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The job is slowly starting. I had orientation last week. This week they are trying to get us set up with user accounts and email service and stuff like that. It'll be nice to earn money, plus I'm really running out of stuff to do during the day. If the job doesn't start soon, I may actually have to take up one of my long-forgotten hobbies. Heck, maybe I should anyway.

Sherrie and I came up with a new idea for an awesome trip - two words: Ireland and motorbike. So, I have another trip to add to the list and yet another incentive to earn the big bucks. It might not happen for a while, and some of my other trips have time constraints so they get priority, but it's still nice to think of possible future adventures - especially when they involve Sherrie, who is so much fun I think she should be a controlled substance.

In closing, I leave you with the words of Alexander the Great, who knew how to conquer a country:

"Your ancestors entering Macedonia and the rest of Greece wronged us without previous grievance; but I, constituted as leader of the Greeks and wishing to take vengeance on the Persians, have crossed into Asia, something that you people started...And in the future when you send to me, send to me as King of Asia, and do not correspond on equal terms, but as to the lord of all that is yours, tell me if you need anything..."
                      - Letter from Alexander to Darius, King of Persia, 332 BC: Arrian, ii.14

(pictured: part of my lampshade)


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