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My icon is a spoiler, but I don't care - if you don't want to know the score, don't go to the pub.

I stayed home tonight, because I'm still recovering from ECCC (and also relatedly, had to do laundry.) So, no drinking, and the post is going to go up earlier! I am, however, sticking with my "only watch the episode once" thing - so, everything is paraphrased and I might misremember, but please only correct me if I ask or it's plot/character crucial. (Also, spellcheck doesn't work, and my "T" key sticks sometimes - so I apologies for errors.)

Also, because I didn't walk anywhere, I've got no lyrics for the cut text... so I'll just post some from the show and hope they don't actually carry a message...

(ETA: Warning - There is nothing "quick" about this reaction.)


I really liked this episode. I'm not sure what my track record is with Dabb scripts, but I think he really knocked this one out of the park - as did the entire production team.

Once again, I'm going to split up our three different storylines and talk about them separately. It's just easier that way, rather than me trying to remember how they were cut together.

Sam and Cas

Anyway, we begin with a flashforward - Sam and Cas are sitting down to a psychic (in a set up extremely similar to Pamela's set-up for when they first contacted Castiel) and who were they calling? BOBBY! He's sitting in his nice house (only the doorway to the hall is walled off, so maybe not his house?) listening to the radio, when Sam's voice comes through.... then we get the slash card.

Next we're in the bunker, in Sam's room! Is he sleeping diagonally on the bed? I forgot to check. Anyway, he wakes up to scream, and then his name being called - and he's immediately up and running through the halls... and I hope someone gifs this entire sequence - and he makes his way to Dean's room to find him in the throws of a MoC-induced nightmare. Rather than wake his brother up though, Sam just stands there looking sad until Dean calms down on his own. I guess maybe it's safer not to wake him up - but still.

The next morning, Dean claims he slept well, which makes Sam a little sad. There's no hunts on - well, apparently there's a kitsune, but "Rudy" is handling that. So, Dean suggests that they just drink and either "shoot the crap" or drink and "shoot crap", I didn't actually hear him that well... either way, I hope it's the former, because the latter sounds a little dangerous. Sam, instead, says that he wants to go see a french film about a mime who is actually a cockroach... in Wichita... so he'll be gone until morning. Really, unless Sam often goes off to see really really weird films, that cover story is transparently a cover story, and I'm surprised Dean didn't call him on it. But then, Dean's emotional state isn't the best right now, so maybe he just didn't want to get into it.

Off Sam goes, telling Dean not to go into his room before he does. Hehehe...

And Sam goes to meet Castiel. YAY SASSY!! (I realize that I'm the only one who still calls the ship by the name Sassy - everyone else it seems has switched to "Samstiel" - but I will not abandon Sassy! Sassy can be their friendship-name, if not the relationship-name... since the Sam-Castiel friendship is the only ship that I'm actually interested in.)

Anyway... Sam has apparently stolen an old truck from somewhere and left Dean with the car. I wonder if they often do this when Sam want's to go see a bizarre movie. I wonder if there's been a really weird increase in stolen vehicles in middle-of-nowhere-Lebanon, Kansas, and the local Sheriff is super perplexed. And if the cars are recovered in Wichita or Topeka, then sometimes they then recover a stolen car from Wichita or Topeka out in the woods of Lebanon, and they know it's MUST be someone local, but the Sheriff can't figure out who, because she's gone door to door and everyone checks out... and there's that one road that leads off into the woods, but the only thing down there is that old abandoned powerplant, and every time she drives down there on the patrol, she suddenly gets the feeling like she might have left the iron on, and she has to drive home and check....

Wait, what was I talking about?

Oh yeah, Cas is like "Where is Dean?" and Sam is like "Yeah, he's not coming, either because I don't trust him to keep cool or because we're about to do some sketchy shit and I don't think he'll like it" and Cas is like "Fine, but I'm driving because Dean never lets me and I might as well take advantage of him not being here." (Uh, remember how I said quotes would be paraphrased? Apparently I meant "I'm going to write what I think they meant.")

So, off they go, YAY! SASSY! They are friends. *heart eyes*

First, they go to Heaven's gate - which we know, MUST be located within a day's drive of Lebanon Kansas, since Sam and Cas can reach it by nightfall. Wait, was it even nightfall yet? I will worry about this stuff when I timeline the episode, I suppose. (I am so behind on timelining, it's not even funny - I think the last one I did was episode 6.)

The dude out front is like "Nope!" and then "Please hold" and then he switches out angels and becomes Hannah! Awwww... how to tell I like femguys? I instantly found him 100x more attractive. Seriously, I really really want to date Hannah-in-man's-body. Really though, kudos to that actor, who I think did a super great job at being Hannah. Also, I love love love the way that to Castiel, it didn't matter what body Hannah was in, it was still Hannah and Misha also acted against her the exact same way that he did when she was portrayed by the female actor.

