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My trip to New Brunswick was great. The weather was fantastic for the first week I was there. It was nice to see Gabe again. It hadn't actually felt like that long since I had last seen him, but in had been nearly a year. His mother told me that she's really enjoyed having him around for the past year - perhaps as if to say "I know you want him around, but thanks for sharing..." even though Gabe always goes where he wants and I have no say in matter.

Anyway, we hung out and did fun stuff. I really love the countryside around where he lives and the sound of the Acadian spoken there. It was actually sunny the whole drive there - I managed to either stay ahead of or behind the thunderstorms. Once again, it rained pretty much the whole way home. For some reason nature really likes providing me with pathetic fallacies whenever I travel to or from New Brunswick.

Gabe enjoyed his birthday presents. I got him Joey Comeau's zombie shirt and Susan gave him one of her old paintings that he really liked while he was here. On his birthday, it occurred to me that my Year of Being Lost was officially over. Technically, I shouldn't be allowed to be completely lost anymore. Luckily, I'm not really. I have plans for the next year. If this job works out, then I am working at it for at least the next year and saving for my eventual trip to China in March. It's still only plans for a year, not a life...but that's ok, and it's more than I had before. I will worry about the year after next when it arrives. My Year of Being Lost is over, and now it's the Year of Travel Plans...and maybe in the midst of my Year of Travel Plans, I will figure out what to do afterwards.

Anyway, Emily is visiting now with the three kids. So, the next few weeks are going to be a bit crazy.

I wanted to write some funny antidotes in here from my New Brunswick trip, but right now it escapes me how to put anything into words. Instead I will be mushy and say that I really feel priveledged to be friends with the people I am friends with.

I'm also going to try out Sunday Scribblings in here on Sherrie's suggestion. I don't think I'll link back to the main site like everyone else does, I'll just use it for prompts. The point of this journal WAS to write and step outside myself a little - and I still intend to do that.


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