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So, I'm not sure if you've noticed, but things are sort of on a schedule here... Rewatches happen sometime between Sunday and Tuesday, and then the Quick Reaction happens Thursday after the show - and not much else goes on.

This is because I am now working two jobs, trying to write a novel, and also trying to write fanfic... not to mention I'm knitting a sweater for my sister and I've also taken up soapstone carving for kicks (though I'll likely finish this current carving project and then leave it there, unless someone buys me more stone... because it's FUN, but I don't need to make a habit of it.)

So, that's roughly 6 things to do in a 7 day week, 2 of which must be repeated multiple times and take up most of the day.... So, yeah, you can see why I'm limiting the rewatches (which take anywhere from 2-4 hours), that make up the 7th thing that has to be done each week.

The good news is that I was promoted at one of my jobs and am making more per hour. The bad news is that the finance department is messed up at the moment and I haven't been paid for a month... which means that my second lower-paying job, which I was going to use to pay off my accumulated credit-card debt is currently my only source of income. So, um, yeah, thank goodness I have it, I guess! I mean, that SHOULD change in the near future, and my "better" job will start paying me again, unless the company goes under, in which case I'm royally screwed, but I don't think things are that dire. (*nervously knocks on wood*)

Anyway, this is just to say that if you've noticed my LJ has gotten predictable - you aren't imagining it. It'll likely continue like that until I'm done rewatches, and then hopefully I'll be able to devote time to other projects, fandom or otherwise.

Sunday (or Monday or Tuesday): Rewatches go up
Thurday: Quick Reaction posted (hopefully) before midnight PST.

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