Jul. 3rd, 2011

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Today I met Tom O'Brien, who played the Crocotta in Long-Distance Call back in S3. He's a nice guy. He didn't talk too much about Supernatural, mostly StarGate SG1 and the X-Files, and his newest projects (which included organic farming, because at the moment he's an organic farmer.) Film-wise, He's mostly producing these days. 

Anyway, um, it wasn't like an interview, but for those that are interested:
1. His favourite sets to work on were SG1 and X-files.
2. He worked with Kim Manners on X-files.
3. The film community is really small once you get into it...kind of scarily small. Everyone knows everyone.
4. He read for Fox Mulder...apparently it was between him, David Duchovny, and Kevin Sorbo....obviously, he didn't get the part, and neither did Mr. Sorbo.
5. He got the part on Supernatural by walking down the street. Someone tapped on the glass of a pub he was walking by, and he looked over and there was "Phil", who asked him if he was busy and if he wanted to be on the show - Phil said "I just need to call Bob, and we're good."
6. He doesn't think he'll act anymore (or at least for the foreseeable future). He likes producing...and currently with the farm, it would cost him more money to act than he would bring in from any acting job.
Completely Unrelated Note: 
I also watched Batman Under the Red Hood. We made a lot of Dean Winchester vs. Batman jokes - but it was all in good fun. I actually enjoyed the movie, though I had forgotten how infinitely depressing anything to do with Batman always is...not to say I would have liked it better if they had all lived happily ever after, though. I thought it was really well done. All the voice actors did a great job. I was happy Jason Isaacs was in it too! Though we had a good laugh about how much his character was like Orpheus from the Venture Bros. 
I can certainly see why there is so much slash fic for Batman - my goodness. If an eccentric billionaire cycled through scantily-clad teenage boys like that in reality...um...*insert distasteful Michael Jackson joke here.*
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For those who might be interested: Ewan McGregor and Chris O'Dowd were on the Graham Norton show. They are hilarious. As a bonus, Ewan McGregor talks about the time he filmed a sex scene with Batman (Christian Bale).

There's the full episode on youtube HERE. (no embedding).

I also love it because when Graham does the website thing - you discover that Ewan is the type of laugher who falls into whoever he is sitting beside...I love it when people laugh like that.

Actually, I'll embed that bit:


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