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So, I got a text from my sister earlier alerting me to a certain sign not TOO far away from where we live. 

As I've talked about before, I don't actually like going out of my way to creep on set. It makes me feel like a creepy stalker - which is not a pleasant feeling. That being said, when they did film in my neighbourhood (literally a half-block away from my current apartment), I had a REALLY FUN TIME hanging out and watching.

So, I figured I'd compromise - I would go check out the shoot, but I could only go if I walked there. (This both stretches the idea of "in my neighbourhood" and forces me to leave my apartment, exercise, and breathe fresh air).

4km later....(2.49 miles)

I found the crew park. They're all jammed into a very tight little spot. The Js trailers are there.

Of course, finding the crew park means nothing - it just means that they're somewhere in a ten block radius (most likely, not always). BUT, the crew park was very close to a popular location for Supernatural...it's so popular, that they were just filming there last week. Because of that, I was skeptical that they'd be filming there again...after all, last week they were filming 8x05 and this week they are filming 8x06...but I figured, since I was in the neighbourhood (*cough*), I'd walk over to the popular location...

Sure enough, that's where they were. They have yet another sign up (different to the one they had last week) which means that they're using the same location two episodes in a row to be two different locations (and it's also a location they've used MULTIPLE times in the past).

They were also tucked around inside and behind the place and there really wasn't any good way for me to hang out and watch them do anything. Furthermore, it was just after sunset - the thing with filming is that people either film before sunset or after sunset, they don't film during sunset. So, I really couldn't tell if they were taking down, setting up, or on lunch, but the crew was moving equipment around, the lights weren't lit, and there wasn't much happening.

So, again, I just did a walk by and then hopped the bus home.

I know I'm kind of a weird fan - I'll walk 4kms to find the shoot, but I won't STOP walking once I get there...but there reallly wasn't any good place for me to stand, and the fact of the matter is that even though I walked there, it wasn't my neighbourhood, so if anyone asked (which they always have every other time I've found them and stopped to chat), I wouldn't be able to point and say "oh, I just live over there and I saw the lights" or "oh, I was just at my sister's place over there and I saw the lights..."

Also, it's Thursday night and I have to work tomorrow - so I couldn't stand there forever (especially since I don't like hanging around strange neighbourhoods at night)....so, yeah, I had to make a judgment call, and my judgment was to smile at the PA guarding the crane light and just keep walking. 
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Guess who is filming in my neighbourhood!

If you guessed "That show that you meticulously timeline and track the wardrobe," then you guessed correctly!

Creepy Neighbourhoods and Celebrity Sightings of the Canine Variety )

Anyway - not that thrilling a report compared with last time, but it was still fun. :)
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So, basically for the past two hours I've been standing with the Supernatural crew watching filming!

That's right. You just read that correctly.


I'm not going to spoil you all by describing the scene though - or the basic plot, which a crew member told me. They were filming 7x07 though.

behind the cut for length )
So, yeah...that was my evening. It went from kind of crappy to the BEST THING EVER! I can't wait for the episode to air, then I can tell you guys exactly the scenes I saw being shot. I had my camera with me, but I did not take it out - again, I was REALLY close the action, and it would have been quite obvious and possibly disruptive to Jared if I had taken pictures. Plus, when they weren't filming, I was chatting with either Jim or Ted about the show, so even if I did want to be rude and take pictures, I didn't have the time.

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Guys, I must be living some charmed existence this week.... I woke up this morning (an hour before my alarm) to a text from my sister, who had spent the night at her boyfriend's place down the street. Apparently, Supernatural is filming for the next 3 days at our local school/community centre about a seven minute walk away from my apartment.

I don't know yet if they are filming inside or outside - I'll have to walk down there this afternoon and see what I can see. Apparently right now they are just setting up the trailers and whatnot. I know when Hiccups filmed there (Canadian sitcom, with the actress who played Becky in it, sadly not renewed for a 3rd year) they filmed inside after school was out so you couldn't actually see anything.

It's too bad Supernatural isn't set in Vancouver, there's a great view of the city from there. Anyway, I will update you all later...of course, most of you know my aversion to stalking, so I'm not guaranteeing any pictures/hanging-around-for-hours. The most I can manage is usually a slow "walk-by" with perhaps a two to five minute linger...and then I usually get that squicky feeling in my chest and have to leave. Perhaps if I'm brave enough I'll try to talk to a PA and ask some questions. No promises though. I am a delicate flower. :P

(Also, if that paparazzi guy is there, I'm not hanging around at all...I can't stand that guy.)

