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Title: I imagine the gods saying, We will make it up to you
Fandom: Merlin
Word Count: 22,841
Genre: Slash
Rating: hand jobs
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Spoilers: Entire series.
Beta: [livejournal.com profile] mymuseandi
Note: Title is from "I Imagine the Gods" by Jack Gilbert. It's a very nice poem.
Note#2: I don't write slash often, so... hopefully it is okay.

Summary: Arthur returns to find an old friend, a new world, and a second chance.
(My canon-compliant happy ending for Merlin)

Link to AO3

(Note: I'm only posting this one on AO3, because I don't belong to any LJ Merlin communities, and I don't think very many of my flist watches Merlin... however, if you want to leave me feedback here on LJ, you are more then welcome to! Just comment on this post.)
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Okay, here's some crack to cheer us all up...

I'm going to post the prompt at the end of the fic, because I think it gives too much away if you see it before you read.

It's also slash, which I don't usually write, but as you all know I do love me some Sherlock/John.

(Sherlock, Sherlock/John - G rated, crack, 1017 words)

You have to see it, then you can solve it quick as you like – but you really need to see this one. )

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Title: The Lesson
Author: ME!
Word Count: 2,009
Genre: SLASH!! (yes, you read that right)
Pairing: DEAN/CASTIEL (I know, eh? wtf?)
Disclaimer: Transformative work for entertainment only.
Summary: Prompt - Dean talks to a priest about what happened with the apocalypse and about hell. It would be perfect if the priest in question is one of those hard line anti-gay guys who's always talking about hellfire and damnation. And then Dean scares the shit out of him by talking about what hell is really like. Castiel being in the fic would be awesome. It doesn't matter if it's gen or Dean/Castiel, just no wincest.

A/N: This is a promptfic written for the lovely [livejournal.com profile] liliaeth  on the occasion of her birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! As most of you know, I find Dean/Castiel even less believable than Wincest and I don't like it at all....nevertheless, using that angle for this prompt was too good to pass up! I never write slash, so please be forgiving.

It’s relatively easy to get the priest alone by the altar in the empty Church. Dean had been worried there would have been more handlers - some entourage for the hateful. Dean’s got charm to his advantage though. )


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