(ETA: I keep wanting to add stuff! - Here, I want to add that one of the main reasons I loved this is because it supports my preferred canon that angels are genderless. I know I use gendered pronounces to talk about them, but that's because I'm restricted by being a native english speaker... trust me, I have a friend who is "they/their/them" and I am CONSTANTLY ACCIDENTALLY MISGENDERING THEM. It drives me nuts, because it's just like this weird default setting that I can't get over, and it makes me feel like a horrible person every single time I do mess it up.)

Their conversation doesn't go so well though - Hannah forbids Castiel from entering heaven, or speaking to Metatron, since she knows that he only wants Metatron in order to help Dean (...interesting that she might have been willing to help Castiel if he wanted Metatron in order to help HIMSELF...) and that she knows that Metatron will only help if they let him out of the prison, and it is too risky. I mean, as much as I want Sam and Dean to succeed in their plans to save Dean, I also totally agree with Hannah here. Metatron is a manipulative douchenozzle and he IS a huge flight risk AND danger to the entire world. It IS far too risky for Sam and Cas to strike bargains with him.

Cas gets pretty mad though. He feels he's done a lot for heaven, and a lot for Hannah, and that he deserves their help. I'm not going to argue, except, I feel the need to point out that Cas has also (mistakenly) done a lot of bad for heaven too - and I think it's well within the other angel's rights to try to prevent him from making further mistakes and doing so again.

Anywho, Cas is all filled with righteous fury, but Sam is like "cool your jets, man" and pulls him away... he's apparently got a back-up plan. There's a psychic that (conveniently) lives nearby who might be able to help.

ETA: I completely forgot to say that I loved the Psychic's interactions with Castiel - all of them, including about how Castiel couldn't be an angel because the psychic was an athiest - hilarious! I mean, I could point out that the dude talks with ghosts and therefore KNOWS there's an afterlife, but then, Dean also knew there was an afterlife and was also an athiest until S4. So, I guess it's a legit choice.

I love how this is Sam's plan - I love how Sam thought of Bobby, of the fact that they have an inside man in Heaven. I love it, mainly, because I've been wanting to see Bobby's adventures as the inside man in Heaven ever since S8. I thought it'd be a cool twist to use against Metatron in S9 - when Metatron was all alone up in Heaven.... but nope. We're getting it now though!!

Bobby is all squishy with his feelings upon hearing Sam's voice. Also, he is reading a Tori Spelling book... haha. Sam gives him the abbreviated rundown of what's up.... they need Bobby to open the gate so that Cas can get through and break Metatron out of prison. Bobby is skeptical about whether he can do it, but Sam is like "there is no other option."

(The fact that Sam can contact Bobby though - it makes me wonder if they can contact John... or Mary... maybe they don't have anything of Mary's, but they DO have John's journal.)

Also, I have all the feelings about how Sam had Bobby's hat with him - how Sam HAS Bobby's hat, but also how Sam BROUGHT IT with him, even when they thought they could just waltz into heaven like last time and get Metatron - he brought it as back-up.

(A word about Heaven - so, in S5, we saw that if you followed the Modus Modi (or whatever it was called) through your heaven, you would reach "the garden" where Joshua tended the plants. Here, we see Heaven set up more like an apartment building with rooms and hallways. So, which is "real"? They both are.

But before I get into what my headcanon is, I will say this: Under Kripke, the show had more of a... I'm not sure what the word is... more poetry?... under Carver, I find it tends to interpret things largely predictably, simply, and without as much imagination. I think it's because Kripke operated under the thought that "we, as humans, cannot fathom what Heaven and Hell would look like if they were real - so I will make them vague, vast, and leave most everything to the imagination. Whereas Carver doesn't see a problem with imagining a heaven or hell, and falling back on images that can be filmed.

But, the nice thing about both these views of Heaven is that they can coexist. When Sam and Dean went to Heaven, Castiel wanted them to find Joshua... all personal Heavens must be linked to the garden... so Cas instructed Dean (and Sam) to explore their heaven until they found the Garden. Ash could travel between personal heavens using enochian (basically, he developed the ability to "teleport" using doorways. What Castiel instructs Bobby to do here is to use the service entrance in the mall, because the gate and the prison aren't attached to the personal heavens... you can ONLY get to them through the service entrance. Have you ever been in the "employees only" hallways at a major mall? They're amazing, especially in the larger malls... and that's actually exactly what the hallways in Heaven reminded me of. Long corridors for the employees of Heaven to use.)

My god, I get wordy when I don't drink. I apologize. At this rate, the review won't be up early at ALL.

Anyway, Bobby goes out in the corridor and discovers that he's in the Robert Singer wing. Hilarious. The alarms go off, and Bobby decides that his best move is to create mayham to cover his escape, so he lets out all the Robert Singers into the hallway. Clever.

I think TemporarilyHannah!Dude is back to being RegularAngel!Dude and is not Hannah in these scenes - but it's impossible to tell either way. Bobby finds the gate though - behind door 42 (Okay, I love the fact that Metatron likes his references, because 42 is very such a great geek reference.) and Cas does a running leap into it. Then it's off to the prison.

