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I hate my job and I'm all depressed...and man, but I really want to go to the San Francisco Supernatural Con in January...there are still tickets, and and...Genevieve is going to be there. Not officially of course, but she's going to be hanging around...and I love Genevieve. I kind of want to see her...

But I can't afford it, because my job sucks. My whole life is ridiculous. I'm all depressed.

Also, I hate traveling in the States, and I've successfully avoided US airports since 2001...and I can't afford it anyway. Still, I really wish I could go.

Um...a note to my newest friend on LJ: Uh, I'm not usually this depressed. Just so you know. I'm just having a bad day.
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 Judging from this sneak peak: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCG-abq3vQM (SPOILERS!)

The writers may be as comfused as the prop department as to what year it is....I really hope no one actually SAYS it's 2010 on the show...because seriously, am I the ONLY ONE WHO KEEPS TRACK OF THE TIMELINE ON THIS SHOW!?!?! The comment in the clip is completely recoverable from though, just as long as no one says it's 2010, I'll be happy....

Someone needs to petition the show to hire me - they need someone to keep them from making idiotic mistakes....like saying something takes place a year later and yet only placing it 4 months later...ugh.
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Hey guys,

I don't think I'm going to make the update this Wednesday. I'm 1,000 words behind on making my writing quota this week - and I think I have to rewrite the 700 words I wrote today from a different POV, because I'm just not feeling it the way it is. 

Also, tomorrow is my birthday, so I'm not going to get much writing time because I'm going out to celebrate and stuff...in Yaletown! Yay!

Anyway, we'll see, we'll see...I'd hate to miss a week...I COULD post a chapter, but then my buffer would only be 1.5 chapters....and that leads to MISTAKES. (Seriously, I already made one with the two chapter buffer, but thankfully nobody noticed...and I was sort of able to go back and fix it a little bit...I'll probably fix it more later, actually.)

If I don't post a chapter, would anyone be interested in seeing "behind the scenes" stuff? Like...the original outline from Damned Demented Demons, or some scrapped scene variations from the first few chapters of Vile Violent Vacations? I don't want to leave you guys unentertained!

Sigh...if only I didn't have to work for a living...

Anyway, yeah, this is your warning that there might not be an update...either way, I'll post something on wednesday (either a note explaining that I had to take a week off) or a chapter (but at this point it's looking a little unlikely.)

Now let me distract you with Misha's baby: CLICK HERE FOR ADORABLENESS (am I referring to the man or the baby or both? You decide!)
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I hate my job. I'm not qualified to do anything else. Eventually I'll lose the job I have, because I keep ditching it, because I hate it so much, and then I won't be able to get another job that pays as well, because I frikkin' studied history...and then I'll have to drive all the way back to Ontario and live with my Mum again.

I also can't afford to live even with my stupid fairly-good paying job that I hate.

I hate the world.


Dec. 5th, 2008 05:22 pm
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I can't get my frickin' mood theme to work! I need a Dean-is-going-to-kick-some-ass icon.

I'm also gone for the weekend. Anyway, if anyone knows how to get goddamn moodthemes to work, let me know. I try to put in the little urls but they don't save them - and that's ignoring the problem of photobucket not loading all my gifs...do I really have to put in the width and height? I don't know these things. I've spent three frickin' hours trying to get this moodtheme working and NOTHING.


Have a good weekend!


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