Jan. 7th, 2009

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I sucked it up and watched the two episodes! Yay! Now, I have a question: Can anyone tell me why Winchester-Journal's Timeline has the date for these episodes as May 2nd? Because I couldn't find any evidence for it, and that's one hellava sucky birthday for our youngest Winchester!

All Hell Breaks Loose I & II )


S2 DVD special features review will be a separate post.

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Since I stayed up so late last night, I slept in...which means I am not tired tonight...which means that I watched all the Special Features on the Season 2 DVD. No easter eggs this time :-( 

Special Features Review )
Thar be my review o' Special Features. I am now done with my S2 DVDs! Now it is time to move on to S3! Will I fit them all in before my six week disappearance into the world?! THE SUSPENSE!
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We kick off S3! Yay! I can't believe I have so little to do with my days...honestly, it's ridiculous. I should be getting ready for my trip, but in truth that won't take me very long, and I still have 14 days.


The Magnificent Seven and The Kids Are Alright )


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I'm sure most have you have seen the "Are You Watching Supernatural?" videos on YouTube. I absolutely love them. So, I figured I would share my absolute favorite with you:



I love how the video is well timed with the music, how they make Dean into this sort of mysterious figure, how they juxtapose the banality of Sam's voice over with the action of the images, how the action starts with Dean, and then whips backwards to end with Dean, how both boys look absolutely bad-ass. It's just great!

There are about 60 of these videos. I once spent an entire evening watching them all...the I spent another entire evening trying to find this one again.


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