Oh, and I have to say that I love the announcement asking for more support in the Robert Singer win because the "The Bobby's are surly... SURLY!" :P

Metatron is all "nope, I'm not going to be Dean's punching bag." And Cas is like "No, you'll be MY punching bag!" and I'm like "woo!" and Metatron is like "I'm suddenly interested...." and Bobby is like "I'm not sure I approve of this plan." But they break Metatron out of prison and then Cas shows up with him outside.

Oh, also, the only time I will agree with Metatron - Fraggle Rock really was a quality show.

And then it's a wicked awesome scene where Sam and Cas are both BAD ASS! And YES!!!! This is the kind of bad assery that I watch Supernatural for - I love it when our heroes decide that they aren't going to take any shit. I love when they turn the tables by being merciless and unforgiving... I LOVE IT! I don't even care if it's morally questionable - I mean, is it?!?! I don't even know - I have no morals, which is probably why I love moments like this. (Seriously, I'm not a good person - if I were in Harry Potter, I'd definitely be sorted into Slytherin, despite my wish to fool everyone into thinking I'm a Ravenclaw... I mean, case and point, if I had to answer a riddle to get in my damn dorm room, that damn door would not be standing for long.)

I love how they turn Metatron's words back on him - how they take away all his leverage, turning him human, just like he did to Castiel, and making him mortal.

Still though, at the end of the day, Metatron doesn't actually know how to remove the MoC. He only said "It ends at the source" (or whatever he said) in order to stop Dean from killing him and buy time. Apparently, removing the MoC would be "God... or Lucifer" level magic.

Uh oh... I'm not sure I like where this is going... because Sam has no idea where God is, but he DOES have an idea where Lucifer is.

(Personally, though, I would like to point out that at least up until now, the Supernatural universe has been a dualistic universe in which Death holds an equal position to God. Now, I say this a little trepidatiously, because after what Carver did to the Reapers, I don't actually want him to write Death - because I'm afraid that he'll completely destory the character... and yes, I know that's horribly negative of me... but I gotta be honest, and hopefully I'm saying enough nice stuff to make up for it.... I think though, that if they were going to bring Death into the mix, then Metatron probably would have mentioned him in the same breath as God and Lucifer. Also, there's the fact that Death's powers are that of destruction/decay, not healing, so despite his God-equivalency, he's probably not actually up for the task. Plus, the Winchesters have probably used up all their Death-favours.)

Metatron still has one ace up his sleeve though - and that's the fact that he claims to know where Castiel's grace is, and can take him to it. Not wanting to die, Castiel decides not to return Metatron to heaven and instead put him in the car. Another thing that might not bode well, considering that the angels are going to know who took him - and also, considering that Metatron is a manipulative douchenozzle.

Sam, meanwhile, goes back to the bunker. He tells Dean that the movie was very "french" and then goes to his room - where we find out that Cas passed along a note from Bobby. It's a nice note, telling Sam that hearing from him was the best day he's had in a long time, and he doesn't care what the consequences are (and as he says this, we see the angels enter his heaven... uh oh... I hope the angels don't hurt Bobby, or kick him out, or anything like that!) and then he tells Sam that Sam should tell Dean what he's doing (and I think he's right... I mean, yes, Dean might object, but I think it'll also show Dean how much Sam loves him... most importantly though, I think maybe Sam might need someone to tell him that whatever he's doing is a super bad idea... which is why I think he's probably not going to tell Dean, even though Bobby told him to. Sigh. Winchesters.) And Bobby warns Sam that sometimes bad things are really bad and good things are...uh... tricky? I actually forget his words about good things, but I know that the camera was on Crowley as he said them and that my emotions were going "oooooo!" but we'll get to that.... and then Bobby tells Sam that he's not on the ground, so he knows he might not know the full picture and that he just has to trust Sam will make the right decisions (and seriously, how can you not love Bobby as a parental-figure, he's so good at it) and then he tells Sam that Sam's a good man, and that he's proud of him... and Sam cries, because who wouldn't?!?!


Dean's storyline is simpler. He pranks Sam's room while chatting with Rudy, asking if he needs back-up. The tape on the phone was cute, as was messing with his bed, but man... the toothbrush in the armpit! UGH! TOO FAR MAN! Sam puts that in his MOUTH.

The mark is craving blood... with the amount of times Dean glances at his arm, you know he's feeling SOMETHING from it... also, Dean is back to gazing forelornly into mirrors, which is a bad sign.

In the end, he heads out to a bar to have nachoes. It's his local, because he knows the bartender, and MAN, so many Outsider POV fics could be written now that we know Dean has a local and is on friendly terms with the bartender. There's some college kids playing pool and messing around being idiots, and Dean decides they're easy pickings... and they are. He messes up his hair and acts drunk, and MAN, I love watching the Winchesters do this... I also love how very little it takes for Dean to just switch it on like that - just scrunch up the hair and BAM, pretend!drunk Dean.

