Dec. 2nd, 2002

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Dean's Eye of the Tiger T-Shirt

Dean obviously has a soft spot in his heart for Survivor, because he’s got a Survivor band shirt that says Eye of the Tiger, with a picture of a tiger on it.


In Meet the New Boss (7x01), we first see this shirt when we first see Dean working on the Impala. He wears it until Sam wakes up and joins him.

FATE: Unknown

Master Post

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Sam's Green Invisible-Snap Jacket

Just to make life interesting, Sam bought yet another green jacket in S7. It’s army green, and has two seamless breast pockets. It’s very similar in style to his Green Two-Snap Jacket, except with this one the snaps on the breast pockets are invisible when closed. The jacket itself does up with a brass zipper. It has two lower pockets as well that also have no seams except for at their openings, which sit on diagonals. The top corners of the breast pocket flaps are decorated with small male half-snaps.


Sam first wears this coat in Reading is Fundamental (7x21) for the entire episode.

FATE: Unknown

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Dean's Second Leather Jacket

After Dean’s iconic leather jacket was stolen from the wardrobe department on its way down to LA for a photo-shoot, Dean had to go without for nearly two whole seasons. The show teamed up with a Vancouver leather jacket company and replaced it at the end of S7. Jensen apparently had a hand in the design process as well. The result was this rust-coloured leather jacket that has a LOT of pockets.  It’s really a leather utility jacket, with two breast pockets, and four lower pockets (and that’s just on the outside.) The lower pockets are duel pockets with a section that opens with a flap, and also a section that opens with a slit at the side. In addition to the visible pockets, there are also un unknown number of pockets on the inside of the jacket. The jacket does up with black buttons, but there is a strip of leather that hides the buttonholes from the eye (hiding the buttons if the jacket is fastened.) The flaps on the pockets also do up with buttons and vertical button holes.


The jacket makes its first appearance in There Will Be Blood (7x22). Dean wears it when he and Sam travel to Hoople, North Dakota, in the hopes of finding the alpha vampire. Dean takes it off briefly in order to put it around the shoulders of the young women, Emily, who they find alone in the alpha vampire’s house. Once they leave, Dean wears it for the rest of the episode.

Dean continues to wear the jacket in Survival of the Fittest (7x23). He wears it whenever he is not inside Rufus’ cabin, and therefore, is unfortunately still wearing it when he is sucked into Purgatory at the end of the episode.

FATE: Dean is wearing this jacket when he gets sucked into Purgatory at the end of Survival of the Fittest:


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