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Yesterday we made it to Batchewana Bay (on Lake Superior), after a day of seemingly neverending driving (seriously, it's so much longer to get to a destination when you actually have one.) We were meeting up with my Dad in Bathewana Bay and had to be there by supper...which we managed just fine! Yay!

Today we stopped at all our favorite Lake Superior spots (Pancake Bay, Old Woman Bay), and saw a HUGE swatch of forest that must have burned a few years ago, because it's only got extremely new growth and all these blackened dead trunks. Tonight we are in Thunder Bay! Yay!

Hopefully tomorrow we can make it out of Ontario.

A couple of my favorite conversations from the road from the past two days:

The US
*Susie looking at the map*
Susie: "Do you ever notice how the US keeps creeping up to us? I mean, look! It's right here!" *points to greyed out area of the map west of Sault Ste. Marie*
Me: "Yeah..."
Susie: "It's crazy! Get back down where you belong!"

*Me and Susie see what looks like a weird pile of trucks at the side of the road ahead*
Both of us: "What the...?"
*We get close enough to see that it is a flatbed tow-truck with a truck on it, while towing another truck behind it.*
Me: "Ohhh...."
Susie: "Oh! Man, I thought 'Are those trucks doing it?!'"

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