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I can't turn people down on the phone. It's a huge problem with me. It's why I use a cell only and I don't have a landline...but still, my bank has my number, so when they call and offer me things that I don't need...sigh. It doesn't help when the person on the phone is some dude from New Jersey with a thick American accent - and I picture him hating his job, (because hell, what telemarketer doesn't hate their job?), but he needs the money and it's not manual labour and he's just trying to make ends meet - and his boss is already going to get into trouble for accidentally calling me "hon", so why not give him a sale so that he looks good....I have a month to cancel the service anyway before I have to pay for it. It just means that I've got to call back sometime and do that...talk to someone else on the phone who will try to get me to pay for something I don't need....

It's hospitalization/accident insurance. $13/month. You want to know the ironic thing? British Columbia is the only Canadian province I know of in which you actually have to pay for health insurance...and I can't afford it. If I wind up in the hospital, I'm going to have bigger fish to fry than whether or not my bank is giving me $200 a day to be there. Actually, if I'm in any kind of accident, I'm dragging my mangled body to the airport and flying back to Ontario in the hopes that the Ontario Health Insurance people haven't clued into the fact that I moved out of the province.

Sigh...I really am just going to cancel it.

Just felt like complaining...about myself...I'm so annoying. I don't know how I can stand to live with me.

Now I have to avoid LJ until Supernatural airs out here on the expensive west coast....


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