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The most accurate Supernatural Timeline on the Internet!


My goals for this timeline were:
1) Finding dates using only information provided by the episodes. Priority of information sources: A)Dialog, B)Art Department, C)Other Official Sources, D)Conjecture.
2) Keep track of how many days the boys spend in each episode.

As I worked on it, two lesser goals occurred as well:
1) Record locations - mainly for the purposes of estimating driving time.
2) Try to work the episode title into a sentence - because it's fun!

-Days spent on each case include the day after they solve them, if it is shown in the episode.
-Day counts assume one driving day in cases when the boys hear about the case and must travel to the location, unless otherwise stated.
-Day counts count partial days as full days (meaning if an episode starts late at night, that night counts as a day)
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This is a list of all my stories that make up the Demented!verse, my Supernatural/Harry Potter crossover series.


Damned Demented Demons 
PG, spoilers up to 4x22 of Supernatural and all of the Harry Potter books
32 Chapters - 103,130 Words.
Summary: Harry saves the Winchesters from a Dementor attack, but the Winchesters aren't the only ones that need protecting.
(Set shortly after 4x11 of Supernatural.)

Bobby and Hermione - an Epistolary Fic 
PG, spoilers from 4x14 to 5x10 of Supernatural and for the epilogue of Deathly Hallows
Words: 6,975
Summary: A year of letters between Bobby Singer and Hermione Granger.

Vile Violent Vacations 
PG, spoilers up to 5x10 of Supernatural and all of the Harry Potter books
30 Chapters - ~121,500 words.
Summary: Harry invents a ruse in order to trick the Winchesters into visiting London for a much needed vacation, only it turns out he really does need their help.
(Set before 5x12 of Supernatural)

Behind the Scenes Part 1 and Part 2, give you a glimpse into my "process" - they include the original outline for Damned Demented Demons, and the "Cutting Room Floor" of Vile Violent Vacations. Part 2 has annotations to explain why I decided to cut the scenes.


The Many Adventures of Sam and Scorpius on the Floor
G, spoilers for Vile Violent Vacations
Words: 965
Summary: Sam and Scorpius play with a fire truck.
(Set between Chapter 17 and Chapter 18 of Vile Violent Vacations)

The Letter
PG, spoilers for 5x22 of Supernatural, all of Harry Potter, and Vile Violent Vacations
Words: 7,000
Summary: Harry receives a letter after Lucifer's defeat.

To Being Half a Person
PG-13, spoilers for 5x22 of Supernatural, all of Harry Potter, Vile Violent Vacations, and The Letter.
Words: ~3600
Summary: Dean gets an unexpected visitor and we find out where Dean and George got to during the party in Vile Violent Vacations.
(Set both during Vile Violent Vacations and months after The Letter)

Tiger and Wolf
PG, spoilers for Harry Potter books
Words: 2,220
Summary: Nate comes out, only it doesn't go as smoothly as he thought it would.

Seers, Souls, and Scandinavians
PG-13, spoilers up until 6x11 of Supernatural, all of Harry Potter, Vile Violent Vacations, and The Letter.
Words: ~22,300
Summary: It takes a village to raise a soul from perdition.
(Set during the first half of Supernatural Season 6)

The Most Noble...
PG, spoilers for Harry Potter books and Vile Violent Vacations
Words: 1,220
Summary: Nate gets dumped, Teddy hasn't had much luck either.
(Set in 2014)

The Day After
PG, spoilers for Harry Potter books and Vile Violent Vacations
Words: ~3,650
Summary: Nate starts to deal with his breakup, with help, of course.
(Set in 2014 the day after The Most Noble...

Fanart by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] franztastisch 
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All my fiction is GEN.
* - indicates personal favorites.


Listen to Your Father
PG, no spoilers
Summary: When it came time, John's decision to leave was an easy one.

Lady at the Bus Stop
G, drabble, no spoilers
Summary: An encounter with a not-so-blind old lady at a bus stop.

Anger As Beauty
PG, no spoilers
Summary: When Sam went to Stanford, he brought three pictures of his family.

Season 1/Pre-series

Lies Were Kept Simple*
PG, pilot
Summary: What Jess did know about Sam's family.

Like a River
PG, spoilers for Asylum.
Summary: After the events of Asylum, Sam tries to mend the broken pieces of a simple rule.

Bloody Mary Coda
PG, spoilers for Bloody Mary
Summary: My answer to the question of why Dean's eyes bled.

Season 2/Pre-series

Of Bracelets*
PG, no spoilers
Summary: The bracelets were for protection and unity, Sam always remembered that.

Season 2/Season 3/Season 4

Three Deaths*
PG, spoilers up until 4x01
Summary: Bobby's experiences with Winchester grief

Season 6

Sam Is...*
PG, spoilers until 6x07, goes AU thereafter.
Summary: Dean gets Sam back

Season 7

Were It Not That I Have Bad Dreams

PG, spoilers from 6x22-7x03, AU for those episodes.
Summary: Sam doesn't wake up. Dean "dreamscapes his noggin."


The Demented!Verse* (Supernatural/Harry Potter) - click this 'verse link for all parts and timestamps. 

Two Hunters, A Wizard Family, and the World's Only Consulting Detective Walk into a Cafe...
Fandoms: Supernatural/Harry Potter/Sherlock-bbc (an AU demented'verse/Sherlock-bbc crossover)
Words: 3,500
Summary: Sherlock sees something interesting at lunch, John is curious, and Albus might be a little psychic.
A/N: No knowledge of the Demented'verse is needed for this fic. Also, it is not officially part of the demented'verse. It's a 'verse within a 'verse...or some fanfic for my fanfic.

And its sequel:  Two Hunters, a Military Doctor, and a Consulting Detective Walk into Diagon Alley...
Fandoms: Supernatural/Harry Potter/Sherlock-bbc (an AU demented'verse/Sherlock-bbc crossover)
Words: ~9,000
Summary: Sometimes Sam is too nice for his own good...Sherlock and John get a tour of Diagon Alley
A/N: Some knowledge of the demented'verse would be good - maybe just Vile Violent Vacations.

And as usual: Please check out my TIMELINE. (I am not bragging when I say it is the most accurate time-line on the internet).



PG, pre-slash (or just slash) John/Sherlock
Words: 1,400
Summary: Irene is in London for a fortnight, and John's not sure he likes it.

The Switches*
PG, Gen (or pre-slash)
Words: 2,110
Spoilers: S1
Summary: It's dark and someone has moved the light-switches.


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