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Woo! Just in time for the current season to come back from Spring Hiatus.

Let's get to it...

I'm proud of us. )

And with that, I have finished my S9 Rewatch!!

Now, all that's left for me to do is upload all the S9 clothes and then timeline all of S10.... and then I can have the summer free to, no doubt, start some other ludicous time-consuming project!
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Back at it! Sorry for the delay. I don't actually know if I have time to do this today, but might as well try! [EDIT: I did it over two days. 29 minutes of the episode on Sunday afternoon, the rest this morning.]

Now, just a pre-emptive FYI - this episode drives me crazy for reasons that most of you can probably guess... so, there will be a BIT of complaining in this, though I'll try to keep it to a minimum.

Also, once again, LJ spell check doesn't work for me. So please forgive spelling mistakes - I type these things up pretty fast and stream-of-consciousness style, so things like spelling and grammar can get a little sloppy at times.

Stairway to Heaven

He does seem angry. I mean, he's always a little angry, but now it seems like more.... )

As usual, let me know your thoughts in comments! I'll try to get the last episode done quicker. Sorry again for the delay!
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Okay! It's been awhile, I apologize. I'm not going to lie, I've been procrastinating, because the end of S9 is so friggin' depressing...

King of the Damned

No one in the history of torture's been tortured with torture like the torture you'll be tortured with! )

I'll try to be swifter on the next one!
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This episode I'm going to do a bit differently. Bloodlines is barely about Sam and Dean (or Cas), nor Sam and Dean parallels , and these rewatches are primarily about me talking about their character arcs. So, in the absence of a character arc, there's not much to talk about that's of interest to me.

I kind of feel like I already talked about the episode itself in my initial quick reaction back when it aired. And I don't really have much to add - I mean, I could spend 2+ hours ripping the episode apart and explain just why it never worked as a backdoor pilot, but I like to keep this blog fairly positive and doing that just seems mean-spirited to me. The writers tried to do something; it didn't work. Move on.

BUT, rather than skip this episode completely, I figured I'd listen to it with the commentary track on and just kind of run a little summary of what's said about it.


It's Bob Singer, Andrew Dabb (writer), and Jeremy Carver.

by my count that it the 120th head that we've chopped off in the course of 9 seasons. )

So, I know that's not a traditional rewatch, but I really wasn't interested in watching the episode again - and since this is my blog and I can do what I like, I'm doing what I like!

I WILL, however, lift my no-negativity ban for the comments - so, if you want to vent all your emotions about this episode, feel free! You don't even have to mitigate it by saying something good for every bad thing.

If you want to say bad things about me, however, the no-negitivity ban is still in effect!! I'm lovely.
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Okay, I love this episode, but let's try to be quick about this!

Alex Annie Alexis Ann

You said that I was using her to fill a hole in my life, and you're right, I am. You are too. Takes one to know one. )

Okay! That only took me two hours. I'm sorry if people wanted me to go into more detail, or if I skipped things you didn't want to be skipped. If I missed some wicked awesome parallels that you desperately want to talk about, thats' what the comment button is for! :)
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I apologize for the rather long break. I honestly thought I'd do at least one rewatch over the holidays, but obviously that didn't happen.

But, it's happening now! So, let's dive right in and hope I'm not rusty already...

Meta Fiction

I'm not sure what a fictional battlestation in space has to do with this, but if taking out the Emperor means taking out Metatron than I'm on board. )

As usual, tell me what you thought in comments and please forgive spelling mistakes!
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Okay! Let's see if I remember how to do this after taking nearly two weeks off. I'm sure I do, given how I remember how to do it every year. :P

Anyway - now we get into a bigger run of mythology episodes as we near the end of the season. Starting with Misha's Directorial Debut:

Mother's Little Helper

I say demons and you don't bat an eye, when everyone else around here thinks I'm nuts on toast. )

Writer: Adam Glass
Director: Misha Collins

I don't really know how this director-writer commentary is supposed to work, so what you're about to see is something of a train wreck. )

And there you have it! Let me know your own thoughts in comments. :)

Also, once again, please forgive spelling mistakes. :)
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Back to rewatches! I took a week off because of visiting my ex-pat sister for American Thanksgiving - and then I got obsessed with my "re-edit Leverage" project and have been doing that pretty much non-stop. But, I WOULD like to finish these rewatches sooner rather than later - so it's time to be disciplined about things!