Really though, the kids should have gotten wise as soon as Dean upped the ante to $300. Everyone knows you let the Mark set the price, so that they stay confident. I'm not even going to mention Dean talking the guy into putting his father's watch in the pile too, that should have been SUCH a red flag for the kid. But, apparently these kids are all idiots, and he actually does it. Dean, of course, sweeps the table in one turn.

I was a little disappointed in Dean when he actually took the watch - I might have no morals, but I couldn't imagine that Dean would ordinarily take a sentimental item like that from someone who was obviously just a stupid kid. Teach him the lesson, sure, maybe take the cash, but let the kid keep his watch! Maybe this is just another bad sign though - the fact that I have more morals than Dean at the moment....

Because Dean goes into the washroom and splashes some water on his face (also, something the Winchesters only do when they are feeling weird) and when he looks up into the mirror, for a brief second, his eyes are black - and geez, that was so well done, I nearly jumped, my heart sprang to my throat so fast. It creeps Dean out too, of course, and he's extra worried.

When he exists the bathroom, it's to find that Rowena has found him. The place is cleared out except for her and the three college kids, and the three college kids are all under Rowena's feral-beast spell... Dean briefly goes into MoC-fueled fighting, but he shows a tremendous amount of restraint when he stops himself form killing the kids (though, I really think the pool balls to the head would have been lethal in reality. Don't hit people in the head with pool/billiard balls, kids.)

Rowena then tries to do her weird complicated spell - which is apparently an inescapable spell that kills things? Only, it doesn't work! Rowena is suitably flabbergasted and it allows Dean to get the upperhand. Sticking with one of the themes of the episode though, Rowena has enough leverage to talk her way out of death - after she explains that she was trying to kill Dean in order to help her son, Crowley, because he's become their lapdog, she then tells Dean that only she can save the college kids from death.

So, Dean lets her go, and we'll assume she wasn't lying and that she DID save the college kids - otherwise, I think they would have shown her skipping out and them dying, since that's the sort of soul-crushing thing that Supernatural likes to make sure we see.

And now we'll talk about Crowley...since that's the last little bit of Dean's storyline....

Crowley and Rowena

In the "THEN" segment, I was so sure it was going to be revealed that Rowena was putting spells on Crowley through touch - every single flashback of her had her touching him in some way. So, I was surprised when that wasn't the case!

Rowena is mad about the lapdog thing... as I said, and she decides to do something about it. I can't remember what happens before she confronts Dean - but I'm guessing it's more complaining to Crowley about how he's gone soft or something. Oh, it was also her tying to find the location of the bunker... obviously, what she really wants is to get her hands on the treasure-trove of magical items so that she can be super powerful again. The demons can't locate the bunker though, because of the warding, but much like Charlie, they can narrow it down to a radius. Charlie narrowed it down to 20 miles, I believe... the demons narrow it down to 10. So, we know Dean's local is somewhere within a ten mile radius of the Bunker.

After confronting Dean, she realizes that she's gotten nowhere - so she fakes being roughed up by Dean and goes to Crowley that way... claiming that Dean beat her, hoping that it will inspire Crowley to seek revenge, kill the Winchesters (and thus allow Rowena to maybe find the Bunker.) She claims, of course, that what she really wants is for Crowley to be strong again, to be merciless, and act the part of the Tyrant King that he should be.

Crowley, for his part, points out that if Dean did rough her up - it's her own damn fault for trying to kill him. I mean, really. He also tells her about the Mark, how it keeps Dean immortal. Rowena says that the MoC is just a curse and curses can be broken - she doesn't know how to break this one, but she'll find out. (Interesting....)

Crowley then takes off to talk with Dean.

Hopefully, you've read this far, because I really want everyone to know that I LOVE THIS SCENE. Seriously... honesty time... but Dean/Crowley scenes have never done much for me until now. I think it's because in this scene, there's no manipulations, there's no "what game is Crowley playing?", there's no epic standoffs... they're just sitting there, talking to each other like equals... and it's AMAZING. Maybe it's because I have a love for Winchesters-as-ascending-gods, but man, I just love the way that Dean and Crowley relate here... how Crowley just seems to be honest with Dean, and Dean, in return, treats Crowley like... not so much a friend... but sort of like an enemy that you know so well, you might as well be friends. And I guess that's something Rowena says after this scene too - that Crowley has kept the Winchesters so close that he's Stockholm-Syndromed himself, or something... but I don't even care how they arrived here, I just love that they arrived here.

More than that, I love that Dean tells Crowley that he HAS lost his edge, but that it might not necessarily be a bad thing, that change is change and it could just be them getting older, wiser, different. More importantly though, Dean tells Crowley the greatest lesson he's learned and that's the fact that family doesn't end in blood, and it doesn't begin there either. (I love the fact that Dean quotes Bobby, even without knowing what Sam is doing, btw. It's a nice tie-through)... mainly though, I just love that message - family is what you make it. And it's the only time I've sat there and thought "Could the Winchester family include Crowley?" and not been immediately repulsed by the thought (though, uh, I should point out that Crowley has done a whole bunch of unforgivable things  to the Winchesters, so it WOULD be really bizarre if they became friends.)

