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Woo! Sunday started bright and early. I don't remember the J2 Gold Panel being this early in past years, but I guess it always was. :P

Still, I made it down to the convention centre in plenty of time. We all filed into the theatre and then it was J2 time.

'We've known each other a long time in a pretty thorough way' )

And with that, the Con was over!

Next year, the Convention is going to be at a hotel near Stanley Park, and while the setting will be beautiful, it's going to be a hassle to get to for me on public transpo. Mind you, it might be just as much of a walk as the Sheraton used to be, so maybe it won't be too bad. We'll see. If I'm in town, I'll probably still try to scoop up a last minute ticket and go. One of these years, it'd be nice to get a Jensen Solo photo-op, but those are extremely hard to come by when you always buy your tickets second hand.

I hope you all enjoyed the reports! :)
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Saturday continues....

I'm going to be proactive, so I start taking my clothes off )

Of course, I was pretty buzzed from it all, so I maybe only got 4 hours at most before it was time to wake up for the boys... but that's in the next report...
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Saturday started bright and early with Richard and Rob once again being hilarious and absolutely fantastic MC/Band combo. Richard apparently lost a pair of pants at Karaoke, which lead to much hilarity...

'What do they expect us to do - promote the show ourselves?! I've got pants to find!' )

I had to split this post into two, because it was too large... so, Part 2 will be posted in a minute....
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Woot! First day of the con. I'm currently writing (most of) this report on Monday. So, let me recall the first day....

'I have so many burning penis stories!' )

And that was Friday!
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VanCon is going well!

And even though these days youtube videos are plentiful, as are tweets, and I don't think people really read reports anymore - I'm still planning to write up my reports as usual. They'll probably start appearing starting Sunday night. I've had my trusty notebook with me the whole time, no doubt confusing my teenage seat neighbours who have their phones and camera out the whole time.

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Thanks to the extreme kindness and generosity of this fandom, I get to go to VanCon!

Yesterday I woke up and did my finances and discovered that not only could I NOT afford to even a second hand ticket this year (and I was seriously only going to spend $100 on it), but I also am probably not going to be able to afford my rent on the 1st. So, yeah, no VanCon for me. I can borrow money for the rent, but I can hardly borrow money to goof off with my friends for a weekend. I spent the whole day trying to think of ways I could get the money, failing, and then being sad that I really just couldn't go.

And then at the end of the day I sat down at my computer in order to compose a "I can't go to VanCon :( " LJ post, and before I could even type it, I got a message about this lovely donated ticket that was available for someone in my situation.



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