Jul. 1st, 2014

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Happy Canada Day!

It is already over for some of you, because I am in a stupid timezone - but whatever. Canada is a pretty great country, but there is still room for improvement. I would like us to get a better electoral system, for example, and perhaps it'd be nice if we'd stop destroying the environment.

Demented'verse Stuff

I've started outlining the next Demented'verse installment - which I may separate into two different installments, actually. We'll see, so far I can only think of one good title...

I've decided to go SLIGHTLY AU with them, which is something I never did with that 'verse in the past. I always made my installments as stories that did not affect the canon plot/character events of Supernatural at all. However, there's no way/room for me to weave in an unrelated SPN/HP crossover story in seasons 8 or 9 UNLESS I go AU with those seasons.

I decided, that what I was going to do was go AU but still tie them into the MAIN story plot... so, S9 would still end the way S9 ends, but the details of how they got there would be SLIGHTLY different.

Mainly, I decided that I was going to save people. There were, as I see it, three big (non-Winchester) deaths in S8-S9 - Benny, Kevin, and Gadreel.

I've run into one small problem...

When I first started talking about going AU, someone was like "You can save Benny! The wizarding world has blood substitutes for vampires!" And I was like, "Oh yeah! The blood pills!" ... and then I looked it up, and NOPE - we've been getting confused with True Blood, apparently, because HP does not appear to have blood substitutes. They have blood FLAVOURED lollipops, but those are just lollipops - not blood. From what I can tell, vampires in HP function like regular vampires - meaning, that I can't use HP to find a substitute for Benny's craving for fresh blood. (I mean, even if there WERE blood pills - it seems like Benny already has a source of "safe" blood by raiding blood banks, yet he still craves FRESH blood regardless... so, Benny's problems might be unsolvable.) If Benny's craving problem is unsolvable, I don't see any reason why he wouldn't still want to return to purgatory.

So, yeah, now I'm thinking that I'll just leave the Benny storyline as is... so, sorry to all the Benny fans out there. *cringes*... you'll be in good company with the Bobby fans, because I've decided not to save him either.

On the upside, I think I've found a pretty kick-ass way to save Kevin!

I'm still working on Gadreel... but that MIGHT have to wait until I see what Heaven is going to be like in S10. (Though, don't worry, I've got plenty of material to work on before we get to the Gadreel stuff.)

I'm getting pretty excited about entering the demented'verse again, I have to say... so yay!


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