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As I mentioned in my Friday Report, I had the privilege of going on an unofficial location walking-tour with John Marcynuk (Production Designer). He took us a LOT of places and told us a lot of things. It was all very interesting, though I wasn't taking notes, so now it's hard to remember. I took pictures of SOME of the places though - so I will share those.

Also, on Monday I went around the greater Vancouver area with [livejournal.com profile] raloria and [livejournal.com profile] metallidean_grl on our own little locations tour. So, I'm including those pictures in this post as well.

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As I said before, if you're desperate to know where EXACTLY any of this stuff is, just let me know, and in my spare time I'll track down the coordinates for you.

Still to come: VFX(non)Con write-up.

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I went out to Fort Langely the other day to buy a hat. Besides a fantastic hat store, Fort Langely also has a very large number of Supernatural location per square kilometer. 

I went to take a picture of my favourite one and discovered that the Fraser River likes it too...so much so, that the location is currently under at least a foot of water...

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In other news - I have a fancy new camera with a great zoom lens. So, I might actually be able to take pictures at VanCon this year. Sadly, I still don't have a ticket for VanCon. I'm still warring with what my priorities are: getting a Gold ticket or saving money.

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And thus endeth my VanCon reports.
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The Monday after VanCon, I spontaneously decided to go location hunting with [livejournal.com profile] raloria . I've lived in Vancouver a year, and only been to two locations (not including the warehouse down the street that I went to before they filmed there). It's one of those things where: because I can do it any time I want, I don't. So, having a tourist in town was a perfect excuse to actually go places...

We whipped by the studio and saw the Watchman set. And then we went to Fort Langley, because [livejournal.com profile] raloria  let me choose what location I wanted to see. I chose this one:

It's really pretty there. I'm thinking that it'd be a good place for me to go when I want to get out of the city and drive my car for a bit.

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 Today Susan and I went for a walk around Deer Lake. It was a gorgeous day. Deer Lake was used in Changing Channels, but just for the opening bit, I think, when the boys are riding the bike and playing with the football.

Deer Lake is also right next to Burnaby Village Museum - which was also used in Changing Channels, but it best known for standing in for Burkittsville in S1's Scarecrow.

ETA: Also, it was the "set" that the tour drove through at the beginning of Hollywood Babylon (albeit with a lot of CGI in the background).

Here's a tip: Entry to Burnaby Village Museum is usually $12 per adult, but if you go 30 minutes before they close, they'll let you in for free! That being said, I strongly recommend that you just suck it up and pay the $12, because it's a great museum and they could use the support. I, however, can barely afford to eat right now (actually, I can't afford to eat at all really), so if they hadn't let me in for free, I wouldn't have been able to go at all.

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And that's that! :-)
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When I watched Two Minutes to Midnight, there was something very familiar about the scene with Dean and Crowley outside the warehouse in Chicago...and today, as I rode the skytrain downtown, I realized what it was: They were in my neighbourhood!

My sister and I sometimes end up walking under that bridge on our night-time walks - she likes it because if you yell it echoes.

Anyway, it's right here:

So, there's an SPN location that I found before they even used it. ;-)

Though, the real question is, why wasn't I made aware that they were filming just down the road? That would have been pretty convenient.

Truman High

May. 4th, 2010 04:07 pm
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Today I walked up to the yarn store to buy some crochet hooks. On the way, I passed the school that Sam and Dean attended in 1997....

Templeton Secondary AKA Truman High )

Hope you enjoyed your brief look at a Supernatural location...

I should point out that just a few blocks further than the yarn store are Rufus' and Chuck's houses. It's 2.7 kms from my place to the yarn store though, and I didn't really feel like walking further - plus, those are private residences, so taking pictures of them would be a bit creepy.
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So, there are two sneak peak videos for 5x15 up over here.

And in the first clip, they are at the location I found back in December! (Specifically on December 10th, when it was frickin' freezing and we all thought we'd actually have snow for the Winter Olympics.)

I'm excited!

As much as it was fun to find the filming location, I don't foresee making it a regular habit, because I absolutely hate feeling like I'm intruding on something. So, this is probably going to be the only time this happens...who knows though! Maybe if they film in my neighbourhood again...but late night drives in the freezing cold out to New West are another matter altogether and make me feel far too stalkerish for my liking.
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As some of you know, in recent weeks I've been casually trying to find the roving location set of Supernatural - without much luck.

Attempt #1: Found SFI signs that pointed to scary alleys but did not see hide nor hair of any equipment or, well, anyone really.
Attempt #2: Drove to North Van - could not find SFI signs, could not find my own way home.

Which brings us to Attempt #3: New Westminster!

Cut for location spoilers for (probably) 5x15 )

All in all a very successful night!
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It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, and it also happened to be a gorgeous day. Since Susie believes this will most likely be the LAST gorgeous day before the rainy-season hits, we decided that we should seize the opportunity to drive up to Squamish and Whistler for a nice day trip.

As some of you know, Supernatural S4 episode Wishful Thinking was filmed primarily in Squamish, B.C. So, we decided it would be a nice spot to begin our ongoing Supernatural Location Tour:

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