Sep. 7th, 2012

hells_half_acre: (Think Sam Think!)
I have a problem with the words "all right" or the word "alright" depending on the day.

My problem is that it causes one of those...conflict thingies in my head.

1. I believe in the evolution of language. I believe that "alright" should be a word and that is how it should be spelled. I think it reflects how people SAY "all right" - as one word, not two. 
2. I really really hate it when I spell things wrong or have gross grammatical errors.

So, I never know when I'm writing whether I should write "alright" even though I know that it's blatantly wrong, because I want to encourage it to be officially accepted as the standard spelling - or if I should be writing "all right" because that is the proper thing to do, and I have a Masters, damn it!

The only way I have solved this so far is to avoid the words "all right/alright" like the plague and use "okay" instead or some other word. Of course, for those who read my Demented'verse, you'll probably have noticed that I use "alright" all the time in it - a fact that actually makes my fingers itch when I read it. That being said, when I read "all right" in other people's fics, I don't like it, I want them to use "alright."

Anyway, I don't know what to do about this problem....and somehow I doubt this keeps other people up at night.


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