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I found these messages waiting for me when I returned to my room after only a half hour away or so. The whole thing fits in so well with the theme of my previous post, that I figured I had to post it. Enjoy. (Please note that "should die" is often the way Gabe greets me.)

Gabe says:
Gabe says:
Gabe says:
many possibilities
Gabe says:
1) Alix finally hates Gabe enough to ignore him
Gabe says:
2) Alix is engaged in some other activity at the moment
Gabe says:
3) Reggie learned how to sign on to MSN
Gabe says:
4) Alix met someone and is currently having a hot make-out session to the beat of all the MSN messages coming in as they ignore them
Gabe says:
5) The roof blew off in a storm but Alix was so distracted she didn't noticed and froze solid in front of her computer
Gabe says:
6) Someone else accidentally signed onto Alix's MSN and sneaking into what people say to her...shame on you
Gabe says:
7) Alix bought herself some hard liquor and passed out on her keyboard.......Whiskey maybe?
Gabe says:
8) Gabe actually died and is typing stuff in ghost form, not actually sending anything
Gabe says:
9) Alix got a job and is currently working, is allowed to have MSN turned on but forbidden to write replies
Gabe says:
10)  Gabe fell asleep at the wheel coming back from work and none of this is actually happening
Gabe says:
11) The connection between Gabe and Alix right now is intercepted by a time-vortex phenomenon and none of these messages are going to make it there in this lifetime (if these make it into biblical times, some religion is going to get really odd commandments)
Gabe says:
12) Alix is currently busy fighting off hordes of zombies trying to break into her now-fortified home
Gabe says:
13) Sherrie told Alix it was best to forget Gabe ever was a part of her life, and somehow finding this logical, decided Sherrie was right. Gabe just hasn't noticed he is being ignored yet.
Gabe says:
14) The Japanese did it again and Alix is still in mourning, at a loss for words
Gabe says:
15) Alix took a vow of silence which includes written words
Gabe says:
16)...............................Man, I am THAT bored..............
Gabe says:
going to sleep soon anyway, so, best of dreams tonight, talk to you (maybe) some other time
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