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Here are some reviews of things in my life:

Blue Skies: Awesome as ever. I'm not sure there was as much kick-ass variety in this years line up, but I enjoyed myself nonetheless. It really felt like a vacation this year (despite the rain of the first two days). It was free from my normal stresses in life, and a nice relaxing place to get some breathing room in amongst my thoughts.

Hawksley Workman's CD "Between the Beautifuls": Man, I've fallen in love with this CD. It's a lot more emotional than some of his previous work, but it is full of some awesomely poetic and non-poetic lines. The sort of lines where you think "It cannot be possible that no one has thought of stringing those words together in that order before...", and it's like he's writing lines that you were carrying around in your chest without even knowing it.

Supernatural: Susan introduced me to this show basically as soon as she showed up at home this summer. I downloaded the first season, and she borrowed the second season from a friend, and we have watched both now. It is a really awesome show. I love it because athought it's kick-assery and demon fighting, it is all character driven...the characters (even some of the ghosts and demons) are fully-rounded and genuine. The two main actors are really phenominal. I must admit, although I have developed a crush on Jensen Ackles, I have absolutely fallen in love with the character he plays (Dean). And no, Gabe, there is no possible way they can kill him off.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: OOooooo....I can't wait. I love the Harry Potter movies.


Naruto: Rise of a Ninja - I went out the other day and bought this, and I'm really glad I did, because they have stopped making them! It's SUCH a fun game! I don't even have an xbox 360, and yet I still bought an xbox 360 game, THAT is how fun it is. I suppose they stopped making it because everyone wants post-time-skip stuff now, but man - great graphics, great interface, good story, AWESOME DOUBLE JUMP ABILITIES, and a full mapped out interactive city of Konoha...what more could a girl ask for?

I guess that's about it. Sherrie is currently motorcycling around Eastern Europe. I am stricken with envy and feeling a little stir-crazy as a result. I'm trying to focus on my upcoming trip to China. This week, it is Operation Renew Passport. Next week will something like Operation Figure Out How Much This Will Actually Cost Me. I have already found a kick ass backpack though...oh....


Deuter - Futura: Man, SO COMFORTABLE. It bends AWAY from your back, allowing for a breezing and eliminating sweaty-gross-backpack-back, without sacrificing support. It is especially designed to fit both a woman and a man's body comfortably. It's true, I have not yet field-tested it, but I only expect good things!

Alright, I'm off to watch the Olympics or something


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