Aug. 19th, 2009

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So, yesterday felt like the never-ending driving day! Man, it takes forever to get to Superior, but once you do, it's AWESOME.

Anyway, so, yesterday I was sure that the Big Nickle was something you could see a good distance off, but apparently I was wrong. You can see it a good distance off when you are coming from the WEST, but when you are coming from the East, it's easy to miss...especially if you think you have to go through town to get to it.

Still, we made it to the Nickle. Back in the day, you just pulled up, stumbled over some rocks, and took a picture with a giant Nickle and went home. Now, though, they charge you 4 bucks for parking..there is a bricked pathway and a fence around the Nickle, a playground and a building where you can go underground and talk about Mining. I sort of miss the days where it felt more like someone just put a random big Nickle on a rocky hill and that was it.

We stayed in Batchewana Bay at the Salzburger Hof, which serves German/Austrian food. Yay! We met up with my Dad there, which is why I didn't have time for interneting...though they did have internet. The room Susan and I were in was really nice...with a sunken seperate bedroom. I slept on the pull-out, so Susie and I actually had separate rooms for the night.

Tonight we stopped at the Agawa Crafts place - which we always stopped at as kids. It was smaller on the outside than we remembered, yet oddly the same size on the inside. We stopped again 200m down the road at Pancake Bay. Later we also stopped at Old Woman Bay. Old Woman Bay is by far my favorite Bay on Lake Superior.

We ate dinner in Nipigon at the very ordinary time of 6pm, and were able to get a hotel room in Thunder Bay around 8:30!

Tomorrow we are hoping to make it out of Ontario, but we are taking the southern route, rather than the northern one. So...11 not 17. Basically we are taking the bottom two sides of the triangle instead of the hypotenuse. Apparently it's a good way to avoid transport trucks, and according to Google Maps, it's only a half hour longer. We'll see! It'll be an adventure.
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Yesterday we made it to Batchewana Bay (on Lake Superior), after a day of seemingly neverending driving (seriously, it's so much longer to get to a destination when you actually have one.) We were meeting up with my Dad in Bathewana Bay and had to be there by supper...which we managed just fine! Yay!

Today we stopped at all our favorite Lake Superior spots (Pancake Bay, Old Woman Bay), and saw a HUGE swatch of forest that must have burned a few years ago, because it's only got extremely new growth and all these blackened dead trunks. Tonight we are in Thunder Bay! Yay!

Hopefully tomorrow we can make it out of Ontario.

A couple of my favorite conversations from the road from the past two days:

The US
*Susie looking at the map*
Susie: "Do you ever notice how the US keeps creeping up to us? I mean, look! It's right here!" *points to greyed out area of the map west of Sault Ste. Marie*
Me: "Yeah..."
Susie: "It's crazy! Get back down where you belong!"

*Me and Susie see what looks like a weird pile of trucks at the side of the road ahead*
Both of us: "What the...?"
*We get close enough to see that it is a flatbed tow-truck with a truck on it, while towing another truck behind it.*
Me: "Ohhh...."
Susie: "Oh! Man, I thought 'Are those trucks doing it?!'"


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