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Season 12 clothing is now listed and accounted for!

Some of you may have noticed that I was working on it, because I forgot to turn off the RSS feed for one of the entries - but that was my only slip-up (I seem to do that once per year).

I'm sorry it took me so long to get it posted. I had finished updating my own files in February, but then forgot about it for two weeks... at which point, my brain kicked in and thought "oh hey, harddrive is not the same as internet" and started the process of updating the website. Then I was NEARLY DONE, I just had to do the charts... and that's when I got sick and pretty much forgot about it all over again.

You can now view it here: Season 12 Clothes!!

And if you want to understand them more in-depth, you can click on the cut below and check out some CHARTS AND GRAPHS! (my favourite part).

As you can see, we're continuing the relatively new trend of Dean being the clothes horse instead of Sam. Albeit, it's a VERY SLIM MARGIN. The way it balances out, as you'll see in the next chart, is that Dean still likes varying his coats and jackets a little more than Sam, and also still occasionally wears a Henley.

This is the first season where Sam and Dean wear the exact same number of shirts. That Henley number for Sam is 0, just in case that's not clear. Dean wore one. And, as I've already said, Dean is still a man after my own heart with his love of coats and jackets, but Sam is catching up! Sam actually got 4 new jackets this season!! (Dean "only" got 3).

They're also equal in the number of new clothes they got this season, with 5 new items each. (4 coats and 1 shirt for Sam, and 3 coats and 2 shirts for Dean.) Dean still wears the most used clothing, but this year it's because he's just wearing MORE clothes, not because he has less new stuff.

Sam still likes his plaid!

Dean is still moving up the plaid-scale. Back in the day, Dean wore maybe one plaid shirt per season, maybe two if we were lucky, these days, plaid is slowly becoming a whole half of his wardrobe.

I didn't make pie charts for how their new shirts fit their wearing habits, because Sam only had 1 new shirt (plaid), and Dean only had two (1 plaid, 1 charcoal). So, they'd have been pretty boring pies!

This is perhaps my favourite chart that I do.
Sam didn't wear ANY of his S1 clothes this season, but Dean is still hanging on to a few items from way back when.
Surprisingly, Sam still wears a lot of things from S3, where as Dean may keep wearing one or two shirts, he tended to favour clothing from S8 onwards.
Sam wore 1 jacket from S6, but otherwise, everyone shunned those clothes.
Sam continues his trend of primarily wearing clothes from the season just past (S11), while Dean decided that he made good purchases in S10.
Sam didn't wear anything from S1 or S8, and Dean didn't wear anything from S5 or S6.


And there you have it! Enjoy, Curious Clothes Watchers!

S13 will be up around this time next year, I'd promise earlier, but it is quite apparent that life often gets in the way of me being speedier with this project. :)


Date: 2018-04-25 03:06 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] msger
I love that you do this with their clothes. I love it. I was recouping from surgery and started a re-watch and decided to make my own list of their clothes from S1 and S2, shirt color + t + jacket, just for something to do. but I quit half way thru S2. they had 3 or 4+ wardrobe changes an episode and that's a lot of clothes for that small duffel bag they carry - lol. and I'm not sure if it is my eyes or the tv but sometimes the same jacket or shirt looked dark blue and sometimes black or gray or light green. so I gave up. but it was fun. and now I have this. it is much more detailed.
thank you. take care.❤
Edited Date: 2018-04-25 03:11 pm (UTC)


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