Oct. 18th, 2011

hells_half_acre: (Sam Shirtless)
Caged Heat! This will be different knowing what we know now...

Random points before we get started:
1)The clothes were easy in this episode. They wore the same stuff the whole time. The only thing I had to keep track of was when they took off their jackets.
2)This is possible the most controversial episode of S6, at least when it comes to the mentions and possible depictions of sexual-violence. I will probably piss people off in my handling of this delicate topic, but *shrug*
Dean: 'I'm standing in pee.' Sam: 'Consider yourself lucky.' )

Well, that was fun! Please try not to re-open the can of worms that was opened the first time we all watched this episode? As I recall, I ended up doing several posts about those issues and talked them to death. If you really feel the need to restate your opinion, go ahead, but I won't be engaging in any of the debate myself.


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