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It's been a busy end to the summer. I went to Peterborough and camped at the Warsaw Caves with a couple of friends, then I went to Lennoxville and hung out with Max and Amy for a weekend. All was great fun.
One thing that happened amidst all that was Susan leaving for Vancouver. It was great fun having her around for the summer. It seemed to fly by and I really enjoyed her company around the house.

I write up funny conversations between Gabe and I (or between Gabe and himself) all the time, but he isn't the only hilarious person in my life. Susan is also absolutely hilarious, a good deal of the time she doesn't even intend to be. She has a naturally funny conversational delivery. Anyway, here are a couple of my favorite Susan moments from the past week:

*Alix and Susan are in the grocery store and decide to get some more shortcake cookies. They go to the cookie aisle and find that the shelves are in slight disarray and the shortcake cookies are not immediately noticeable*
Susan: What the heck happened here?
Alix: I don't know. Where are the shortcake cookies?
Susan: You know, this is what the apocalypse is going to be like.
Alix: It really is.

*Susan wants to go through the McDonald's drivethru, and buys Alix a bribe of a hot fudge sundae. They are sitting across the parking lot from the drivethru while Alix eats her sundae. From over twenty feet away they hear the McDonald's drivethru speaker box...*
Speakerbox: One moment please.
Susan: Wow, that's really loud. *mimics shouting out the window* I WOULD LIKE A LARGE....
*Mimics being the dude going through the drivethru* No! No! That's not what I want!!! STOP IT! DON'T LISTEN TO HER!
Alix: Hahahaha!
Susan: And then he starts crying.

*Susan is going through her closet looking for things she wants to bring back to Vancouver. When she finds something, she carries it out to her suitcase in the hall, passing by Alix's door, sometimes while talking to herself about what she found...*
Susan: ...a Coldplay poster for my studio...
Alix *actually takes notice of what she said that time*: Oh cool.
Susan *coming back to stand in front of Alix's door*: Yeah! And you want to know what else?! I have a dime stuck to my foot!"
Alix: Haha!
*Susan walks back into her room to get some clothes to pack, on her way back she stops in front of Alix's door again and lifts up her foot *
Susan: See!
*Sure enough, there is a dime stuck to the ball of her foot*
Alix: Nice
Susan: It's my lucky day!

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Susan and I had a painting day yesterday. I had never used oil paints before - only watercolours. Susan discovered oil painting when she was still in elementary school and it's been her favoured medium ever since. She decided to show me how much fun it is. And here is my very first oil painting ever:

I'm extremely happy with it! And yes, it is a painting of my lightshade (my lightshade is an Asian paper sun-umbrella turned upsidedown and hung from the ceiling). I'm especially happy with the way the bird on the right turned out. The colours were really easy to mix, and I loved the way the paint blended on the canvas. The painting took me three hours. Susan asked me afterwards how long it would have taken for me to do it in watercolour - I figured around three days give or take.)

I'm pretty proud of myself.

While I was working feverishly on my little painting, of course, Susan produced yet another stunning work of art. The difference between someone who is doing their very first oil painting and someone who is going into their third-year of a Fine Art degree, can be seen by comparing my little painting to any of Susan's seen here.

I'm sure if Susan wrote an essay on a historical topic, it would pale in comparison to any of mine! Seriously, who else is wondering how much they are going to f*ck up Valkyrie?! (Sigh....history is such a lonely profession).

So, I'm not sure whether I'll be taking up oil painting. It is fun, but I don't have any room to do art really, and our walls are already covered in Susan's fine work. I may, however, compromise and start sketching again. It was really fun to do some art  for the first time in several years, and sketching is a base-skill that only requires a pencil and a notebook.
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Wow, I did not realise that it had been so long since I last posted here. I am a horrible livejournaler, it seems. It is much easier for me to keep up with my daily emails to Sherrie, (well, almost daily), probably because I don't really feel like I have to be particularly interesting with those. When emailing Sherrie, I can just say "Hey, nice that your motorcycle classes are going well. My life is boring. Miss you." Only for some reason it takes me about five paragraphs to say that. Those emails must be REALLY boring to read.

Anyway, things ARE new. I just haven't figured out overly dramatic or poetic ways to talk about them yet, so I haven't posted. I've given up on that front though, because if I waited until I thought I sounded intelligent, nothing would ever get written here.

Susan is home for the summer. Yay! She arrived about a week and a half ago. It's funny how your mind listens while you are sleeping, and only selectively wakes you up. Every morning this year I have slept through Mum and Dan getting up and getting ready for work and leaving, and I never remember hearing anything...but the morning Susan came home, all it took from her was one quiet laugh and I was wide-awake with the single thought of "Susie's home!"

It's nice to have her back!

In other news, I have changed my vacation plans slightly. Gabe has two weeks off at the beginning of June, so I am going down (across?) to see him then instead of in July. That means I will be in New Brunswick from June 7th to the 18th....close to where the picture in my lovely icon above was taken (that is Gabe in the icon). I am looking forward to it. I don't think we will be hiking Mount Carleton again, though that was fun, and it'd be nice to get up there on a day that is a little less misty...but we will definitely be having some fun times - there will be some alcohol involvement.