Today, we tackle Blade Runners and its commentary track!


You don't know what it's like to be human! )


Jensen must have died. )

And that's it! Relatively short one today - I either missed a bunch, just didn't have much to say, or there wasn't actually that much to talk about!

Let me know what you thought in comments or if there's anything I glossed over that you think I should have expanded upon.

And as per usual, please forgive spelling mistakes.
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Okay, let's see if I can do another quick one...


You know what video would have gone viral, if we still had it. When you were five and you got dressed up as Batman because you thought you could fly. )

Yay! Actual short one.

As usual, let me know what you thought in comments. :)

I will see you later for the Quick Reaction to the new S10 episode.

There probably won't be another Rewatch post until after Dec 2nd, because I'm going down to the US to visit my sister for American Thanksgiving. I am in charge of bringing the Canadian potato chip flavours.
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I've been rewatching Leverage recently... if you ever wonder what I do in the days off between rewatches, that's it. I rewatch other shows and DON'T discuss them. This is why I don't watch much new TV. I'm too busy watching things I've seen before, because I already know that I like them.

Anyway... let's actually talk about an episode from S9...


Yup. Bunker's haunted. )

Okay! Short one! Woo!

As usual, let me know what you think in comments, and please forgive spelling mistakes.
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Back to it... I actually managed to keep this one fairly short! Yay!


These aren't supplements. They're roofies. )

As usual, let me know your thoughts in comments!  :)

I might try to do another one of these on Sunday or Monday, we'll see...
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Okay! I'm going to try to do this one fast, because I'm starting it at 9:30 at night, and yeah... I kind of want to be done by midnight...


that's Dean - now he could start a fight in an empty house, but deep down inside he's just a big ol' teddy bear. And Sam here, Sam can be a bit insecure at times, but for good reason, bless his heart. )

So, let me know your thoughts in comments and I apologize if things got confusing or rambly at the end there. Also, continue to forgive spelling mistakes.

I'll see you Tuesday for the 200th episode! Woo!

(posted at 1:45am - and I'm still considering it "quick" - oh man, it's a good thing I'm currently unemployed.)
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I'm still alive! Sorry, weird confluence of me messing up my sleep schedule, landlord doing work around building involving shutting off the power and being in my apartment, and job-seeking stuff led to me not having a stretch of time to be able to do one of these. Which sucks, because my original goal was to be at least at 9x12 by now. Anyway...

We left our Winchester boys broken-hearted and separated - which leaves them both vunerable to being complete idiots, more so than usual. So, naturally, things continue to fall apart in...

First Born

You have a guinea pig? Where? )

As usual, I'll try to be quicker with the next one...

And as usual, LJ spell-check isn't working, so please forgive any spelling mistakes.
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I'm going to stop giving myself a hard time about being slow on these - you guys need time to read them too, after all. And really, the only one making me feel bad is myself, so screw it! I'm awesome.

This is another heavy episode and I don't have THAT much time today - but I'll do my best to get it posted, since tomorrow is going to be even busier. ETA: That only took me about 6 hours. Oh man... I usually don't like to post things at this time of day, because I live in a stupid time-zone, but I also don't want to wait until tomorrow to post it. So, here ya go...

Road Trip

You kill my friend and you take my brother and you think I'm going to let that stand? )

And I'm done! That was like 7 hours of work. That's a full time job right there. No wonder I'm unemployed.

