Nov. 3rd, 2009

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I have to research light aircraft for a story I'm writing, except that I'm afraid to type it into google for fear that the Americans will find out and misinterpret and put me on some no-fly list, and then I won't be able to go to my friends' wedding in Bermuda next summer.

I'm also avoiding going to sleep because I don't want to wake up and have to work for 7.5 hours. Today I slacked off so much, I probably only got two hours of work in. It's ridiculous. I'm such a very horrible employee. I keep trying to think of jobs that I wouldn't mind doing, and I keep coming up with nothing. When left to my own devices, I tend to just read or write all day...but I just read predictable romances, because anything not predictable makes me too nervous. And I don't have the self-confidence or discipline to be a writer. Plus, you know, I'm not very good...I mean, all the literary tricks I've ever pulled off have always been by accident.

Once, I wrote a poem about Hamlet and handed it in instead of doing an essay. The teacher gave me an A, because I had used a lot of the same words as Shakespeare used in the play. I was happy for the A, but quite embarrassed by the comment, because I hadn't done it on purpose - I just have a slightly antiquated way of talking sometimes. Hamlet is my favorite tragedy though. There are so many good lines in it. Plus, it's basically a play about procrastination, so I can relate.

Obligatory Supernatural Topic:

You know what kind of annoys me? When people write wee!chester fic where Sam and Dean know that it was the yellow-eyed demon that killed their Mum. Boys and girls, we know for a fact that Sam and Dean did not even know that it was even a demon until mid-way through S1. I can't remember now when they found out about the yellow-eyes, but that might not even have been until Sam SAW it in Salvation. So, ladies and gentlemen, please stop writing fic where Dean is 9 and is all like "Sammy, we'll kill that yellow-eyed Demon and then I'mma going to take you to Disney World, bitch." Because although the sentiment is nice, the mistake ruins it for me. I apologize if this seems unnecessarily harsh.

Seriously, look it up...first half of S1 is all "the thing that killed our Mom", then John calls from that telephone booth and he's like "whazzup, my homies? Muthaf*ckers a DEMON, my bitches!" ....yeah, ok, I took some liberties with the script...I think it was more along the lines of "It's a demon...a pretty nasty one at that."

Ok, so...a good sign for when I should go to bed is when I start doing dialog in really stupid slang. And yeah, work is going to be even worse on less sleep, so I should probably go to sleep now...

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I hate my job. I'm not qualified to do anything else. Eventually I'll lose the job I have, because I keep ditching it, because I hate it so much, and then I won't be able to get another job that pays as well, because I frikkin' studied history...and then I'll have to drive all the way back to Ontario and live with my Mum again.

I also can't afford to live even with my stupid fairly-good paying job that I hate.

I hate the world.
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It's been 2 whole months since I wrote in here. I apologize. I've been busy settling into Vancouver. This was primarily supposed to be a writing journal, and while I have been writing a bit, I haven't really written anything short enough to post on here.

I'm having a bad day today though, so I figured it might be nice to list some things that I like. Sometimes it cheers me up to list things that I like.

#1. I like the view from my balcony here in Vancouver. I can see the mountains, and at night the lights from the ski-hill look like they are floating in the sky.

#2. The trees outside the living room window are all orange. When you walk through the living room during the day, all you can see through the old-fashioned paned windows is orange - like the trees are on fire. The curtains on the window are dark blue, and it looks amazing.

#3 . I like having a double bed again. I sleep in the very middle of it. I feel sorry for anyone who wishes to share a bed with me in the future.

#4. I've got some crochet projects to do. I like crochet projects.

#5. Vancouver is a pretty nice city. It is full of all these different neighbourhoods.

#6. Sherrie called me from Germany the other day. That was nice.

Umm...ok, that's all I can think of at the moment.

I'll try to write in here more often.


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