Crowley not only listens to Dean, he goes back and tells his mother to leave - that he knows she doesn't actually love him and is only using him for her own benefit. (And again, I circle back to Crowley in the 8x22 - "I deserve to be loved!" and I think that whether he kicked the human-blood habit or not, whether he was cured or not, 8x22 irreversibly changed Crowley into something that craves love like a human does....

...or perhaps I'm falling for another of Crowley's long cons.

Rowena vows revenge. Crowley gives her five minutes and tells her that she better hope that he never sees her again.

And thus endeth our episode plotlines.


So, what I'm wondering is - if Rowena is after the Bunker/Winchesters - and she knows about the MoC, will Dean get cured not through Sam's foolish/dangerous plans, but through Rowena's desire to make him mortal again so that she can kill him?!

Will Sam try to contact Lucifer for help?!!?

Will Crowley become a good guy somehow?!?

Will Metatron screw over Cas yet again, and if so, how badly?! Is he lying about Cas' grace?

Will Sam tell Dean what he's planning, or is this another case of the Winchester's keeping secrets - of Sam saving Dean possibly against Dean's will?! (I think Dean wants to be saved, I just don't think he wants to admit it - or that he'll approve of whatever Sam's methods are...which basically what happened with Gadreel, Sam wanted to live, but didn't want to live at THAT PRICE, and he was so pissed off about it, he decided he never wanted to live in the first place and Dean had tricked him into EVERYTHING EVER *stomps foot* *pouts*)

Oh man, that took me two hours to type up. Let me know if you survived reading all that. :P

No new episode next week, we have to wait until the 15th! And then it looks pretty awesome. I guess were winding up to the season finale already, yikes! It's just 6 episodes away!!!

As usually, try not to be a negative-pants in the comments. You guys are super good though, even when you do disagree on things, you're all so civil about it... *hugs*

Date: 2015-04-02 10:09 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] risenshine22.livejournal.com
totally enjoyed your review - especially the part of the local sheriff finding or researching stolen cars..... when I visited last year I took a whole bunch of pics from the Heaven's Gate playground and I wished they would use that tangled net thingy - and now they did! Even had a shot right through the hole in the middle (and why hadn't I taken that pic too??)

Date: 2015-04-02 10:57 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] missyjack.livejournal.com

Interesting thing is both this Heaven and the one with the Axis Mundi and Joshua and his garden were written by Andrew Dabb.

I totally agree about the Dean and Crowley scene - i love that they are these mirrors of each other - a man who's a bit demon and a demon whos a bit human. And i love that it really takles that trope of the hunter and the hunted being flipsides of each other and so know each other well - and take it to the logically absurd place of them ahving a drink and trading life advice!

Date: 2015-04-02 07:54 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] hells-half-acre.livejournal.com

Interesting thing is both this Heaven and the one with the Axis Mundi and Joshua and his garden were written by Andrew Dabb.

OH NEAT! I wonder if Dabb pictures it the same way I do - with the "mall" and the "employee area of the mall" :P

I totally agree about the Dean and Crowley scene - i love that they are these mirrors of each other - a man who's a bit demon and a demon whos a bit human.

YES! Man, it's so interesting.

Date: 2015-04-02 12:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] borgmama1of5.livejournal.com
I love your insights about heaven, they make so much sense!

I loved this episode specifically because not one, but both villains that make me sooo mad got their comeuppance! Yeah, Cas taking Metatron's grace was a pretty questionable move, but it made me so happy to see Metatron actually at their mercy and realizing it! And Crowley kicking Rowena out--best Rowena scene of the entire season! Go Crowley!

The whole episode worked really well, the multiple storylines were fit together very smoothly, unlike in some episodes...and so many 'character' moments that actually showed what the characters were feeling and that those feelings made sense in context of what was going on...Dean's flash of black eyes, Sam's single man-tear reading Bobby's letter...all the Bobby Singers in heaven being surly...And I loved both the atheist's claim that Cas couldn't be an angel and that the show didn't waste a lot of time showing the set-up to the atheist's seance--it was refreshingly straightforward to get his help. (Thinking of how much time was spent on Isabelle's back-story last week...)

So many possibilities were set up in this episode as well--will Rowena end up involved with 'fixing' Dean? Will Cas manage to outmanuver Metatron? (Even graceless, Metatron's manipulative skills scare me!) Will Cas get his grace back? What is this truly bad thing Sam is being led to do? (I mean, so far I haven't seen him do anything as bad as what he did in tricking Lester with the Crossroads demon way back in the flashbacks from one of the early eps.) Dean is doing a masterful job resisting the Mark in the last few eps--how much longer can he hold out? (And why doesn't he give himself credit for doing that and think maybe he could manage to control it???) Was Metatron's mention of Lucifer a red herring or is that going to be where Sam goes dark? What's going to happen to Bobby in Heaven? Could they possibly kick him out and send him back to earth as 'punishment?' (Oh yes, please!) Has Crowley really mellowed or is this all a scheme on his part to really screw the Winchesters after all? (I just can't completely trust him!!!)

