Jun. 16th, 2011

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Just a follow up to last night's post....

The city is still awesome. There are a whole bunch of "real fans" downtown today cleaning up, even though they had no part in the destruction (some of them spent last night peacefully watching the sunset with me.) There's also been social media groups started to help the police find the evidence needed to arrest the criminals that broke windows, destroyed public and private property, or used the chaos to steal/hurt people. 

You can check out the links in this article.
Anyway, I think that's pretty cool. Not sure how much the media is going to focus on that though - they tend to like the more sensational 'humans are bad' type stories.
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 Not to harp on about the riot or anything, but this is a very good peace about how the riot did not represent Canucks fans or the people of Vancouver: 


From being there and talking to people all night long, I am convinced that last night was a well planned terrorist attack, pulled out by a few idiots who took advantage of a ripe situation. They wore Canucks jerseys to blend in, as any good terrorist would, but they also brought canisters of pepper spray (used to deter bears) and they brought black scarves to wear around their faces..as no good FAN would.

They brought a truck, with the lone intention to set on fire...win or lose. They had tools to aid in looting. Their intention was clear...to destroy property and make Vancouver Canucks fans look terrible.

And much of the media has bought it. hook, line, and sinker.


I was in a building last night that was full of the most real/die-hard Canucks fans alive....as the clock ticked down inside the building I was blown away by the Canucks fans ability to maintain perspective and stay positive. It had taken them 40 years to see a game 7 Stanley Cup game in their building, but there was no sense at all they would be violent despite watching a very mundane performance by their team at the most critical time. They were chanting "LU" on Luongo saves right to the end. The common refrain was "can't blame it all on Luongo, he can't score."

Where I come from it would have been ALL Luongo's fault. Canadians know their hockey, that's for sure.

Vancouver Canucks fans aren't about violence. They are incredible fans.


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