It will, however, be the first time that I am doing the drive alone both ways. Every other time I've driven to Gabe's farm, I've had company on the way there. I will be taking my favorite route alone the south side of the river, and I'll be bringing plenty of tunes, so I'm sure I'll have an enjoyable trip nevertheless.

After I come home, Emily is coming for a visit with her three kids for a couple of weeks...so that will be a bit crazy, but awesome. I haven't seen Emily for over a year now, so I'm really looking forward to it.

So yes, that is the update on my life, and also an explanation just in case the next entry is delayed for even longer that usual. Though, you never know, I always found that I did the most internet-participation during my most stressed out and busy periods. I think my problem these days is that I have all the time in the world, so I don't really organize any of it, and therefore I get nothing done...back when I was in school and stressed out, I actually had to MAKE time to do stuff, and for some reason that meant that things eventually got done.

Anyway, I think this entry has served it's purpose - I have avoided sleep long enough - no matter how long I stay up, I will still have to get up and go into work tomorrow.
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I get horribly sentimental in the evenings. I've already written a piece about missing people though, so now I must move forward onto other topics.

I had a great trip to Toronto. It was nice to visit with my sister, however brief the visit was. I even managed to babysit my niece without feeling completely inept. Hm, that's not true. I still felt like an idiot the whole time, but at least I was a capable idiot. On the way home I stopped in Peterborough and had some great visits with my professor friends. They both insist they like me and both do their best to help me figure out my life whenever I chat with them. I love them for it, because neither of them assume they know what is best for me, nor do they assume they even know what I do and don't like. Instead they talk to me about what they think I deserve, they speak to me as as a creature of equal intelligence and wisdom, and fundamentally they leave me with the feeling that, no matter what I do, they will support me in it as long as I am happy. That's what good friends are. That's what all my good friends are like, and that's what most of my family is like as well. I've been very lucky in that regard. It's easy to see why I miss my good friends so much...but there I go getting sentimental again.

In job news, I still don't know when I start, but have been told I'll know in the next two weeks. I'd like to stick this one out. I've also discovered a professor at Carleton University that studies post-1945 Germany (more specifically the experience of homosexual males), which I'm delighted about, since it's an area I've been interested in since third-year, and here this professor was in my backyard the whole time.  I'm still not sure on the PhD front, but at least I have another person to whom I can pose questions.

This weekend I am going to Barrie to hear my Aunt sing. We are renting a car and I am driving. I must bring CDs! ...and pack... actually, seeing as how it's 2am, what I SHOULD do is sleep.
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After assembling a crack treasure hunting team, I took off towards the summit of "between the lakes" with the best gear a guy named Rick at the Plevna Home Hardware had to offer. We had three metal detectors between the 6 of us, but the one borrowed from the stranger from the hardware store was by far the best! Aunt Karen soon gave up on her metal detector, and Uncle Steven only had luck finding bottle caps and beer cans. I methodically made my way up the path with the superior machine!

Using photographic evidence, we knew I had the necklace ON when we had stopped at a collapsed moss-covered bench about halfway up the trail, but had lost it by the time I reached the top, so we started the search from the bench.

I got to the top without finding it, and was very sad. Aunt Karen had been searching so carefully (with her eyes) that she was way back on the trail, but she hadn't come up with anything either. So, I took some "sad Alix" photos at the summit, or tried to, but the sun was in my eyes and all I got was "squinty Alix" and then started to make my way back down. I figured I might as well metal detect on the way down though, because hey, it wasn't logical not to.

Anyway, as I passed through a patch of juniper bushes, Uncle Steven started asking why my metal detector went off so much in one area...I explained that I had the sensitivity up so much that it picked up rocks heavy in iron...and was going to show him an example by going over a spot I knew was nothing but a thin layer of dirt over an iron rock slightly underneath a juniper bush, when I saw it!

There, hanging ABOVE my super awesome metal detector, was something silver. My exact words were "'oly shit," out of a sudden fit of French-Canadianism that attacked me out of no where. I had so resigned myself to the idea that it was lost and gone forever, that I couldn't believe it!

So we took a bunch of victory photos and re-enacted the dramatic discovery for those who hadn't witnessed it. Uncle Steven said that since he was the sole witness, he would start looking into selling his story for the TV movie.

The chain wasn't broken or anything, so for some reason it had just come undone and eventually fallen off, hit the juniper bush, and never actually made it to the ground. The chain is very rusty after a week in pretty much constant rain (even when we were searching it would rain, get sunny, rain again, and so on...), but the pendant was still in perfect condition :)

So yay! :)
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I had a dream last night about all my siblings; specifially, I dreamt about the things that make them different from me: the things about them I don't understand. Those aspects of them that I can't relate to were all they consisted of in my dream. I spent the whole day with them, and by the end of the dream I was really drained and tired. I told them so, and announced that I was heading home.

I took off walking down the road, hopping up on the curb and walking it like a tightrope for fun. I was maybe a block away when I realised that I had no idea where I was going.

 "Oh," I thought, "and this is what makes me different from them." I just kept walking.


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