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Susan and I had a painting day yesterday. I had never used oil paints before - only watercolours. Susan discovered oil painting when she was still in elementary school and it's been her favoured medium ever since. She decided to show me how much fun it is. And here is my very first oil painting ever:

I'm extremely happy with it! And yes, it is a painting of my lightshade (my lightshade is an Asian paper sun-umbrella turned upsidedown and hung from the ceiling). I'm especially happy with the way the bird on the right turned out. The colours were really easy to mix, and I loved the way the paint blended on the canvas. The painting took me three hours. Susan asked me afterwards how long it would have taken for me to do it in watercolour - I figured around three days give or take.)

I'm pretty proud of myself.

While I was working feverishly on my little painting, of course, Susan produced yet another stunning work of art. The difference between someone who is doing their very first oil painting and someone who is going into their third-year of a Fine Art degree, can be seen by comparing my little painting to any of Susan's seen here.

I'm sure if Susan wrote an essay on a historical topic, it would pale in comparison to any of mine! Seriously, who else is wondering how much they are going to f*ck up Valkyrie?! (Sigh....history is such a lonely profession).

So, I'm not sure whether I'll be taking up oil painting. It is fun, but I don't have any room to do art really, and our walls are already covered in Susan's fine work. I may, however, compromise and start sketching again. It was really fun to do some art  for the first time in several years, and sketching is a base-skill that only requires a pencil and a notebook.


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