied vice.... and instead of being sick of all my stories and thinking they're probably horrible, I am instead EAGER to write them (even though they might be horrible.)

So, Happy Canada Day! And here's to July being better. :)

In the meantime - let me know what kinda quality content you want to see on here over the summer? Is there any sort of post you wish I'd do more of?

PS: If you haven't yet, check out my previous post and listen to my sister be way more talented than I am.
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Someone just posted this as a comment to my entry on Sam's Superhero Hoodie Jacket:

Please contact me if you want to buy an X-Large of Sam's Carhartt Superhero Hoodie Jacket. I have a 3 currently for sale. The jackets are brown New Old Stock Jackets without tags (They don't manufacture this brown color anymore). If you're interested in purchasing a screen accurate model J25 hoodie jacket that's thermal lined please email me at tylertroost@gmail.com. We can talk about price & then I'll put it on Ebay for you. These jackets sell fast so get yours ASAP if you want one. If you have any questions about the jacket please email me.

Just in case anyone is interested and wants to follow up with him.

I will warn you that carharrt items (in my experience) run large - which means that an X-large will be VERY large.
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Man, LJ is kinda dead these days, eh? I can nostagically think back to just maybe 4-5 years ago when I could post an entry saying that I was thinking of writing some fic, and I've have 20 responses with suggestions.

I guess it's a number of things - people on LJ, moving onto different shows and leaving the SPN fandom, while newer SPN fans aren't on LJ at all, but rather tumblr and AO3 combos, or other platforms that I don't even know about. And then there are some who have just moved over to tumblr and left LJ behind.

It makes me wish I was better at tumblr.

A friend of mind recently joined the POI fandom and started, voraciously, writing for their main lesbian canon ship - and MAN, the amount of engagement they get makes me so envious... even though I know I had that back in the day too, here.

Anyway, this is all to say that if any of you ARE on tumblr and want to follow me, I'm at driftwooddragons. And if you have any suggestions on how I could tumblr better, let me know.

Plot Help

So, I kinda want to write a sequel to Men of Legend. But, I can't think of a good plot. I've got specific scenes that I want to write, which can only exist if Arthur and Merlin are summoned to the SPN universe BY THE BAD GUYS. So, any ideas for why? who? Because I have no clue, which is why I've never written a sequel to that fic until now (and possibly not now either.)
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I was listening to an episode of the Plaidcast tonight - specifically the Bugs episode - and the hosts decided to list their top five worst episodes of Supernatural from S1-10, or possibly S1-9, I'm not sure. ANYWAY, it sounded like fun.

So, without further ado - here are, in my opinion, and in order of season...

The 5 Worst Episodes of Supernatural:

1. Swap Meat
2. Manniquin 3: The Reckoning
3. Season Seven, Time for a Wedding
4. Man's Best Friend with Benefits
5. Dog Dean Afternoon

Honourable Mention: Bloodlines (This only gets honourable mention, because it's really an episode of a crappy other show that never happened.)

And, equally fun, and because for every bad thing I say about the show on here, I have to say one good thing. Here are...

My Favourite Episodes from each season so far:

1. Home
2. Born Under a Bad Sign
3. Mystery Spot
4. On The Head of a Pin
5. Swan Song
6. The Man Who Knew Too Much
7. Death's Door
8. Sacrifice
9. Alex Annie Alexis Ann
10. The Executioner's Song

If you're wondering why I picked "Home" as my favourite S1 episode, it's because that one was the episode that hooked me. That was the one where I became INVESTED in the show, rather than just watching it because my sister wanted to.

And yes, it was hard to pick between Mystery Spot and A Very Supernatural Christmas.

My favourite episode of all time remains On The Head of a Pin, super dark and depressing though it is, it's just far too gorgeous an episode not to love above all others. Not to mention that it has probably the clearest and best stated world view of the show summed up in a two line exchange:
"There is no Will. No Wrath. No God."
"Maybe. maybe not, but there's still me."

Mystery Spot, TMWKTM, and Sacrifice, are all pretty Sam centric episodes... or, I like them for Sam centric reasons. But, I see BUABS, Swan Song, and The Executioner's Song, as being Dean centric... or, I like them for Dean centric reasons. Then Death's Door, and Alex Annie Alexis Ann, I see as being excellent for showcasing the amazing supporting actors that Supernatural has, and how the show is able to populate it's world with really rich characters that could be the stars of their own shows easily.

