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The Q&A from the VFXCon is now available as episode 9 of the Women of Letters podcast. Jules/[livejournal.com profile] missyjack has edited out the inaudible questions (Ryan repeats questions before he answers anyway) so the whole thing comes in at 1:06:10

It's very interesting!!

As a bonus, I'm sitting relatively close to the microphone. If you hear giggling that sounds vaguely like a machine gun and extremely dorky, that would be me...thankfully Jules is sitting just a LITTLE bit closer to the microphone than I am and drowns me out most of the time.

ETA: Also just noticed that around the 52min mark you can hear me order nachos. :P
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On Monday night, the VFX threw a Con at a local geeky tavern. Officially though, it was not a Con - in order to get permission from the WB, the VFX guys had to promise that they'd just be showing some reels to 20 or so friends at an informal get together. So, they started referring to it as a NonCon... which of course led to many (sometimes slightly awkward) giggles among the fans.

I had been out all day location hunting with friends, and I was very sleepy, but thankfully the tavern they had chosen was only a ten-fifteen minute walk from my place. I did not bring my notebook though, so what follows is just my memory...

VFX Q&A and general musings... )

And with the end of the VFX(Non)Con came the end of VanCon 2013 for yours truly. It was a busy year and it's amazing when I compare it in retrospect to my first year at VanCon back in 2010. As I was telling [livejournal.com profile] raloria (who incidentally sold me my first ever VanCon ticket and was also the ONLY person I knew that first year) - I'm glad that I have so many friends now at the convention, but I feel like I barely have time to see them, let alone catch my breath!

VFX Q&A audio now available on the Women of Letter's Podcast!

Thoughts on next year... )

It was a very busy but a very good VanCon, and now I need a vacation. :P
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As I mentioned in my Friday Report, I had the privilege of going on an unofficial location walking-tour with John Marcynuk (Production Designer). He took us a LOT of places and told us a lot of things. It was all very interesting, though I wasn't taking notes, so now it's hard to remember. I took pictures of SOME of the places though - so I will share those.

Also, on Monday I went around the greater Vancouver area with [livejournal.com profile] raloria and [livejournal.com profile] metallidean_grl on our own little locations tour. So, I'm including those pictures in this post as well.

Image Heavy Cut! )

As I said before, if you're desperate to know where EXACTLY any of this stuff is, just let me know, and in my spare time I'll track down the coordinates for you.

Still to come: VFX(non)Con write-up.

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Sunday started bright and early with the Jared and Jensen breakfast at 9:30am. I woke up and had breakfast at my house, because I know that they don't serve very much food at the J2 breakfast. This is actually the last year that they're going to have the breakfast - from now on it'll just be an extra short informal panel for Gold tickets.

Rain is falling thousands of feet into my eyeballs! )

And with that, VanCon2013 officially ended.

Still to come...more locations and VFX(Non)Con. (I'll probably type these up much later in the week. I didn't take notes doing the VFX con, though, so it'll just be a general sum-up - like my dinner with Kevin and Jill.)
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I can't believe I had to split this report in two in order to my LJ post size limits. That just goes to show how busy this years VanCon was. :P

We're not violating each other anymore... as much )

Sunday to come...
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Saturday kicked off bright and early... I woke up with just enough time to eat a bowl of cereal, shower, and get myself downtown. Then commenced an absolutely jam-packed, unrelenting day...

Busy, not evil. )

Part 2 up shortly
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Sorry these reports are a little late this year folks - as you'll be able to see by the reports (once I get them up) this year was busier than any other year at the con, and I've barely had time to sleep, let alone type up my notes.



I've seen you naked and crying in my bathroom, I can't buy you as this character! )

And thus ended my Friday. I got home, and managed to fall asleep just after 2am.

so tired.

Aug. 24th, 2013 11:26 pm
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I was going to try to type up Friday report tonight. I am too tired. I will try to type it up tomorrow between J2 events and post it tomorrow night, and hopefully I'll have time to type up Saturday too, and then type up Sunday sometime on Monday or Tuesday.

Cross your fingers that my memory holds out and I'll be able to read my own writing when I consult my notes.

I'm having a fun weekend, but I have to admit that it's a little too much for this little introvert. I have two more days of social events, and then I'm going to lock myself in my apartment on Tuesday and not speak to anyone. I may even leave the blackout curtains closed and keep the lights off. (note to self: stock up on food Monday, if possible.)

But again, I AM having a fun time!
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At the very last minute, I managed to get a ticket for the Thursday Location Tour - mainly because someone was selling, no one was buying, and so they took my slightly low offer.

Anyway, it means that after only getting about 3 hours sleep Wednesday night, I got up early to head downtown again. I didn't take that many notes, but I did take pictures. There are some location spoilers for S9 (not behind spoiler cuts) and there are some plot spoilers for S9 (behind spoiler cuts) - so proceed as you will...

Mostly pictures! )

And thus concluded the tour!
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So, cat's out of the bag...

Tonight I had dinner and drinks with Kevin Parks and his wife Jill at their house in Vancouver.

Very short recap )

And that's my very quick recap. Also - their dog is ADORABLE and so damn pretty! :)

What is my life? I don't even know.
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VanCon is swiftly approaching, and once again I have left figuring out what  to get signed to the last minute.

Right now, my plan is to get everyone to sign different pages of "The Essential Supernatural" huge coffee-table book... which I bought even though I really thought they should have waited for the series to end before they published something like that.

Ty Ollsen isn't in that book though (it only covers Seasons 1-7), so I'll have to hope they have a good headshot of him as Benny for sale at the Con, I guess.

I have a couple options for Jared, Jensen, and Misha though... so maybe you guys can help me decide.

Recently, my friend K bought me a really sweet On The Head of A Pin poster by Bruce Loves You. I don't actually want signatures ON the poster, because in my opinion that'll ruin the poster. But I was thinking maybe Jared, Jensen, and Misha could sign the BACK of the poster. When I eventually get it framed, you wouldn't be able to see the signatures, but I'd know they were there.

The second option is just to have them sign The Essential Supernatural book too, probably on the pages that are devoted to them or their character.

The third option depends on what pictures Creation is selling at the Con. I REALLY like the picture that I got them to sign at my first convention - the only problem with it is that by the time I got the signature, their sharpies were running out, so their signatures are really faint. So, I've often thought that if Creation ever sold that same picture again (the one where the boys are watching TV - I like the meta-ness of it), then I'd launch a second attempt at getting a better copy.

The fourth option is to do something else entirely, but I'm not sure what.

Anyway, if anyone has any thoughts, let me know.
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Usually, I wait until the summer to buy a ticket because I want to get a good deal off someone selling last minute...but but...yeah, this year I didn't, because I decided to go for "good seat" rather than "cheap seat." I also usually don't buy a ticket until the summer because I don't like planning my life that far in advance - just in case I move away before then (as is always a possibility with me.)

But that's always a pretty stressful strategy, because there's always a possibility that the only seats being sold last minute will be crappy ones...so, yeah...

Maybe I'll kick myself later, but what's done is done.

And the good news is that I WILL GOING TO VANCON 2013! YAY!

Hopefully I will see some of you there. :)


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