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For the last two days I've been keeping a secret - and I hope those friends who are in Vancouver forgive me, but...

Supernatural held an "overstocked" wardrobe liquidation sale today. Studios do these types of sales a lot after shows/movies wrap (for the season or completely)... usually, I never hear about them and so I miss them. This year, I happened to find out that Supernatural was doing a wardrobe sale.

I think anyone who reads this journal would realize that there was no way I would be missing a SPN wardrobe sale!

Before you get too excited - there weren't many Sam and Dean clothes for sale. I'm guessing it's because the boys aren't going to be naked in S9 (disappointing, I know). That being said, I did manage to get some very cool things...

Like shoes!
SPNsale 001SPNsale 002

And this weird Asian inspired silk robe... because, hey, why not.
SPNsale 003edit
SPNsale 004

Now, unsurprisingly given the show, a lot of the clothes were men's clothes - and even though they didn't belong to Sam and Dean, I couldn't resist stocking up on men's shirts. Men's shirts should really be a staple of any woman's wardrobe, I think.
SPNsale 006
Now, although I said there were no Sam and Dean clothes, I do think that the bottom two shirts in the above picture resemble these shirts of Dean's. I picked out the green plaid and the grey striped shirt because I thought they looked like Sam's shirts, but I checked my files when I got home and they're not. I might give away the grey shirt, because I look horrible in grey - but the green plaid is still a good buy, in my opinion. The dark plaid at the top is really nice quality. I think it's my favourite of the men's shirts that I bought today.

They DID have women's clothing there, but sadly it was all "actress size" which means that the vast majority of it was all S or XS or basically size 0 to 6... unfortunately, I'm a size 8-10 only if I suck in my gut and wear a sports bra... so there wasn't really many options for me. In retrospect, I really should have brought my actress-sized sister. I was obviously distracted by the possibility of men's clothes, that I didn't even think that there might be stuff she'd like there too. That being said, I did manage to get a few pieces of women's clothing:
SPNsale 010
I really like the wing shirt, given where I bought it. The sleep pants are a little small on me, but who really cares when it comes to sleep pants. The bra fits fantastically and is really sexy. It's a shame I don't date.
SPNsale 012
Damn it! Who killed an adorably small angel right beside me?! :P

Now, where I REALLY scored was in the wearable memorabilia...
SPNsale 008
Clockwise starting at the top black shirt....
Midwestern Brewing Company polo - Party On Garth (S7)
Hell Hazers T-shirt - Hollywood Babylon (S2)
Truman Bombers polo and athletic jacket - After School Special (S4)
Gamecocks long-sleeved T-shirt - Yellow Fever (S4)
Hell Hazers II The Reckoning T-shirt - Hollywood Babylon (S2)
Cooper Carnival - Everybody Loves a Clown (S2)
Sandover Tech Support polo - It's a Terrible Life (S4)

All in all, you do NOT want to know how much money I spent on men's clothing today. :P

Oh, I should say that this clothing sale was at the studio...I was so focused on buying clothes (and navigating the crowds - because my goodness, there were a lot of people. Also, most of them were Eastern European for some reason)... anyway, I was so focused on clothes that I didn't even realize until after I was finished that I had been shopping next to the Men of Letters bunker the whole time. :P I didn't get to see the inside of the set, just the outside plywood, but still - pretty cool! I could see one of the art-deco doors.

There was also another small set that looked pretty spooky. I didn't really recognize it from anything in particular, so it might be something still to come, or maybe I just have a bad memory for sets.

They were also selling fabric remnants for really cheap (I bought some fabric too, because it was a deal) and I could tell from the other remnants in the bin that they made the clown costumes in Plucky Pennywhistle's (S7) themselves as well as the animal mascot suit that the guy Dean chased down wore.

There was also a "breakdown" section of clothes that were really cheap, but that's because "breakdown" refers to clothes that have been deliberately ruined. So, you have a lot of clothes with blood-splatter, bullet holes, and glued on dirt - and really not anything usable. I did find a copy of Sam's Corduroy Jacket in that section. It had its lining completely slashed (I'm not sure how the hell that happened or if it served some kind of purpose), but I didn't get it... I'm still conflicted about that decision, but the lining was really ripped up and even if I took the time to mend it, I'm not sure I have much use for a large men's jacket... anyway, what's done is done, it may turn into a regret, but thems the breaks.

There were also a lot of Bobby's clothes in the breakdown section. :(

So yeah, a fun day! It'd be pretty crushing though, if I had gone with the intent of buying women's clothes that actually fit me. I guess that's my tip.. Set wardrobe sales: Good for Men's clothes, Shoes, and Petite Women. I know one person who once scored big on the wardrobe sale of that Wayans Bros' movie "White Girls" because the women's clothes were all sized to fit men. Haha, so yeah, I think if I were shopping for practical clothes for myself, I'd have to find a show/movie about crossdressers. :P

Now, only a couple of hours left until Supernatural airs on the east coast... yay!
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