Apr. 15th, 2013


Apr. 15th, 2013 01:31 pm
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Oh man, I was all set to write my ficlet - but then the whole Boston thing happened, and I indirectly know someone who had crossed the finish only an hour before... and my ficlet was going to be a humour piece but slightly macabre, and now I'm not at all in the mood.

So, I'm going to go grocery shopping and then do my job while I listen to someone read me LotR... and hopefully this evening I'll be able to write and post the ficlet that I had in mind.

All my love to everyone.

(disabled comments because, for my own sanity, I don't want to talk about horrible things beyond acknowledging that they are horrible.)
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Okay, here's some crack to cheer us all up...

I'm going to post the prompt at the end of the fic, because I think it gives too much away if you see it before you read.

It's also slash, which I don't usually write, but as you all know I do love me some Sherlock/John.

(Sherlock, Sherlock/John - G rated, crack, 1017 words)

You have to see it, then you can solve it quick as you like – but you really need to see this one. )


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