May. 10th, 2012

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I've gotten the entire demented'verse up at AO3 now! YAY! WAIT!!! I FORGOT THE TRIFECTA'VERSE! Arrrg...I'll do it tomorrowit  nevermind, I just got it over with...also, now I'm REALLY hungry...but...

You can check out my vast collection of work.

I combined my Teddy-Nate stories into one chaptered fic within the series, because they sort of stand on their own. 

Now that I see that I only basically have 16 works...I, kind of non-prolific. It felt like I had much more than that... though, I suppose I shouldn't lose sight of the fact that two of those 16 works are 100,000+ words AND this past year I've been trying to write a novel on top of that.

Anyway, now that all my work is uploaded, feel free to friend/follow/flirt/subscribe/whatever me on AO3. (ETA: I just have to upload two stories tomorrow, and then I'm done. So, it's not like I'll be spamming you.)

The good news is that my Merlin/Sherlock fic is getting a LOT of love on AO3, so I'm happy about that. Also, man, those AO3ers really like their "kudos" buttons. I've gotten 81 kudos on that fic, and only 1 comment. It's really interesting the different types of interactions you have in different fic communities.

Finally: How do you upload an icon? I've just got the default logo thing, which I actually really like and may just keep, but for the sake of knowledge, how would I go about changing it? Now that I have all my fic on there, I should really figure out how to use the thing. :P

So, it's after 8pm and in a bizarre turn of events, I haven't eaten since, I'm going to go make some pasta before I pass out.


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