Anyway, fun times... carry on as you were. I'll try to do another rewatch this weekend. :)
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So, I'm timelining 10x12 (I'm SO BEHIND on timelining arg).... and um, if a regular ol' witch can de-age Dean to a point where he didn't have the mark and thus cure him of it. Uh, why don't they just get Rowena to de-age Dean by like... 2 years? Or does the MoC come back the minute his body ages to the day that Cain gave it to him?

Anyway, yeah... I've solved all their problems. I now look forward to all the fanfiction AUs where Sam runs around hunting with his "son."

In other news, I'm SO BEHIND on timelining. I probably won't have it posted right after the finale like I managed last year, but hopefully it won't be that much longer. It doesn't help that I keep forgetting that I need to do it.
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I've been timelining today, because I am crazy behind and the season's nearly done... anyway, today I did 10x09 - The Things We Left Behind. (See, I really need to catch up.)

In 10x09, Cas tells Claire that the human souls of vessels don't survive extreme damage, and that Jimmy died when Cas was "ripped apart at the subatomic level by an archangel." In the THEN segment, they showed when that happened in 5x22, BUT, if you remember, it actually FIRST happened in 4x22.

So, Jimmy Novak died on May 14th, 2009. Exactly 11 days after we met him... and we have definitive proof that the last thing Jimmy Novak did with his free will was save Claire's life.

I mean, we already knew that's what he did, but this just drives the point home.

Also, for those wondering, there is no year given for Dean's CBGB story, except for the fact that Dean was "way underage" - I was wondering where to place it, and thinking "way underage" had to be 16 or younger... but then I realized that drinking-age is super old in the states, so I have no idea what qualifies as "way underage" there. In the end, I just placed it in the timeline next to the equally nebulous "Sam runs away to Flagstaff" story.

Anyway, all these facts will get updated to the timeline once the season ends - provided that I have caught up by then.


Jan. 13th, 2015 10:59 am
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Okay, so I know it doesn't actually matter and no one cares - but it's been driving me crazy for three weeks, so I have to correct something...

When I did this 2014 Fandom Meme thing at the end of December, I completely forgot that Season 3b of Teen Wolf aired in 2014.

So, I would like to amend my answer to one of the questions:

Favorite Villain of 2014 - Nogitsune!Stiles. Dylan O'Brien did an amazing job with this part and I agree with others in the Fandom that he remains the ONLY Teen Wolf villain to successfully yell his lines and still remain menacing rather than tipping over into comical. Not only that, he also did an amazing job of playing a deeply traumatized Stiles, whenever he wasn't playing the Nogitsune.

Okay, that is all...

The poll for what day I release chapters of the next demented'verse installment is going well. The majority of you don't care, which is nice in its own way. Right now, I'm leaning towards Thursdays, just because Thursdays tend to be uneventful around these parts for some reason. No one thinks Tuesday or Wednesday is a good idea, and I'm glad, because those tend to be my busiest days (though I have no idea why.)
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How's everyone doing?

I'm having a busy summer. I don't think I'm going to be getting anything fandom-related done until I get back to Vancouver in mid-August... so this journal might end up being a little dead for a bit.

I don't really have anything besides that to say... so ,yeah, hope you all are well.

I guess this is your bi-weekly, "Hey, how's it going?" hiatus post.

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Apparently we were supposed to do a random post today? I'm confused - but all my friends are jumping off this bridge, so *shrug*...

Today was the first day of filming for SPN S10 - and it was my last day in Vancouver for the next 5 weeks. It's time for my annual pilgrimage back to my homeland.... Ontario.

I went to a live Welcome to Nightvale show tonight! It was awesome. I was basically crying with laughter the whole time. My favourite part was when Carlos described his mundane science equipment and somehow made it sound like the sexiest thing on earth. They also really incorporated the audience into the show and... yeah, it was great.

JK Rowling released a short Harry Potter story in the form of an article by Rita Skeeter set in 2014. Part of me was like "yay!" and another part of me is like "NO! My HEADCANONS! STOP JOSSING THEM!" Apparently she's going to do more of them? So, yeah, I guess I will continue to be a bundle of mixed feelings.

