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Gabe and walked down to the supermarket to get me a frozen pizza tonight. As we waited for the elevator our neighbour Julie's voice could be heard from inside her apartment.

"Bu hui ba!" we heard. Gabe smiled, and translated for me.

"You hear that a lot. It means 'Impossible' or 'It can not be' or sometimes 'I won't do it!" We got into the elevator, "Sometimes I would tell stories and exaggerate, and they would take it really seriously, and then suddenly realise what I was doing and then that's when they'd say 'bu hui ba!'"

We exited the building and began to walk the five minutes to the supermarket. He pointed out all the shops he had discovered, and said the names outloud. I rolled them over silently on my tongue, trying to remember the sound of the french. In the supermarket, we only spoke German. His German has been improving. He gets an average of 5 German calls a day where he works. My German is horrid, but I don't want to lose it, so I told him to speak it to me occasionally.

While we waited in line, we read the pizza box in french. Cuites sur Pierre, bon pour vous et si bon ....goût.

"It'll be fun teaching you french" Gabe said, "You should learn chinese too."

"Bu hui ba" I said.



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