And will we ever see the fallout from Sam finding out how Dean messed with his stuff? (Why tape the buttons on the old telephone? Surely Sam uses his cell, why would he ever use that antique?)

I find no comfort in Jared and Jensen's comments from last weekend's Seacon that the finale is going to gut us fans...

Date: 2015-04-02 07:51 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] hells-half-acre.livejournal.com
Yes! I think it was the villains actually getting their comeuppance that made me love this episode - that happens so rarely on Supernatural :P

I loved everything you mention too. And I have all the same questions as you!! Definitely an episode that sets up the last 6 episodes REALLY well and makes us desperate for more!

(And will we ever see the fallout from Sam finding out how Dean messed with his stuff? (Why tape the buttons on the old telephone? Surely Sam uses his cell, why would he ever use that antique?)

I think the phones are used for inter-Bunker communication. Yes, they could just use their cellphones, but I think you can call between rooms. But, it IS true that the bit of tape is a minor annoyance and would really only be a prank if Dean is planning to call Sam's room in the middle of the night when he is too groggy to figure out what's happening and why the phone keeps ringing. But, even that might not work, considering we saw at the beginning of the episode how fast Sam goes from sleep to completely-prepared-for-anything.

Date: 2015-04-02 01:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] supernutjapan.livejournal.com
Read it, loved it!

I loved the ep as well. All the scenes were awesome and the best for me is Dean scrunching up his hair and winking to the bartender :D I think you are right about Dean being a bit more demony than he would usually be by taking that watch. That is more what Demon!Dean would do than normal Dean :P But, then he goes and does that speech about family to Crowley so, interesting! The letter from Bobby to Sam was also awesome and warns about what terrible thing Sam might do and how much it will cost him :(((

An excellent ep<3

Date: 2015-04-02 07:46 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] hells-half-acre.livejournal.com
Dean's definitely a mix of regular!Dean and demon!Dean at he moment, which is why that scene with Crowley worked so well. I think at this point, both Dean and Crowley are a human-demon mix (to different degrees) and they're both struggling with it.

Date: 2015-04-02 02:21 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] tipsy-kitty.livejournal.com
Love reading your episode insights as usual. I'm not a huge fan of Dean-Crowley scenes either but this one was so well done...with bonus Crowley using a pitchfork cocktail stirrer, hee!

I'm sure mentioning Lucifer was just a tease, but what possibilities...

Date: 2015-04-02 07:44 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] hells-half-acre.livejournal.com
Exactly, what I like about this show is that you never really know what's a tease and what isn't, because there's really nothing outside the bounds of what the boys will do for each other.

Date: 2015-04-02 04:04 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] thursdaysisters.livejournal.com
Watch Rowena tempt Sam into performing an anti-MoC spell, with Crowley's heart as the main ingredient. :-)

Date: 2015-04-02 07:44 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] hells-half-acre.livejournal.com
Ooo, that'd be interesting.

Date: 2015-04-02 05:01 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] cappy712.livejournal.com
I like your recap and I have to agree with Crowley - the ritual might not have been finished but it did change Crowley.

I do wish Sam would tell Dean but I think Sam doesn't want to give Dean false hope again - that's what Dean has given up on, the false hope of the matter. He's trying to come to the realization that he might never get rid of the mark and what Cain said about ending up killing Sam - that's what is haunting Dean. Not necessarily the mark itself but what Cain said to him.

Dean did not share what Cain said and it's affecting him.

I read about the season finale being just as hard as the end of Swan Song. Man I just can't believe that anything could hurt as much as the end of that, but if your idea of Sam contacting Lucifer is the option, oh man that is not the way I was hoping they were going. We just have to wait and see.

Thank you for sharing.

Date: 2015-04-02 07:43 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] hells-half-acre.livejournal.com
Agreed completely about how it's the idea of killing Sam that is haunting Dean - I should have mentioned that in the recap, but MAN, it's long enough. :P

Probably, BOTH Sam and Dean should be telling each other these things - what Sam is working on, what Cain told Dean... but alas, these are the Winchesters.

The season finale's are always gutting. I'm sure this year won't be an exception.

Date: 2015-04-02 07:20 pm (UTC)
ext_3548: (Angel)
From: [identity profile] shayheyred.livejournal.com
LOVED this episode. Loved, loved, loved it. And the parts you point out are, yes, the bits I loved best. That scene with Crowley and Dean -- I know all about the hideous things Crowley has done, but I too, wondered if there was some sort of salvaging that could be done to him.

And heck, I even felt sorry for Rowena, in a way, when that tear ran down her face. She's a terrible mother, and a mean bitch, but she's so insecure, too. As usual, there are a bunch of SPN characters running around who are damaged and needy. Love it.

I also enjoyed the Sassy entertainment (much better name than Sastiel, honestly). And when Sam was shooting Metatron, and Cas was punching and stabbing him, I was cheering. Now THAT'S a character I feel nothing but contempt for. I want to see Metatron grovel.

