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Turns out the date on the advert had been wrong for the documentary. It had played on Monday, not today, and we missed it. "So...Valentines Day Dynasty Warriors?" Gabe asked, as we walked back across the street to our apartment. It was obvious I was pretty disappointed, even when I agreed to Dynasty Warriors.

"Do you want to punch the next person who comes out of the elevator?" Gabe asked, and then punching nothing with a comically angry look on his face, shouted "IT'S BECAUSE OF YOU THERE'S NO SLAVERY!"

Well, it's hard not to be happy after that. Later, Gabe left for work.

"Good luck!" I said.

"Good luck? What the...?" Gabe looked at me like I was insane.

"I'm running out of things to say to you when you leave for work. I thought I'd give that one a try." I replied.

"Well, don't use it again."

About five minutes after he left, I heard the elevator again, and he walked back in.

"What manner of superpower is this!?" He said, dumping a handful of hershey's kisses in my hands, "You've replaced my access card with candy!" After routing through a pair of pants in his room for his access card, he headed out the door, "Good luck!" he yelled over his shoulder.

Yup, even without documentaries on slavery, I can't complain about my Valentines day.


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