Anyway, see you tomorrow/tonight for 10x04's Quick Reaction! :)

As usual, let me know any thoughts in comments. Sorry if things get rambly and less edited towards the end, I'm a LITTLE bit sleepy because it's almost 2am. (I did 75% of this starting at 8pm - thank god they wore the same clothes for the whole episode, or else it would have taken me even longer.)
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I'm sort of having a bad week, so it might not be the best time for me to be rewatching a super depressing episode of Supernatural - but, hey, this show isn't going to rewatch itself and being productive on a visible project might make me feel better about being a complete failure at life.

I'm also working on another installment of the demented'verse, and I want to save Kevin in it, and although I'm still a long ways off from writing that scene, I might be able to tuck some ideas into the back of my head by watching this episode...

So, let's do this thing...
Shit. No, wait... I have to file the clothes from the last rewatch first. Damn it.

*half an hour later*
Okay, Let's do this...

Holy Terror

I... I did what I had to. I became what they've become. A barbarian. )

Tune in next week, for more fun!

(or whenever the heck I do the next rewatch, probably Sunday or Monday.)

Comment! Let me know what you think! Also, as usual, LJ spellcheck isn't working, so please forgive any and all spelling mistakes.
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I'm in desperate need of a Jody+Sam Bromance icon. Charlie will have to do for now, because I couldn't find one. Why don't icon communities use tags for characters?! It seems like the most logical thing, but nope.

Anyway, let's see what I actually wrote down for this rewatch....

Back at it... I really need to start doing more than one of these per week. You'd think being unemployed would give me more time for this stuff, but instead I am just the most procrastinating procrastinator who ever procrastinated.

Anyway, to the episode...

Rock and a Hard Place

Dear boy, you're all duct tape and safety pins inside. How are you alive? )


He's lying to me. )

So, let me know your thoughts in comments, as always.
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So, where did we leave off? Let's get back to it...

Bad Boys

It was Dad's idea and then it just - the story became the story. I was sixteen. )

[I have spent so long on this episode it's ridiculous. I think I'll just stop talking now. That took me two days. I get so analytical and detail-obsessed when it comes to pre-series stuff.]

So, uh, tell me what you thought in comments, I guess!
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Okay! Once again, I apologize for the delay between these rewatches. I actually had an excuse for the first few days, and then I was just lazy. :P

Anyway, to the episode...

Heaven Can't Wait

I'm just saying, we're not keeping him chained up for the one-liners. )

As usual, let me know your thoughts in comments!

I'll try to get the next episode up way quicker. I don't have anything going on this weekend except on Saturday (It's Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday, but my family was never big on Thanksgiving, so it's basically just another day and no biggie, but my sister IS coming for a visit on Saturday - possibly because her boyfriends family makes a bigger to do on Thanksgiving? I don't know. I don't ask these sorts of questions.)
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Okay, so, I know I said that I wouldn't leave it three days again... and technically I didn't! I left it four days! :P I need to step things up, I know. But, that being said, I'm going to be really busy the rest of this week, so it'll probably be another week until I do 9x06.


Warning - I end up being really rather negative about this episode. That's usually not my style around here, so I just wanted to warn everyone. Obviously, that sets the tone for the comments that you might want to leave, but remember that there's a difference between not liking something and being hateful, so be careful,

Dog Dean Afternoon

Why are you arguing with the dog about Styx? )

I might be able to knock out an episode tomorrow, we'll see - but if not then, then it won't be until the weekend at the earliest.
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Back to it - that one day off turned into three - sorry. I have poor self-discipline, and for the last three days have been doing almost nothing besides crocheting and watching Boy Meets World, because that's all I felt like doing. Anyway, back ot Supernatural...

Slumber Party

Am I zombie now, do I need to eat brains? )

So, let me know what you think in comments. I'll try not to take another three day break. ;)

Oh and once again: LJ spellcheck isn't working, so please forgive any and all spelling errors. 


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