ETA: Did my first walk-by. It looks like they are still setting things up. It also looks like they'll probably be filming indoors - so there won't be much to see anyway. Jensen and Jared's trailers were there though - parked side by side. It looks like they have satellite TV too! How nice for them. It's a really beautiful day.

ETA Pictures:Read more... )

FINAL VERDICT: Filming inside. Unlikely to film outside. Nothing to see here folks. The most one could do would be to stalk the crew-park and watch them walking to and from their trailers - and as much as I like the show, I am not that kind of fan. So, AMENDED AFTER THE FACT: Sneaky crew is sneaky, and parks one place and then films several blocks away! Missed them on the first night, but found them on the second.
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I know, I said I wouldn't do this again, but word got 'round on Twitter that they were filming downtown this afternoon, and I couldn't resist...so I ditched my job for the afternoon, in favour of going downtown and watching Jared do his...

Here be spoilers )

Now I'm going to have to work until 10pm to make up for this little escapade. :-P
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As some of you know, in recent weeks I've been casually trying to find the roving location set of Supernatural - without much luck.

Attempt #1: Found SFI signs that pointed to scary alleys but did not see hide nor hair of any equipment or, well, anyone really.
Attempt #2: Drove to North Van - could not find SFI signs, could not find my own way home.

Which brings us to Attempt #3: New Westminster!

Cut for location spoilers for (probably) 5x15 )

All in all a very successful night!
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I always assumed that "Fraterday" was the last day of the week for them, and they got Saturday and possibly Sunday nights off like regular humans. But maybe I'm wrong. There are SFI signs in North Van. I'm trying to decide if I should go investigate.

ETA: EPIC FAIL! Not only did we not even see any SFI signs in North Van, we also couldn't find our way home. I have a feeling they must have been filming there last night, and we missed them by a whole day.
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The signs are still up for the filming, yet, we cannot find them. They north down Commercial off of Hastings, but when you turn, there are no more signs and no sign of any filming whatsoever.

There IS something going on 3 blocks east. At Franklin and Hastings. There's some kind of chip-truck outside where people are making food. There's a security guard dressed all in black, and there were several cabs arriving. If that is the filming crew though, then they must be filming inside the building, because they sure as heck aren't filming outside of it. When we drove by, there were a couple of guys in suits, and one "regular" looking guy in a hat hanging out by an exit.

Anyway, we don't see why they would film inside a building when they could just use a set for inside shots...but then, maybe there's something particular about the inside of that building. Or, that might not be the filming crew at all and there's just some strange shindig going. ETA: Confirmed: It's a party.

Sigh...I don't have much hope. Figures they'd film in my neighbourhood and then hide from me :-(

ETA: Checked back, still couldn't find them. We've given up. We're assuming that they were filming Thursday during the day, or Wednesday night, and someone forgot to take down the signs on Commercial. It's either that or the entire Supernatural crew is invisible...because we freakin' COMBED those streets.
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Read more... )There are SFI signs in the sketchier part of what I consider to be the edge of my neighbourhood. Susie and I walked down there to check it out. It's about a fifteen minute walk or so, maybe twenty.

Sadly, we couldn't find them. We found a bunch of creepy alleyways and a fish processing plant...and some place that makes airline food, but no Supernatural crew. We need someone on the inside of the film industry, because we don't know how far in advanced they would put up the signs...like, maybe they are filming tomorrow? I doubt it though...you'd think the businesses would have to run tomorrow and they'd be in the way...plus those alleys are really creepy at night, but would just be boring alleys during the day.

I got some cool pictures though on our little walk. We will drive down later (to save our legs) and see if it's some sort of after midnight shoot...but somehow that seems unlikely. Maybe they were filming earlier today and we've missed them completely? But then...wouldn't they take down the signs?


A funny conversation on the way there:

Susie: We should just pretend we don't even know the show...'hey what are you filming? Never heard of it...who's Jeensun Ayckles?'
Me: Haha...Jared Padawhatta?
Susie: How would you even mispronounce his name? JAR-ed Poodle-acky? Hahaha
Me: Hahahaha
Susie: If I ever meet him, I should totally yell that 'OMG It's Jared POODLE-acky!!!' Hahah, you should film it for youtube. It's be hilarious just to see his face.

Some pictures! )

ETA: Ok, checked back...still nothing going on. Though, we figured there might be a small possibility they were inside somewhere. Still, we'll check back tomorrow to see if the signs are still up.

Susie's final thought on it was:
"Damn it, Jensen, you owe me for this."


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