Feb. 2nd, 2013

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This entire thing clocks in at 22,000 words. But, keep in mind, a lot of that is dialogue so that you know what specific part of the episode I'm talking about.

If you want to view/download the entire thing: click here. I apologize in advance for the font. I used the same one from my blog, but apparently that looks quite cartoony when in a word document. I don't know why. Suggestions for better fonts are welcome.

This season, Gatiss and Moffat decided to tackle the big stories while also theme-ing the episodes. So, we get "Sherlock and Love", "Sherlock and Fear", and "Sherlock and Death."

I actually see these episodes as ALL "Sherlock and Love" or at least Love, Love-Fear and Sad-Love, because really, what's death besides the really really depressing part of love?

Standard Disclaimer: As usual, I talk a lot about love, and being "in love" etc....and, as usual, I don't necessarily mean romantic love. If you are a huge shipper though, you can feel free to pretend that I mean the sort of love that leads to sexy-times. Personally though, I'm a stickler for canon, so I actually just mean love without the addition of sex. I tend to side with Moffat on this one: “Fancying someone is about how you spend your night. Loving someone is about how you spend your life.”

Scandal in Belgravia!

Buckingham palace. Alright. I'm seriously fighting the impulse to steal an ashtray. )

Part 2


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