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This evening I make my escape from Singapore. I'm getting a taxi to the airport before midnight, then waiting around for 5 hours before I check into my flight. It's oddly easier this way, even if it does mean that I probably won't be getting any serious sleep done until I'm on my second plane tomorrow afternoon.

Joey Comeau has a new Overqualified letter up on his site that sums up perfectly how I feel about the working world. Take a look! If enjoy Joey's stuff, you might be interested in the Overqualified book that is coming out soon. I have already preordered a copy. Yay!

I am looking forward to the Vancouver portion of my trip and I'm very excited to see my sisters again. We will have fun times!

I promise little anecdotes and whatnot (pictures!) from my trip once I'm back on my own computer in a little over a week.

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I just wanted to leave a quick note to inform people that I'm alive and well. I've completed the China portion of my trip, which means that I'm out from under the Great China Firewall and can access LiveJournal again. 

My trip is far from complete though, as I still have 9 more days in Singapore and then a week in Vancouver.

For anyone interested, I've been (very slowly) chronicling my trip over on Journizer - a website created by a friend of mine. You can check out my trip reports so far by clicking here. For your convenience, the site is also available auf Deutsch, but sadly for time-saving purposes, my travel logs are solely in English.

A Link

Mar. 27th, 2007 04:58 pm
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Ok, ok...I know I owe you guys a real entry - one with only a vague point and weird incomprehensible allusions, but I can't resist posting a link to [profile] scientificfacts. I discovered it by reading the friends pages of my live-journal friends (all two of them...) Anyway, I especially liked THIS one and this OTHER one.

As for actually writing that entry I owe you, I'm a little at a loss as to what to write about...so you'll have to wait a bit on that. I've got an interview on Thursday for some jobs in Ottawa, so I will be doing a quick swing through the city. Gabe is unemployed by Thursday, so I'll be back in time for us to have sambuca shots in celebration and then spend the night playing Valkyrie Profiles 2: Silmeria. In other words, it will be like every other night, only with sambuca...and I can't miss out on THAT!
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I had to link to this entry by [profile] carbonatedsass. I've never met her in person, but through reading her livejournal the past few months I've discovered that her and I have a lot in common...our love of putting photographs along with our writings (something I may start doing here myself, now that I have a flickr account to hold photos) was the first I noticed, but this entry just cinched it.

The entry I linked to is so exactly what I'm going through right now and it is articulated so well, that I couldn't resist just linking you all to it. Read it if you want to understand me. If you don't understand after reading that, then kindly stay out of my business.
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The first Valentines I knew Gabe, he had just ended a relationship and wasn't in the best of moods. A week before Valentines Day, Gabe declared that he didn't want anyone to remind him it was Valentines Day when it came, and that he was probably just going to hide. When February 14th rolled around, I didn't mention anything about what day it was. We also downloaded a game called Liero.

We spent the whole day as tiny worms armed to the teeth, swinging on grappling hooks, and killing each other repeatedly. At one point Gabe threw a "Big Nuke" at my worm. It caused my worm to scream as it exploded into a hundred gory pieces. Gabe looked over at me with a hug smile on his face, rubbed his hands together in excitement, and said "THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!"

*   *   *   *

A week ago, while I was surfing the web, I came across something exciting. Gabe took me out to dinner that night, and I told him what I had found.

"On February 14th, there's a documentary playing at Concordia. It's about slavery. Do you want to go?"

"Sure! That sounds fun."

"That's what I thought when I heard about it. I mean, it's a documentary! About Slavery! On VALENTINES DAY!"

"Perfect!" Gabe said, smiling.

*   *   *   *

Yesterday I was trying to explain to Gabe the difference between having sex with a friend, and being in a relationship, and how one is not necessarily the other.

"So, it's like a friendship, but upgraded?" Gabe asked finally, while he inspected the side of his face he had just finished shaving.


"Lucky for us, our friendship is so old that it is UN-UPGRADABLE!"  He declared. I laughed at the finality of his statement.  He smiled at me in the mirror, "We've got the SuperNintendo of friendships."

"Perhaps, but it's a classic" I replied.

*   *   *   *

Really, anyone I date is going to have a hell of a time trying to understand what I want to do on Valentines day.  Quite honestly, I feel more appreciated when someone wants to accompany me to see a documentary on slavery, or when someone completely forgets what day it is because they are having too much fun. As XKCD said, love is complicated enough. I think on Valentines Day, we should just be ourselves, and I've never been one for romance.


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