Nov. 16th, 2011

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It's time for another post about everyone's favourite can of worms...Misogyny. 

As you all know, I LOVED 7x08. But, there was that one little aspect (of perhaps many) that threw some people off ...mainly, the fact that Sam was "roofied" and tied to a bed. I thought it was a great send up of the film Misery, and since Becky didn't actually do anything to Sam without his permission (besides kiss him and marry him), I was fine with the scene in general...heck, since male sexual-assault is one of my favourite sub-themes on Supernatural (not in a kinky way), I thought the whole episode was really par for the course.

Now, both the SuperWiki and some other sites pointed out that it was also very similar to a scene in Wedding Crashers (which I have never seen), in which the female actually does rape the man tied to the bed. When I heard this, I thought "weird...I thought Wedding Crashers was a comedy..." 

Two days ago, [ profile] katsheswims sent me an blog article -  In Bed With Sexism - about the scene in Wedding Crashers, because obviously, she's gotten to know me fairly well. I was thinking of saving it for a larger meta I'm planning, but then realized that it's sort of off topic, so I'm going to share it with you today.

Basically, it asks the question: How come a female raping a male can be considered comedy? How come rape isn't rape when it is done to a man by a woman? 

I've always wondered this - because there's virtually no support system or even acknowledgment in the world of female against male abuse/rape. One of my theories was that it was because men were supposed to be stronger and not have that sort of thing happen to them (which is ridiculous), but the article actually points the finger at...well, our favourite can of worms: The level of unperceived misogyny that exists in our culture that goes unnoticed.

I thought it was a very interesting take on the subject. And maybe helps to explain why I'm one of the very few people who seem to realize that male sexual-assault is a recurring theme on Supernatural (though, in recent years it's gotten more blatant and more people are noticing, which has been very interesting for me to watch as well.)

Also, I've learned that I should never watch Wedding Crashers, because it would send me into a rage.

I kind of like this example, because it shows that my misogyny test (as opposed to the Bechdel test, which I loathe), actually works! My test is simple: If I genderswapped everyone in the story, would my reaction to the story be the same? Would the characters still be believable? Would I be more outraged or less?  I'm not saying it's a perfect test, but it's better than goddamn Bechdel. I HATE that thing.

Anyway, uh, as usual...sensitive if you comment, please be respectful. I'm not asking to open up a debate about whether or not Supernatural is misogynistic or not. So, I won't be engaging in any arguments of that sort myself. If you argue amongst yourselves in my comments, that's fine, but again, just be respectful of one another and anyone who might be reading in passing.


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