In any case, a heck of a good time.

Date: 2015-04-02 07:41 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] hells-half-acre.livejournal.com
Agreed, agreed... though I really feel nothing for Rowena, even when she cries. I just see it as another manipulation. It's not necessarily a bad thing, it's sometimes fun to have a villain where all you do is despise them - I think both Metatron and Rowena are like that.

Date: 2015-04-02 08:05 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] percysowner.livejournal.com
Shooting craps is a dice game where the players throw (shoot) the dice (craps) and make bets on what will be thrown. As to Sam saving Dean against his will. I too think Dean wants to be saved, BUT even if he doesn't this really isn't like Sam being willing to die. For one thing Sam was willing to die so he didn't hurt anyone ever again. The MOC is a mark of fratricide and Sam doesn't want to die, so curing Dean is about more than curing Dean. Plus Dean being a demon pretty well means Dean doing bad things. Admittedly he was a pretty wimpy demon the first time around, but a demon's a demon and with a Mark that makes him kill eventually Dean will go after more than demons.

Date: 2015-04-02 08:21 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] hells-half-acre.livejournal.com
Shooting craps is a dice game where the players throw (shoot) the dice (craps) and make bets on what will be thrown.

OOOoooooooooo... I didn't even think of that game. Thanks so much. That sentence makes so much more sense now.

And yes, you're right, it's a very different scenario than Dean saving Sam last year - since really, it's about Sam saving MORE than just Dean. If Sam doesn't save Dean, then Dean turns into both something that Dean would rather die than turn into, and also something that could potentially kill Cas, Sam, and a WHOLE bunch of innocent people... so, it's not even a personal "Sam wants to save himself" or even "Sam wants to save Dean" it's also a "Sam needs to save countless innocent people FROM Dean" and the best way to do that is to save Dean (since he's currently immortal so killing Dean isn't an option.)

Date: 2015-04-02 11:12 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] shadowsong26.livejournal.com
Oh man. Oh man oh man oh man where do I even start with this episode. First of all, I loved it, so. Uh. Yeah. Don't expect a lot of coherence? IDK. (Also, splitting into two comments because I babbled at length...)

Really, unless Sam often goes off to see really really weird films, that cover story is transparently a cover story, and I'm surprised Dean didn't call him on it.

I loved this whole scene, and I don't care if Dean actually bought it or not--though I think he did, which I think is even more hilarious. Sam is such a dork, I love it.

I still call the ship Sastiel! But I agree, I'm more interested in them as friends than lovers...but then I'm not super-interested in shipping in this fandom anyway so.

That is a good point about the truck! I sort of guessed that it came from the Bunker's fleet? But maybe it's not quite old enough (or nice enough) for that...man, the poor detectives having to investigate all this grand theft auto in the area...

Oh, man, male!vessel!Hannah...on the one hand, totally adorable and I loved boy!Hannah so much, and this actor and Misha Collins did so amazing playing off each other but...on the other...consent???? Angelic possession does not work that way???? Or did that poor guy just give blanket permission to the entire Host???? Because Hannah made a point of saying there had been no vessel since Caroline, so we can assume that she's not coming back to someone who consented before...I guess on the other hand, we do have at least one example of nonverbal consent (or, at least, I don't remember Claire saying anything out loud before Cas), and at least twice an angel has gotten consent through a dream...I think mostly I'm sad because it's literally one word and then there is zero chance of continuity slip...like they did with the bartender when Gadreel went back to him...

Anyway. One minor quibble in an episode that otherwise had me making noises not typically audible to humans. Moving on.

...interesting that she might have been willing to help Castiel if he wanted Metatron in order to help HIMSELF...

That is interesting! And, yes, totally agreed with Hannah that Metatron should be left in his cell for the rest of forever...also agreed on the fact that the angels in general are within their rights to block Cas here...

Bobby is all squishy with his feelings upon hearing Sam's voice.

So was I.

And your headcanon for how this Heaven is compatible with Dark Side of the Moon is AWESOME I love it. And it makes total sense to me!

Y'know, I kind of wonder--what would've happened if Sam had gone through the door? I mean, was that the original plan, for Sam and Cas to both go to Heaven to question Metatron? Or was it always Cas going to bring him back? What happens when a living (non-possessed) human enters Heaven? Ah, well, I am very happy with what we saw instead :D Because Bobby!

And YES the badass awesome scene with Sam and Cas working Metatron over I LOVE IT.

I will hold off on what Metatron actually said until the end/summation, I think, because I have Thoughts. But I think you're right about Death...although I think he is capable of dealing with the Mark, it would most likely be by reaping Dean as a cosmic reset button and that would not be cool with Sam.

And I agree that Cas taking Metatron on a road trip is not the best of options...I kind of hope that Sam has custody of Metatron's Grace during all of this because...uh...pretty sure that's a disaster waiting to happen if Cas still has it...

