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I just went grocery shopping, which, in this day and age, means that I was just listening to my iPod. 

I now want to make SPN vids for Jann Arden's Shooting Horses and Tom Petty's Alright For Now. Don't worry, I'm not going to, but damn it, they are awesome vids in my mind. (Especially the Tom Petty one. Jann Arden doesn't really match the show thematically afterall.)

In other news...if I were to write a Supernatural/Merlin crossover, what should the point of it be? Should it be a Merlin story or a Supernatural story? Who should learn a moral lesson and/or have an epiphany? Or should it just be a pointless adventure where nothing happens and everyone is bored and no one reads it or cares anyway? (FYI: this story would be Sam and Dean in Camelot, not a Merlin modern-AU like my Sherlock/Merlin crossover was.)

And yes, I realize that I still have to write the bloody last chapter of my novel, but UGH. I'm sick of that thing.

In other other news: The Almighty Johnsons is a good show. I have watched 4 or 5 episodes (I forget how many now). It is from New Zealand. It is kind of weird to watch a show from New Zealand, I gotta tell you. I'm used to fictional people only having problems and lives in America and/or Britain. Also, everybody sounds like the guys from Flight of the Conchords, and I am used to only having Flight of the Conchords sound like Flight of the Conchords.
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