At the Welcome to Nightvale show tonight, I made the mistake of trying to talk to a Teen Wolf fan - granted, I was butting into a conversation she was having with her friend, so I guess I got what I deserved - but I should also just learn not to try to talk to Teen Wolf fans. Or, at least, when I hear that they don't like anything after Season 2, I should just learn to back away slowly and not engage. It just drives me a little crazy when people have decided that they hate Jeff Davis and therefore everything he writes MUST be garbage, and if it's not garbage than they're just going to pretend that it's garbage for made-up reasons that only they see. But WHATEVER, media is subjective, blah blah blah blah... like I said, I should just learn not to engage. Teen Wolf fandom is actually the worst though, I think. I love the show, but my god, that fandom is the worst. (Except for any of you lovelies who are reading this, you're the glowing perfect exceptions to my hypocritical generalized hatred.)

Writing hasn't been happening lately because I'm a procrastinating lazy-pants. Sorry. It's also unlikely to get super prolific while I'm back in Ontarioland, because I'm going to be driving all over hell's half acre (ha!) visiting my friends/family and listening to folk music while camping in the woods where there isn't even cell reception, like the goddamn hippie that I was raised to be.

So, thoughts on any part of the above? I'm going to be in an airplane for most of tomorrow (today? It's 10 past midnight) and although airplanes are getting wifi now, I'm probably going to be using the time to watch movies and crochet... so forgive me if I am slow to reply, but I will eventually reply! (I mostly always do).
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It's that time of year again - my friend is looking for some teammates for her GISHWHES team. She's got 3 spots to fill.

My friend's team isn't about winning, it's just about having fun - do what you can, enjoy yourself, don't stress too much. Everyone on her team love participating and enjoy themselves, but they've all got jobs and partners/kids/pets/etc that they need to prioritize. So, it's a really nice laid-back team who isn't going to yell at you because you can only do a couple of items.

Usually, I'm a silent partner and I do some video-editing for the team. This year, however, the hunt is happening during the only week of the summer when I'm pretty much completely cut-off from all contact with the outside world. So, this year I will be an EXTRA silent partner... but I'll be cheering the team on from the sidelines (when I manage to get an internet connection.)

Anyway, if anyone is interested in joining a nice fun team, let me know and I'll put you in touch with my friend. :)

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I just finished work for the day and my brain is fried. So let's nitpick things...

Nitpicky Things that annoy me in slash fic:

1. When characters eat a heavy meal and then have sex right away.
- This is how I can tell that the author has never tried to have sex with a dude after he's just eaten... or if they have, they've been with some magical dudes, because in my experience, all attempts at sex are put on hold pretty much immediately because fooling around makes them queasy. Or at the very least, both parties are all like "ugh, so full - I do not feel like sexy-times right now, I mostly just feel sleepy."

2. Kissing someone who has been smoking (when you are a non-smoker) is disgusting.
- I run into this a lot with Captain America fic. People love having Bucky smoke... I don't know if they're trying to be period appropriate, or if they just think it's sexy, but they have Bucky constantly chain smoking and then making out with Steve and all I can think is "Oh gross!!"
- Nitpicking specific to Captain America - I don't care if people in the 1930's thought that smoking was GOOD for your lungs, I'm pretty sure that Bucky and Steve would have found out pretty quickly that smoking made bad things happen to poor Steve's health, and Bucky would probably either quit that shit or at least not smoke around Steve at all. More than that, I definitely think that super-serum or not, Steve wouldn't be cool with Bucky picking back up the habit in modern times - also, I'm not sure why Bucky would feel the need to pick back up the habit... but then, I'm not a smoker, so what do I know. Maybe it's one of those things that you can never escape. I know I have a sister who constantly starts smoking again despite the fact that it's horrible to her health especially. But you'd think the Hydra brainwashing would be good for SOMETHING and they would have stamped out that addiction pretty quickly.

3. I can't remember my third point... I thought I had one, but maybe I don't. I'll probably think of it later and kick myself.

So, what's your weird nitpicky thing that takes you out of fic?


Jun. 21st, 2014 04:53 pm
hells_half_acre: (Sam strung-out)
Oh man, guys, I am so burnt out on fic writing...

Today's prompt is "two characters meeting who have never met before" - and I mean, the possibilities are endless, especially since I'm someone who routinely writes crossovers.

But, my brain is just dead, you know? As I recall from the last time that I tried to do a ficlet month - I burnt out around the 21st then too. Perhaps I should have learnt my lesson?

Anyway, I also don't have much time left today to write - I'm going to a friends place for dinner and a movie, and drinking.... so, maybe I'll come up with something brilliant there and write it when I get home at a no-doubt late hour this evening? We'll see.


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