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I'm leaving for New Brunswick tomorrow morning. I've packed up the glassware that Gabe left behind. Now all I have to do is pack my own clothes, and remember to throw his leather coat into the van before I go. I'm looking forward to seeing Gabe again. I'm looking forward to getting away for a bit too, not that there is anything wrong with here - it's just nice to get away from time to time.

I wrote a song. Well, I wrote a poem, that I thought (or rather Gabe thought) could be turned into a song. So, Susan wrote me some music, and we recorded it with me singing. Susan made my voice all echo-y on the track, so that you can't tell how rough my vocals are. I don't like the way my voice sounds, but Susan says that it isn't bad, so I'll just assume that I'm overly critical of myself (which isn't really an assumption). It was definitely an interesting process recording it!

Sue and I went to the Hey Rosetta! concert last night. They didn't play as long a set as last time (they were the second of three bands, instead of the feature attraction), and the sound system wasn't as good, but it was still a really good time! I got mostly all of the band to sign a poster, the new CD rocks, and I have a cute button to go next to the "Being in love is totally punk rock" button that I already have on my purse.

Did I mention that I was looking forward to seeing Gabe? It's funny, about a week ago I remembered how horrible it is when I have to leave New Brunswick, and I didn't want to go anymore. I have such strange ingrained survival mechanisms. The one that causes that reaction is actually, I believe, one of Gabe's pet peeves about me...so yeah, sometimes he reads this, so I'll just say "Sorry man, at least I didn't listen to it this time - I mean, even I admit that I was being ridiculous!"

Now I'm just excited though. It looks like I'll be driving under a thunderstorm the whole way! I love thunderstorms, though, I must admit that sometimes driving in them is a little nerve-wracking. Gabe and I will have fun (and drink a lot - sometimes it is hard to believe he is the same straight-edged guy I met six years ago). Then I will come home and start saving for my trip to visit him (and Sarah) in March.

Eventually I will write little stories in here again, I promise.


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