Agreed on everything you said about Bobby's message. And I would totally cry at the letter if I was receiving it. FEELINGS.

Date: 2015-04-02 11:13 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] shadowsong26.livejournal.com
Dean's plot! I don't have anything to add to what you said. Other than fake!drunk!Dean was super-adorable.

Rowena's plot! You know, it seems a lot...I think the best way to put it is that I really hope Rowena outlasts the season? Because at this point, after last night's episode, her arc this season now feels like a prologue to something bigger, and I'll be kind of let down if all this buildup is resolved in less than ten episodes...but we shall see. I think her arc, in particular, will be interesting to rewatch/watch without delays/gaps between episodes.

Also, Rowena was kinda hot this episode. /is shallow.

And agreed on the conversation between Dean and Crowley being amazing! I love how this episode--and, to an extent, this entire season--is all about exploring different teamups/combinations of characters...we're getting all kinds of layers and dimensions to Crowley's relationship with Dean here, and all of the Sassy, plus Bobby and Cas teaming up...

Also, I think there's a Lima Syndrome? Which is the reverse of Stockholm Syndrome? And that might apply to Crowley here...IDK.

No idea whether Crowley has actually changed or it's a long con...I think the show could go either way and it would be awesome. I think I've mentioned before how Crowley could go in just about any direction and it would be credible, and I still feel like that.

OKAY so to answer your sum-up questions about the Mark and who Sam will contact and what Rowena will do about it...

I am officially betting on Nick now. Like...okay, reaching out to Lucifer is going to cause more problems than it solves, and while the writers love to do that, I really hope that Sam has learned his lesson now and knows better. But Nick, assuming he's alive, is more accessible, ties into a lot of this season's thematic overtones, and, even if Sam doesn't think of it, Rowena is not about to go knocking on the Cage door for research purposes, but she might think of his ex-vessel, especially if, like Crowley, she knows that vessels are at minimum passive recorders. And then there's the Grace-traces, and Nick would have them and Sam probably doesn't anymore, so if Nick is a spell ingredient rather than an intel source, Rowena would definitely be the one to think of that first. Assuming she knows about the Grace thing.

I don't know if Crowley will become a good guy now, but as I said, I would believe it.

And I'm pretty sure Metatron is going to screw Cas over somehow, which is part of why I really hope Cas no longer has Metatron's grace on hand...

Whether or not Sam will tell Dean I think depends on where he plans on going next. If I'm right about Nick, my guess is he won't. But I guess it depends on what comes up in the Book of the Damned, if/when Charlie comes back to it...

And, comparing this to last week, I really love how well the three plots all blended--thematically, by being only one remove from each other in terms of characters, they all came down to the Mark at the end...I really loved that.

Anyway, I don't wanna wait 'til the fifteenth for what happens next...::pouts::

Date: 2015-04-02 11:39 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] hells-half-acre.livejournal.com
I agree about Rowena.

And yes, this season has very much featured different team-ups, which has been super cool!

Agreed about Crowley too!

Interesting thought about Nick - I could definitely see them going that route if it's a spell that can cure the Mark, rather than someone powerful having the ability to remove it... but I DO kind of think that it's the second, that they really do need someone with the ABILITY to remove the Mark, and that it's not something they can do themselves.

But hey! I could be TOTALLY WRONG. So, maybe it really does boil down to Rowena finding a spell and maybe Nick IS an ingredient. That being said, I'm pretty sure Nick is dead, so I'm not sure how that is going to work.(But then, I have no confirmation on that either, it's just always been my headcanon that there was no way Nick survived being burnt out from the inside by Lucifer)

Date: 2015-04-02 11:35 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] hells-half-acre.livejournal.com
Yeah, I don't ship in this fandom either... but, like I said last week, I don't anti-ship either. I just prefer to take the relationships as they are presented in canon, no matter what that is.

In terms of Hannah's vessel and consent, I see 3 options:
1)Vessel gave consent to the entire host.
2)Hannah acquired consent through a "dream" or an unheard mental conversation between the angel originally possessing the vessel and the vessel.
3)Vessel is "empty" - like Jimmy Novak, the vessel's original human soul has passed away and there is no one to give consent.

Option three is a little sketchy though, because Hannah obviously still sees it as occupying a vessel and therefore against her desire never to take control of a human's body away from the human. So, it's probably option 2... and we HAVE seen it before, with Claire, Sam, and arguably with John (though his verbal yes may have just taken place off screen.) But yeah, I recognize that they could have had a muttered "yes" and tied up that continuity for sure.

I think Sam could have easily entered Heaven. After all, he's been to Purgatory and Hell with his entire being, and there were no ill effects on doing that. It was more likely that the plan was for Cas to go through in order to keep their numbers low and to make sure that Sam didn't get trapped in Heaven if they were caught (as he had a deadline to return to the Bunker in the morning.) It could also be that there are alarms set up in Heaven to alert the angels if a living-human enters through the gate.

I also hope that Sam has custody of Metatron's grace. It isn't safe to have it anywhere near Metatron, that's for sure.


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