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In my personal Fanon, Dean spent a long period of time (somewhere in his teens/early twenties) living in New York City.

For some reason there was a period of time when John had to spend a while in New York - he moved himself and Dean and Sam into a predominately Jewish neighbourhood. Although Dean never really liked the big city, he acclimatized to his little neighbourhood and before long he was able to fit right in (as he is always able to do). He was just another one of the boys. He possibly also attended hebrew school along with his friends - either because John thought it was a good learning opportunity, or because Dean just wandered in one day and no one kicked him out.

The reason this is my fanon is because of Dean's tendency to use Jewish phrases. Out of the two brothers, it's Dean, not Sam, who uses them the most. Why New York: Dean's phone number for a good long time started with a New York area-code - indicating to me that he might have been in New York in the mid-to-late 90s, when personal cell phones started to become more common...and he liked his time there enough that he kept the number for nostaligic purposes.

It's likely that Sam was there too, but Sam, as always, had a harder time fitting in and making friends. He was envious of Dean and didn't like New York at all  - or wouldn't have, except for the museums and library. Sam spent most of his time alone, or tagging along with Dean and his friends. These days though, Sam looks back on those days fondly. Dean, of course, has long since lost touch with all his friends. He never said goodbye - he just slipped out in the middle of the night as always and that was that.
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Well, that title sounds vaguely dirty.

I actually want to talk about what beds the Winchester's sleep in, specifically:


There's a pervasive fanon out there that thinks that Dean always sleeps in the bed closest to the door. Now, this fanon persists because it's adorable and protective...Dean sleeps by the door to protect Sam from whatever might come through the door...awww, the love.

Sadly though, it's not true. While Dean has slept by the door in episodes such as Mystery Spot and Phantom Travler, we've also seen him using the bed furthest from the door, such as in All Dogs Go to Heaven, Salvation, and Scarecrow (to name but a few). The Winchesters seem to chose which bed they sleep in at random.

Now, that being said, in a lot of pre-series fics, Sam and Dean share a bed. This IS supported by canon.

In Something Wicked, John leaves Sam and Dean in a motel room that only has one double bed. To me, this means that not only did John rent the motel room JUST for Sam and Dean while he was away, but he also didn't bother getting them one with two beds...which to me means that it is likely when John was with them, that he'd rent rooms with two queens, and take one for himself and leave the other for the boys.

So, to recap:
Dean sleeping in the bed closest to the door: Fanon.
Sam and Dean sharing a bed when they are kids: Canon.

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Occasionally things slip into my fanon....either consciously or subconsciously. In my Quick Reaction post to 6x02, I talked about one of the things that had slipped in subconsciously, because so many other people also believed it (in this case: that Dean raised Sam from his babyhood onward pretty much on his own). Once I realized that not only was it not canon, but it was also highly unbelievable and didn't mesh well with how John interacted with his kids in the show - I promptly threw it out of my fanon.

Some things, I'm not so willing to let go of...and some things in my fanon are just bizarre.

For instance, I really like to believe that Dean's middle name is Marion. I think it suits him. Now, there's absolutely no evidence that the boys even HAVE middle names, but in my head Dean's middle name is Marion and Sam's middle name is John.

And there's your useless bit of information for the evening...sometimes even a canon-crazy person such as myself makes up their own fanon and doesn't really want to let go of it.

On a somewhat related topic: Years and years ago, there was an interview done with Jensen, and in it he basically implied that in HIS personal fanon, Dean used to...well, be a prostitute from time to time when he was younger. Anyway, I have never been able to re-find that article. I remember I found it on a webpage with a pinkish background and that it may have been for some Australian TV guide type magazine, but then again, maybe it wasn't. Anyway, if anyone remembers this article better than me and can maybe find it, please let me know! 


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