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I just went grocery shopping, which, in this day and age, means that I was just listening to my iPod. 

I now want to make SPN vids for Jann Arden's Shooting Horses and Tom Petty's Alright For Now. Don't worry, I'm not going to, but damn it, they are awesome vids in my mind. (Especially the Tom Petty one. Jann Arden doesn't really match the show thematically afterall.)

In other news...if I were to write a Supernatural/Merlin crossover, what should the point of it be? Should it be a Merlin story or a Supernatural story? Who should learn a moral lesson and/or have an epiphany? Or should it just be a pointless adventure where nothing happens and everyone is bored and no one reads it or cares anyway? (FYI: this story would be Sam and Dean in Camelot, not a Merlin modern-AU like my Sherlock/Merlin crossover was.)

And yes, I realize that I still have to write the bloody last chapter of my novel, but UGH. I'm sick of that thing.

In other other news: The Almighty Johnsons is a good show. I have watched 4 or 5 episodes (I forget how many now). It is from New Zealand. It is kind of weird to watch a show from New Zealand, I gotta tell you. I'm used to fictional people only having problems and lives in America and/or Britain. Also, everybody sounds like the guys from Flight of the Conchords, and I am used to only having Flight of the Conchords sound like Flight of the Conchords.
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I'm a huge Hawksley Workman fan...and I like Supernatural...but sadly, Hawksley Workman's music really isn't the right tone for making Supernatural vids. Except, arguably "We'll Make Time". It's true, the lyrics are about a couple and reference sex, so...yeah, it doesn't suit my gen-preference, but that's just the chorus...the verses are awesomely supernatural-applicable.

Sadly, I am not talented enough to make such a video...but in my head it exists and it is awesome. 

Speaking of making love in the middle of the night...

Boring to 99% of you (that statistic based on nothing) )
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VanCon is in less than 2 weeks. This year, I was going to find photos on the internet, print them out, and get those signed - rather than rely on whatever Creation is offering (and spend $6 each on whatever measly offerings they do have). The problem is that finding good pictures on the internet is a time-consuming endeavour and I have not done it yet!


Uh, the upshot of having already seen Jared in person in my life: I have a lot of pictures of Jared. Mind  you, I still have to decide what I want to get him to sign...maybe the poster that I got last year.

But I still need: Jensen, Misha, Richard, Alona, Chad, Steven Williams, Matt Cohen, Corin Nemec, Sebastian Roche, Colin Lawrence, Chris Heyerdahl.

I have something for Guy Bee to sign, thanks to you guys who tracked it down for me. :)

I think I want to find a good screencap (/fanarted-screencap) of Matt Cohen as Michael from Song Remains The Same for him to sign - because he seriously kicked ass in that scene. And likewise, I'd love to find a good Chris Heyerdahl as Alistair screencap/fanart.

I really like my Misha autograph from last year, so I don't necessarily need his to be super awesome this year - maybe I could work it out and combine his signature with someone elses - like if I found him and Sebastian together...or him and Richard. Though, I guess him and Richard were never in the same scene together. But you know, I could do all the angels on one thing maybe? Thoughts?

And of course, I'd prefer the pictures to look good as 8x10s.

In other news, while I was driving back to Ontario from Granby, Quebec, this morning. I thought of an AWESOME idea for a Supernatural vid. The only problem is that for the life of me I don't know how to make vids. This needs to be remedied at some point, methinks. Sadly though, I have enough on my plate as it is...so maybe I'll looking into viding after I find a job. In the meantime, if any of you vid and want to recommend software - that'd be cool.

I'd tell you what the vid idea WAS or ask someone else to do it...but it's such a delicate subject matter (and close to my heart), that I really think its something only I could pull off to my liking. 
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 One of these days, when I don't have forty projects on the go, I should figure out how to make vids...mind you, I might be the only one that would enjoy my vids...

Case and point - My latest idea: 

A compilation of hospital scenes with Dean unconscious and Sam fretting over him set to Joshua Radin's Girlfriend in a Coma. (Oh, looks like it's a Smith's cover...whatever, either works.)

Seriously, it'd be epic...there's even a line "there were times that I wanted to strangle her", and you know, that'd be the perfect time to put in the scene with Sam strangling Dean...
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Another vid idea: A tribute to Jensen and Jared's acting ability set to Something On by The Tragically Hip. Come on! It'd be hilarious and oh so true.
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Motherless Children...I like the version by Rosanne Cash.

You have to admit, it's pretty fitting..."Father will do the best he can, but there's so many things he just don't understand..."

Just take out the verse about the sister, and it fits perfectly.
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Another vid idea!

What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong - only SARCASTIC! Think about it..."I see trees of green", and you see Dean tied up in the orchard from Scarecrow..."red roses too", and there's Lucifer!Sam being all evil...."and I think to myself, what a wonderful world" - Dean crying while Sam hauls out and PUNCHES HIM IN THE FACE! It practically edits itself.

It's brilliant. Someone please point me in the direction of step by step vidding directions (for PC owners), I'm dying over here!

Completely unrelated:

You know you're Canadian when...

*Susie and I are watching TV - a particularly attractive guy is on screen*

Susie: *dreamy sigh* Guys should only ever wear plaid shirts.
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Random ideas that pop into my head that are ridiculously hilarious to think about:

1. A Supernatural/Corner Gas crossover!
-I don't know if there are any Canadians on my flist...but just to clarify, Corner Gas is a Canadian sitcom that takes place in rural Saskatchewan. It centres around life at the gas station and the diner in the fictional town of Dog River - the main characters are the gas station owner (Bret), the diner owner, the only two cops that the town has, Bret's idiot best friend, Bret's employee, and Bret's parents. It's got a pretty laid-back subtle sense of humour. Anyway...the Winchesters never go to Canada, it's true...but come-on! A show about a gas-station and a diner is just ASKING to be crossed over with SPN....at least in my head.

A clip of the show for the curious:

2. A Supernatural video to the Beatle's song: Two of Us.
-Haha...it's so upbeat and optimistic and buddy-movie-esque. Yet it has awesome lines like "Two of us burning matches, lifting latches..." It'd be so adorable!

Anyway, I suppose I should go back to my boring job now and stop having fun :-P
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It's 2am and I just finished painting my sister's room. We have to paint it before my Mum lists the house...I did the primer on Sunday night after driving back from visiting friends, and I managed a coat of paint tonight between midnight and 2am (not bad). I really hope it only needs one coat of paint.

My sister arrives home tomorrow evening.
On Thursday, I finally get to see Harry Potter 6.
On Friday morning we are taking off for a four day camping music festival.
On Tuesday, we are driving to New Brunswick for 6 days.
The Tuesday after that, I have approximately 6 days to pack up my entire life and fit as much as I can of it into a Toyota Yaris.
Three Mondays from now, I drive across Canada.
By the time September rolls around, I should be officially living and working in Vancouver.

What it all means:
I probably won't be around much (even less than I have been around so far this summer). I hope everyone on my flist has a wonderful August.

What it means for those of you who are awaiting an update on  my SPN/HP Epic "Damned Demented Demons":
I will do my best to post an update before I leave (I have a small "interlude" written between Hermione and Bobby), and I'm trying to finish up Chapter 24, but it's giving me a little bit of trouble. I usually don't post a chapter until I have two written though, so I make no promises on when Chapter 24 will appear.
You may be waiting until September.

Completely Random: FOR ALL THE GERMANS:
Dude! Wouldn't Schlaflied by Die Ärzte make a pretty awesome cracky Supernatural Vid?! Man, I really wish I had video capabilities.

Ok, I think that's it!


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