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I haven't written in here for a month. I apologize. There will be more blogs coming, as I had the following conversation tonight:

Alix: If you hung around me more, you'd know that everything I say is a lie.
Other Person: But we read your blog.

So...are they confirming that I lie? Or are they suggesting that my blogs are honest? By their tone, it seemed the latter, which to me was rather ridiculous.

I do usually tag posts where I lie with the word "fiction"...in this blog anyway...so there is that about it. Though, I'm not sure people read tags.

Last year I had a cute picture of a dog for Christmas, but I do not have a cute picture this year. Instead I will point you to this A Softer World strip, which is quite hilarious.

Merry Christmas or Whatever You Celebrate!

May all your dreams come true, except for the ones where you are attacked by bees.



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