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Last night was the Hey Rosetta! show at Mavericks. I first discovered Hey Rosetta when I was in Newfoundland. Unlike every other Newfoundland band I heard that year, I didn't discover them while half drunk at a bar. I discovered them at Fred's Records. I had gone in to find Susan a Christmas present. I wanted to get her some music that she wouldn't otherwise be exposed to, and since she was going to be taking off the next year for Vancouver, I figured an East Coast band would do the trick.

Usually, I would have wondered over to the "Listening" section of the store and stood around listening to various CDs until I found one I liked; but as soon as I walked in the store, they had a rack of hot new releases, and in the top right corner of the rack was an enthusiastic "Hey Rosetta!" but what really caught my eye was that they were the only band on the whole rack (which was mostly mainstream stuff) to have only one little CD left. The CD was only $10 because it only had six or seven songs. I bought it and figured I'd give it a listen. If I didn't like it, then it was only $10 and I could come back and find something better for Susan.

I was back a week later to buy a copy for myself.

I missed them the one time they played in St. John's while I was still there. But they released a longer album right before I left, so I purchased it and counted myself lucky.

Naturally, I was thrilled the other week to discover they were going to be in Ottawa on March 1st. So, I convinced Sonya that it was in her best interests to join me for the concert, and off we went!

It was an awesome show. I'm not sure how else I can put it into words, so here is what I wrote to my beloved Newfoundlander, Sherrie, when I got home:

The Hey Rosetta concert was AWESOMELY EXCELLENT! I missed you. I fell in love with Tim. I missed Newfoundland.

I talked to Tim after the concert, just briefly, while I was waiting for Sonya to come back from the bathroom. I told him it was an excellent show. I told him that I had been in Newfoundland in 2006 and had discovered them then, and I was so happy they had come to Ottawa, I told him I had been checking their site, hoping that his bronchitis wouldn't interfere with this evenings show, then I said goodbye (he said "It was nice meeting you, Alix" and I was impressed he had bothered to remember my name for a full minute.) Sonya and I left and went out to grab a sobering pizza, and I went on the whole time about how I should have declared my undying love, how I should have proposed...but that he would inevitably leave me for another girl who threw themselves at him after a concert, so it was for he best that I hadn't...but that if he had proposed I would have said yes.

I want to live my life in a Hey Rosetta song.

I bought a T-shirt and a CD.


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