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In the past few years - well, basically since my one and only vidding attempt back in 2011. I have developed a hobby where I edit shows that I like to make them even more awesome then they are (IMHO) for more enjoyable rewatches in the future.

So far, I've edited Merlin and Leverage... and now... DAREDEVIL!


So, yeah, mainly, I just wanted to talk about how I finished my rough edit of Daredevil tonight. Basically, I cut out everything that wasn't our heroes.

Most episodes still ended up being around 45 minutes long, which tells you both how rich the daredevil story is and how much bang for your buck you get out of Netflix productions where they don't have to cut things down to 42 minutes for commercials. My edited episodes are STILL longer than your average network 1 hour drama.

Only two episodes ended up being more sit-com length. 1x04 came out at about 30 minutes and 1x08 came out at only 20, so I combined it with 1x09 to make am epic 71 minute long episode.

Editing to focus on the heroes, means that I miss the great scenebetween Fisk and Wesley's dead body, but that's really the only scene I mourned. It's not that Vincent D'onofrio isn't amazing, because OF COURSE HE IS. And I know some people absolutely loved the mirror between good and bad guy and the explorations of their similarities and disparities.... and I appreciated the work and thought that went into that... BUT....

But man, bad guys are so much more menacing when you don't know what they're up to. When they're these omnipresent beings elsewhere and you don't know what they know or what they are planning, or if they're onto our heroes, or if they're ignorant of them. They're so much more intimidating when you don't know their weakness, and you don't know how sloppy they're getting, or know that when or when they aren't emotionally compromised.

And man, does the Fisk/Vanessa "epic love"makes so much more sense when you don't know that they just met.

I still have to do the fine stuff, transitions between cuts and stuff - those are really hard this time around, because my editing software doesn't handle .mkv files very well, and that's all I could find. So, because the frames don't load properly in the preview window, I, very ironically, have to do the cuts and transitions by hearing rather than by sight. :P

Anyway, I'm super proud of myself for finishing a project, even if no one is going to see it but me.
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