Jun. 5th, 2014

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So, today the dice choose another daily-prompt. And the daily-prompt today was "In a valley"

And I thought, "I have no idea what to write".. because in Supernatural, the name Dean means "valley" and in Merlin there's the valley of The Fallen Kings, and in Sherlock, it was in a valley that Henry or whatever his name was saw the Hound... and Bucky fell into a valley in Captain America...

And I thought "I will write this ficlet at the end of the day, so that I have ALL DAY to think of it", but the problem was that I was going out to a concert in the evening. "But that's okay," I thought. "Because it ends early and I will be home by like, 10 or something, and maybe the music will inspire me to write about valleys or whatever."

But then the ticket came with beer.. and then my friend bought more beer.. and I have had a lot of beer. I drank, um, their IPA, which is really really hoppy and I didn't like it much. So I drank a Pilsner, which was like sex in a canoe - fucking close to water. So I switched to their amber lager, and that was just right, so I had a couple of those... maybe more than a couple.

And I did have a burger somewhere in there, and I danced a bit.. but let's face it, folks, I am a lightweight. So I am very drunk right now. Even more so than on Tuesday nights. My friend vomited, but I held it together! I am a proud of me... because I wanted to vomit, but I didn't! Yay! Go me! Keep it all inside, kids.

So, should I write a ficlet tonight? Am I even capable of writing a ficlet tonight? Let's see....


click )


clicky )


click )

Captain America....

clicky )

End of Drunk Weird "Ficlets" which aren't really ficlets... I don't know what they are, but I have to write something once a day and today that is all I am capable of.

Cheers, my lovelies.


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