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 I realised that if I post something every day for the next five days, I'll have a post for every day in June!  The problem is, thinking of something to say every day, so....

I just finished rewatching S3 for my If Clothes Could Talk project, and I've come to the startling realization that I actually prefer Ruby 2.0 to Ruby 1.0...

This is nothing against the Katie Cassidy, I think she's great and she was obviously given that particular direction when she was playing her Ruby.

I like Ruby 2.0 better because she's better at manipulating. Ruby 1.0 was far too brash, and I really couldn't see that personality being as successful as Ruby 2.0 at leading Sam to the darkside. Ruby 1.0 grated on Sam's nerves - you could see it in every scene they had together.

So, yeah, this supports my theory that when Ruby tried to come back as that secretary or whatever - with the long brown hair and the same attitude as in S3, and Sam kicked her out of the car, she realized that she'd have to completely change her approach - and found, not only an empty vessel to comply with Sam's morals, but also picked a small brown-haired thing and tempered the fiercer (more demonic) aspects of her personality - Ruby 2.0 was much easy to believe when she claimed she wanted to help, that she cared about Sam...that's because Genevieve played her as though she was in love with Sam, whereas Katie played her as though Sam was an annoying child - though, I think the way Ruby 2.0's love came across was like someone who really loves their stupid pet dog, so you didn't really lose the quality of her thinking Sam was an idiot or beneath her.

Anyway, yeah....I'm about to watch S4 now, so maybe I'll change my mind and find Ruby 2.0 just as annoying. I don't know why some fans love the demons so much *cough*Meg*cough* I find them really annoying - I think because I'm supposed to find them annoying, because they are DEMONS.
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And thus we come to the end of my Rewatch S3 series. I'm not gong to Rewatch S4 until it is out on DVD, so that won't happen until next year. But, this means that my Timeline is all done up until the end of S3, so I'll post that soon.

This was fun though, I enjoyed it...and I've timed it really well, considering 4x11 airs tonight. :-)

Time Is On My Side and No Rest For The Wicked + Special Features )

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I'm actually kind of tempted to just watch the last two episodes tonight as well. Mainly because I have to do work the next two days, and I don't feel like doing anything else tonight. We'll see...

Tonight we have Ghostfacers and Long-Distance Call...the former I love, the latter is sort of ho-hum, though it has it's moments...which, ironically, I don't talk about very much, but they are there.

Ghostfacers and Long-Distance Call )
Peace out, boys
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I didn't do any work today...after having to wake up early yesterday morning and drive across town for training, and then spending the day doing various other errands...well, I slept until 1pm and then just watched Supernatural instead of logging on to the work servers. There is like a week until my vacation people!

Mind you, I only have 2 more installments and then I'm done S3...then there's just special features (of which there aren't many)..and then I'm all done! Then all there will be left to do is write, I guess. But that probably won't be happening until after my upcoming 4-6 week absence.

Mystery Spot and Jus in Bello )
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Ok, I should not have watched these tonight. I have had no sleep and I have to get up early tomorrow...but the damage is done, so enjoy:

Malleus Maleficarum and Dream A Little Dream Of Me )
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Icon appropriate! Yay! Oh boys...

So, got an email from work informing me that I'm being placed on a different project and I have to go in for orientation/training on Monday. This means that I might actually get some hours before I leave on my trip, which will be nice for my wallet. It also means that I MIGHT not have all day to watch Supernatural...we'll see. Funny how they reassign me a week and a half before I leave the country for 6 weeks...nice timing, dudes.

Anyway, you guys did not come here to hear about how silly the Canadian gov't is! Did you?

Tonight we get Fresh Blood and A Very Supernatural Christmas - which melts my hard heart, I love the wee!chesters.

Fresh Blood and A Very Supernatural Christmas )
And there we have it. Until next time....
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These write-ups are a bit boring. Maybe that's a reflection of the episodes, who knows!

Bedtime Stories and Red Sky At Morning )

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I forgot to mention last time that there is an anti-piracy commercial on the first disc of S3 that drives me CRAZY! I hate those things! Seriously, I HAVE BOUGHT THE DVD. ALSO, IF I were to pirate it, it'd just be the damn episodes, I certainly wouldn't include the stupid anti-piracy commercial. YOUR COMMERCIAL WILL NEVER REACH YOUR INTENDED AUDIENCE! Arrrrrrrrg...makes me want to just download everything from now on, so I don't have to put up with it.

Anyway, that's no fault of Supernatural...that's all WB or whatever.

So, episodes?

Bad Day at Black Rock and Sin City )


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We kick off S3! Yay! I can't believe I have so little to do with my days...honestly, it's ridiculous. I should be getting ready for my trip, but in truth that won't take me very long, and I still have 14 days.


The Magnificent Seven and The Kids Are Alright )



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