Jun. 6th, 2014

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It's still the 6th where I am!

So, today's ficlet is about the boys and Charlie playing D&D, because I had to vent my frustration about my dice... which ONCE AGIAN chose a daily-prompt prompt for like the billionth day in a row.

Today's prompt is: A Change of Plans.

For those of you who have never played D&D, there are a variety of common superstitions surrounding dice and luck for most players... the biggest ones of which is that 1)dice can be unlucky, and 2)other people touching your dice can make them unlucky.

The other thing that might be important to know is that I essentially wrote this in 10 minutes because it's nearly midnight and I've had a long day. I swear to god these fics will get better, but right now I'm still just working on the discipline of writing SOMETHING every day.

Storming the Castle
Words: 466

“Change of plans, guys,” Charlie declared. “We cannot storm the castle tonight!” )

The End.

So, I really hope that my twelve-sided die starts giving me something other than fours! Not that I don't like daily-prompt, but it's infinitely harder to come up with ficlets from really vague prompts than it is to use your guys' more detailed prompts or something from the 30 day prompt list.

3 minutes until midnight! Must post!


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